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We are proud to debut our flagship product in a new cutting-edge design featuring a clean and fresh appearance with attractive graphics. Our inspiration behind the new sleek look is rooted in the clinically studied benefits of the Vemma formula. Enjoy the same delicious Vemma formula inside your favorite 946 ml or 59 ml bottle.

  • Vital for your well-being, the inclusion of 12 vitamins help you achieve optimum nutritional status.
  • Trace mineral blend — a foundation for your optimal health and more readily bioavailable than minerals in tablet form.
  • Enjoy one of the most amazing fruits in the world - Mangosteen, deserving of the title “Queen of Fruits”.
  • Organic aloe vera is a powerful phytonutrient known to provide the body with many beneficial effects, popular all over the world for its great versatility.

Building A Solid Nutritional Foundation Is Vital To Your Overall Health.

Nutritionists and doctors alike are beginning to discover that it doesn't matter how old you are, whether you're male or female, whether you have ailments or are as healthy as an ox...

You see, each and every day your body's 63 trillion cells are constantly being bombarded by unstable molecules called "free radicals."

When cells in your body encounter a free radical, the reaction can cause destruction in those cells.
Free radicals are responsible for many effects of aging. These unstable molecules lose electrons and "borrow" them from a healthy cell, destroying that cell in the process.

Then these electrons ricochet all over your body, damaging healthy cells from your bones, blood, skin, and even your internal organs.

Free radicals eventually break into your cell membranes and destroy the DNA inside.

But There Is A Weapon Against Them...

The better you can protect your cells, the less these free radicals can damage them. And one of the best ways to protect them is through solid nutrition. But not just your ordinary garden-variety nutrition...

To combat the free radical chain, your body uses what's called antioxidants. These naturally occurring compounds help prevent or delay oxidative damage to the body, cells and tissues. Antioxidants may inhibit the harmful effects of free radicals, which scientists believe may contribute to serious health challenges.

Now some antioxidants are well-known. You probably already get a lot of them if you eat a good well-balanced diet. For example:

  • Vitamin C – Found in citrus fruits, broccoli, bell peppers, kale, cauliflower, green leafy vegetables
  • Vitamin D – Found in salmon, tuna fish, milk, eggs, liver, beef, and even direct sunlight
  • Beta carotene – Found in sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, collard greens, squash

Other antioxidants are more concentrated, but a bit harder to come by. In fact, most people don't get nearly enough of these.


Used for centuries by Asian health practitioners for its nutritional benefits and delicious flavor, Mangosteen is a rare, tangerine-sized fruit, whose growth is limited mainly to tropical Southeast Asia with strict growing conditions. Only recently has it been available in North America.

One such food source is Mangosteen, dubbed the "superfruit" and "Queen of All Fruits" because of its four notable qualities:

  1. It has appealing taste, fragrance and visual qualities
  2. It is very rich in phytonutrients called xanthones
  3. It has tremendous antioxidant properties

Mangosteen has been used for centuries by Asian health practitioners for its tremendous nutritional benefits and delicious flavor.

Introducing the Vemma Nutrition Program™


Vemma provides a powerful liquid formula that makes it easy to get the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need to form a solid nutritional foundation.* Each refreshing serving is bioavailable (body-ready), delicious and easy to drink!

55 eggs? 19 bananas? 61 cups of tomatoes? No thanks, I'll take the 2-oz serving of delicious Vemma!

Did you know it takes about...

  • 1,05 kg of cheddar cheese to equal the amount of Vitamin B12
  • 1 large watermelon to equal the amount of Vitamin B6
  • 19 medium bananas to equal the amount of Riboflavin
  • 480 g of cherries to equal the amount of ORAC value
  • 1 cup of spinach to equal the amount of Vitamin A
  • 2 stalks of broccoli to equal the amount of Iron
  • 4 large potatoes to equal the amount of Niacin
  • 4 avocados to equal the amount of Vitamin E
  • 1 orange to equal the amount of Vitamin C
  • 11 eggs to equal the amount of Vitamin D just one 59 ml serving of Vemma?

Think of it as your added "wellness insurance" for filling nutritional gaps in your diet.


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