BK Boreyko, President, CEO of Vemma

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When looking to make a major life change, or even a small one, many look for inspiration from those who have achieved great success and want direction from someone who has made it happen for tens of thousands of people. Some just like you. BK Boreyko is just that mentor!

Simon Grabowski, Co-Founder/COO

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Simon began his first business when he was 14 and was an Internet millionaire at 20. In 1998, he created GetResponse Email Marketing, which today provides email marketing to over 220,000 small businesses worldwide. Simon had always considered a healthy lifestyle crucial to long-term personal and business success. When he discovered Vemma in 2006, it instantly made a solid impression on him. Later that year, Simon began his historic collaboration with BK Boreyko, the two partners working side by side to bring the remarkable story of Vemma to Europe. Today, Simon overlooks Vemma Europe's operations, focusing on market expansion and providing its Customers and Affiliates with five-star service.

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