Science & Certification

At Vemma Europe, we aim for 5-star quality in everything we do from the manufacturing, to the service you receive and finally to the finished Vemma brand that arrives on your doorstep.

Vemma is one of the few companies in the wellness industry that continues to invest heavily into its own 120,000 sq ft manufacturing facitily in order to ensure all of our products’ are the finest wellness supplements on the market and also comply with EU law. We set incredibly high standards for safety, security and efficacy in everything we do and our entire facility is overseen by our Chief Science Office, Yibing Wang MD, PhD.

Much of our efforts occur "in the background", and most of our Customers and Affiliates don’t hear about our EU product compliance, our certificates of marketability, our data protection policies, our payment security, our logistics certificates etc. They know it all just works, just like the Vemma formula.

This is the kind of experience we want you to have with the Vemma brands. You don’t need to think about how the Vemma formula works. The product just works and the huge investment in clinical studies document it for you.

But sometimes you just want to know more. You may be curious about the science of the Vemma formula. Or you may want to check out Vemma’s certificates of marketability. Or learn more about our plant and its certificates. Or find out if it’s safe to take for athletes who undergo anti-doping tests. This page was designed to answer all of the above, and more!

Feel free to browse the sections and get a sneak peek of how we work for you every day. We appreciate your trust and will work every day to maintain this bond.



  • ORAC value for the Vemma EU formula is67,215 per bottle
  • Bod-e Focus Group Report (PDF)

Compliance & Marketability

Vemma products are compliant with EU law and deliver a potent blend of phytonutrients, 12 vitamins, essential minerals, and super-absorbable trace and ultra-trace elements, specifically designed to meet the needs of 21st century Europeans.

Product Label

  • Vemma Premix
  • Verve
  • Bod-e

Certificates of Marketability

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  • Verve
  • Verve BOLD

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