Vemma has introduced 3 New Ranks and $1 Million Bonus

At Vemma All In Convention, Vemma Founder and CEO BK Boreyko announced three new ranks: Star Pinnacle, Royal Pinnacle, and Legend. Vemma new highest-achievable rank is Legend with a reward bonus of $1 Million!
Imagine yourself holding $1 Million check. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? 
At the rank of Legend, a Vemma Affiliate will receive a reward bonus of $1 million**, and earn up to $55,000 per week* (nearly $3 million per year), and a monthly Premier Club bonus of $4,000 for achieving the rank.
Here’s a breakdown of how Affiliates are paid at our three new highest ranks:
Star Pinnacle: Up to $45,000 USD per week ($2,340,000 per year), a monthly Premier Club bonus of $3,000, and a reward bonus of $500,000.**
Royal Pinnacle: Up to $50,000 USD per week ($2,600,000 per year), a monthly Premier Club bonus of $3,500, and a reward bonus of $750,000.**
Legend: Up to $55,000 USD per week ($2,860,000 per year), a monthly Premier Club bonus of $4,000, and a reward bonus of $1,000,000.**

These new ranks were created due to record-breaking sales and the unprecedented success of Vemma Affiliates during the past year.
* Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.
**Rank Advancement Bonus will be paid in 24 equal payments. Affiliate must maintain ‘Paid-as Rank’ in a Rank Advancement Period to receive a payment. Commission logic will track number of installments paid over time until the final payment is made.

Congratulations to first-ever Star Pinnacles Tom & Bethany Alkazin

Tom and Bethany Alkazin just achieved the highest rank in Vemma, Star Pinnacle. They are now enjoying a $500,000 bonus for achieving the new rank. As the highest rank achievers in Vemma history they have started the evolution of Vemma ranks. Now the couple is going after recently-added Legend rank with $1 million bonus check!
 “As any parent would know, there is no greater feeling than seeing your children succeed! To see Chris (Star Executive), Brad (Star Royal) and Amy and her husband David Stafford (Ambassadors) all choose to work their Vemma businesses has been a dream come true for Bethany and me,” shares Tom. “We love working together as a family.”

Jamie Johns about his path to Executive

Jamie (23) is a perfect example of a self made man. Back at school he was what he calls himself “a little bit of a naughty child” having bad grades and dropping out of university. Growing up in a small city in England Wolverhampton, Jamie was a kind of a rebel. He left school with no grades and dropped out of university in his third year. “I was that bad of a child that my science teacher told my parents “I wouldn't even enroll your son in college," says Jamie. 
Tough beginnings
Due to my lack of grades I started working a job for a sales company working 9.30am till 6.30pm Monday through to Saturday making around £1000 before tax. I hated it. I hated that my daughter spent more time with her nursery teachers than with me. I hated my alarm clock and above all I hated that I was financially dependant upon another human being to make sure I had what I needed in life. Then I found Vemma...
Things are starting to look up
I actually avoided the Skype call that was set up between my now leader and mentor Executive Leader John Clifford and my enroller Diamond Leader Jordan Douglas and myself, but thank God I made it on. It changed my life. He shared the vision with me and it all just made sense. So I started my journey and never looked back.
I had the opportunity to pioneer a movement which will take over the UK and I did. Along the way I found two beasts, Diamond Leader Tyrone Reid and Platinum Leader Phil Faulkner. So along with them, myself and my amazing team I went from Affiliate to Executive within one year and as a result I was able to quit my job, travel the world, develop a full time income, drive a brand new Mercedes Benz and it was all paid for by Vemma.* 
My goal was to create time freedom to spend with my three-year-old daughter Harmonee I now have that time freedom. I will never miss ANYTHING she does again. Thank you Vemma!
Vemma isn't about becoming a millionaire, being rich and driving new cars. Vemma is all about giving people an opportunity to do what they want to do.
Don't want to work a job = Vemma
Don't want to wake to an alarm clock = Vemma
Don't want to work for the next 40 to 50 years of your life = Vemma
Don't want to be financially dependant: V E M M A*
*Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.

Lucas van Kollenburg went Straight to Gold Leader

Lucas had a really good start in Vemma. Short after being introduced to the business, he hit Gold Leader and he achieved this at the age of 21. This is pretty impressive. He was first introduced to Vemma in the beginning of 2014. “I went to a presentation that has changed my perspective of life. I was very enthusiastic about the company and the way of making money. At school I was always told to get a diploma and a job. This kind of making money was new to me and I saw a big opportunity in the business and the products, ” explains Lucas.
And here is how his story with Vemma began. When he saw the opportunity with Vemma, he started to grow his network. He introduced his brother and his best friend to the business and together they were attending home events in Tilburg every week. He has learned a lot from Iggy Matheeuwsen and Gregory Pinas.
“I went to as many presentations and trainings as I could, even if I didn’t have any prospects. After a month I had ten people in my right team. Then I started building my left team and after five weeks in Vemma I found a dark horse, Jaron van de Laar who qualified for the Double Frenzy Bonus in one week. Those people took my teams to the next level. In my sixth week I achieved Silver and 3 days later I hit Gold,” adds Lucas.  
Lucas keeps on growing his teams through showing presentations and sharing his experience with them. His Dutch team is very active and he expects them to do great things in Vemma. 
“The best thing of all is to let people see this opportunity, and to expand not only your business but also your team. I was surprised by the kindness of people in this business. Everyone is always willing to help you,” reflects Lucas. 
*Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.

Congratulations to Jamie S Johns – new Premier Club Member


I have been involved with Vemma a year and it was the best decision I ever made.

Vemma is the easiest hard work you will ever have to do. It's simple. Work hard. Dedicate yourself. Make it a priority then success is inevitable. 

The MAIN reason I do Vemma is because I am a young dad. I have a daughter who is three years old. She is my motivation and the reason as to WHY I do what it is that I do! 

Congratulations to the youngest Ambassador in Vemma Europe History


From a family of Champagne producers in Reims, France, Aurélien credits his family for his happy childhood, work ethic, and desire to succeed. 
From his youth, he was attracted to the idea of making his own decisions without a boss directing him. He studied science with a goal of eventually running the family business but soon learned that science was not his calling. His true desire was to gain financial freedom and make his family proud. 
A childhood friend introduced Aurélien to Vemma. He immediately joined for the opportunity to grow a project and work side-by-side with his friend.
Although lacking insight into the business model, he found the business exciting and decided to approach it as a game. A short 10 months later, he achieved Presidential —a track record recognized at YPR Revolution as the fastest in the world. At 11 months, he ranked Star Presidential and is on track to achieve Ambassador rank in his first year!

 “We started the Vemma Europe Team in France from scratch and had to create everything. But I knew I had found my way. I knew that network marketing would allow me to live my life with the freedom I wanted.”  — Aurélien Brest
Now Aurélien spends his days visiting members of his network — the biggest leaders of his organization — making the rounds throughout France at the wheel of his Vemma-funded BMW. He is motivated by the joy of those in his network as they persevere and succeed. 
“The secret to success is very simple. We are the most connected generation, and we have a whole bunch of tools at our disposal that allow us to follow-up with people who want to seize this opportunity. At Vemma, it’s not how we succeed that matters; it’s how we help others succeed.”  — Aurélien Brest

Vemma is a wellness company offering ultra-premium food supplements, energy drinks and nutrition. Vemma's affiliate marketing program offers a car bonus incentive for its Affiliates who may select a car such as BMW, Mercedes and AUDI, however Vemma is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by either of these companies. All use of BMW's, Mercedes' and AUDI's trademarks, brands, and logos is purely referential, and such marks are the property of their respective companies. Vemma makes no claim of ownership in such marks, and no claim of affiliation with BMW, Mercedes or AUDI.

Congratulations to Alice and Frank Vikan on becoming Vemma Ambassadors


Norway is among Vemma’s fastest growing markets, with Alice and Frank out front, leading friends and business associates toward a healthier lifestyle and a more secure financial future. This power couple achieved their spectacular success with teamwork and an unstoppable work ethic. Together they demonstrate what is possible with a commitment to networking, spreading the Vemma story, and reaching for every opportunity in life and in business. We can’t wait to see how far — and how fast — this couple can go!

"Achieve" - Hannes and Jessica Sommer, Vemma Star Ambassador Leaders

Our new series “Achieve” is featuring video profiles of Vemma Top Leaders. Catch a glimpse inside their world, as they talk about what you can achieve with Vemma and how you can achieve it. Here’s a sneak peak at what Vemma Star Ambassador Leaders Hannes and Jessica Sommer have to say about great achievement.

Hannes and Jessica Sommer

The Power Coulpe

When you meet Hannes and Jessica, it’s obvious that these are two people with amazing vitality, enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Both radiate a charismatic appeal generated by a very simple quality: they feel good! Certain words keep popping up in their everyday talk, words like opportunity, achievement, freedom and thankful. It’s clear these are values that motivate this pair. They work hard every day to pass these along to their network of friends and Vemma Brand Partners.

To see this couple today is to see the end product of all their efforts. Hannes confides that, along the way, there were many euphoric moments when success seemed within their grasp. And there were other moments of discouragement — moments when they thought of giving up. Instead, they chose to persist.

Passion, persistence and new technologies

Hannes had started in network marketing as a teenager. He used computers that were primitive by today’s standards, so now he is energized by the technological revolution of our time and gratified with all the technical skills young people bring with them into the business. He used his technological skills to create materials for his team — documents, magazines and online tools that make it easier for them to tell their story. Now Hannes and Jessica encourage others to do the same.

The Sommers have tremendous respect for the team atmosphere of Vemma. When they were at low points, they were encouraged by Harald Maier, BK Boreyko, Simon Grabowski and others. Now they transfer their energy to those they recruit into the business, instilling in them a strong belief in the products and in their inner abilities, encouraging them when they stumble and cheering them on when they achieve success.

Hannes likes to tell his audiences that one of his secrets of life is this: with the right input, you receive the right output. This dynamic couple has achieved more than financial success. They have achieved freedom to live life on their own terms, to savor the joy of robust health, and to enjoy spending time together as a family. And on top of that, they experience the satisfaction of helping others achieve their dreams. What more could a person ask of life?

"Achieve" - Harald Maier Vemma Royal Ambassador

Our new series “Achieve” is featuring video profiles of  Vemma Top Leaders. Catch a glimpse inside their world, as they talk about what you can achieve with Vemma and how you can achieve it. Here’s a sneak peak at what Vemma Royal Ambassador Harald Maier has to say about great achievement.

If you were to pass Harald on a busy street in his hometown of Graz, Austria, you might never notice him. There’s nothing flashy to catch your eye. But with a quick glance, you notice one thing right away: Harald looks lean, healthy and fit. Part of that is due to the care he takes in safeguarding his health. But he’s also a world-class athlete.

Harald Maier

Heart and soul of a winner

Harald began his career as a professional cyclist, competing three times in the Tour de France, five times in the Professional World Championship, and becoming a three-time winner of the Crocodile Trophy — mountain bike race held in Australia, covering around 1,200km during the 10-day event. He won more than 200 international cycling races during his professional career — a record that proves he understands what it takes to compete and has the discipline required to win. Harald spent more than 20 years adhering to a grueling training schedule and paying close attention to the nutrition required for professional athletics.

After he brought his athletic career to a close, he looked for a follow-up career that would enable him to leverage his knowledge of diet and nutrition. He knew that many of the nutrients required for good health aren’t always present in adequate amounts in our everyday diet. So he searched for an organization that matched his values — a company dedicated to helping people live healthier lives. That’s how he found Vemma.

Crowd-inspiring passion

He considers himself fortunate to have found Vemma. In building his second career, he has achieved financial freedom and has become the highest-producing Brand Partner worldwide. He knew it wouldn’t be easy and did not expect overnight success. But he was totally committed.

Known as a relentless networker, he has accumulated a team of more than 30,000 people. They are people who have been touched by his passion for healthy living and his vision of unlimited financial success. He finds it gratifying to share his work because he believes that everybody — regardless of their current circumstances — has within their grasp the possibility of changing their lives for the better. And seeing firsthand what is possible thanks to Vemma makes him eager to help others achieve the financial freedom he and his family now enjoy.

Andreas Grenthe interview


Andreas Grenthe

Vemma Europe talked to Andreas Grenthe, Vemma Presidential Leader about his road to Vemma Elite Club, Young People Revolution and Bod-e Challenge.

VE (Vemma Europe): Hi Andreas! This year you became Vemma Europe youngest Elite leader. How does it feel?

AG (Andreas Grenthe): It feels great. It is absolutely worth the work.

VE: Was it hard to get to the Elite Leader level and how long it took?

AG: It took about 3 years and was not that hard but you have to keep on working for your business every day as consistency is one of key ingredients to success.

VE: What was the biggest challenge you came across in your Vemma Business and how did you deal with it?

AG: I think it was when I was on the executive level in over a year. I had such a strong why to quit my job, and I passed the Executive after 11 months from when I started with Vemma. So in the year 2010, I could not really know from the heart what my next goal was. After Vemma Las Vegas Convention in 2012, I wrote a letter to myself about where I wanted to be about a year later, and how I wanted my life to look like. Something happened inside me and after just three months I reached the Presidential. So it is very important and knowing why!

VE: You recently gave a presentation about Home Based Business during Vemma event in Malmo on 22nd September. Can you tell us a little about this concept?

AG: Yes! I believe that almost everyone has home and couch so I focus on this type of presentations. When we talk about duplication, I think all people are able to invite others to their houses and follow this simple concept to make their business grow fast.

VE: You are one of the leaders of Young People Revolution in Vemma Europe. Can you tell us something about other young promising folks in your team that will hopefully knock the door to Elite Club soon?

AG: I have so many talented people that in time will reach the Vemma Elite Club, but the person who currently is the closest and is a fantastic team leader is David Vedeskog (Star Platinum)!

VE: Bod-e product line was big explosion in Europe (same as United States). What are the factors behind such a great success (amount in money in the 1st month)?

AG: First of all it is a fantastic product line that we saw worked amazingly well already in the United States. But the groundwork before the launch was an incredibly important part. In my team, we were a large group of targeted individuals already working in 5-10 customers and everyone knew exactly what to do. I think I earned 10000EUR 1st month*.

VE: Bod-e weight loss solution is something more than a great tasting product. What is so special about it that makes it a better solution than traditional diet programs?

AG: It is so simply to follow and everybody can do this. One more important thing is that you simply have fun and your diet is no longer something you must follow but want follow!

VE: How can "Bod-e 12 Week Challenge" transform people's lives in your opinion?

AG: They learn how to eat and exercise on a basic level so they can do it for the rest of their lives. It is fantastic!

VE: What would be your advice to people who would like to start their own Vemma Business?

AG: Learn from the people that already have the results they wanted, keep it simple, have fun and earn money.

*You may not do as well. Results are not typical and depend on individual performance.

Mattias Hovbrandt - Presidential from Sweden


Like so many of Vemma Brand Partners, Mattias Hovbrandt always had dreams of success, but his path took several twists and turns before discovering the Vemma Opportunity. Today, he manages his successful Vemma business in a small city outside Jönköping, Sweden, where he lives with his wife Linda and 4 daughters, ranging in age from 7 months to 17 years old.

A devoted family man, Mattias worked long hours at hard jobs for years to support his growing family. From forklift driver, to direct selling, to medical equipment sales, his skills also grew as he took on ever-more challenging – and financially rewarding –positions. But he found he had less and less time for his family and was often tired and stressed. Once again, like many Brand Partners, he was introduced to the Vemma Nutrition Formula and his family began using it daily. Both he and Linda were delighted with the extra energy and stamina they enjoyed since beginning the Program.

After a year of great results, Mattias was introduced to the business side of Vemma, and it made complete sense in so many ways. Why not share the wellness benefits of Vemma with the world – and earn great commissions on his downline automatically?! He’d have more time to devote to his wife and lovely daughters, and grow personally and professionally doing something he believed in. So what closed the deal for Mattias?

“Vemma had it all. A high quality product, great leadership and a fantastic business opportunity!”

Duplication key for success

After 2 years as a Vemma Brand Partner, Mattias Hovbrandt has become independent and empowered, and is achieving his dreams. He’s also become wise in the ways of success with Vemma, not by stubbornly following his own ideas and instincts, but by listening to the top Vemma trainers and leaders:

"When i was new, I decided to duplicate the most successful Brand Partners and do exactly what they do and don't do!"

It certainly worked for Mattias and when asked what advice he'd give new Brand Partners, he didn't hesitate:

"Listen to the people who have the results you want. Follow the system and show up at educational events and seminars. Get as much field experience as you can. The more you learn, the better you will do in every way!"

Solid advice from a humble, yet savvy Brand Partner who's discovered the "secrets to Vemma success"!

Go for the Gold Recap - Phoenix, Arizona


November 4 – 6, 2011 − Phoenix Arizona provided the perfect setting for the 2011 Go for the Gold Weekend Summit. From the bright desert sun to the smiling faces of over 200 attendees, Vemma Elite leaders and execs, it was the event to remember! BK, Karen and Lauren Boreyko and the entire Home Office team were the hosts, as attendees came from across North America as well as Vemma Europe to celebrate with the Vemma super-stars who met the Go for the Gold requirements.

Kudos to the US Team for creating a leadership and business-building retreat that combined extensive on-site training with pure fun and celebration! Go for the Gold attendees enjoyed complimentary transportation, airfare, meals and accommodations − and in-depth sessions by two of our top global leaders, Royal Ambassadors Ruth Elliott and Tom Alkazin, all designed to help them earn more Vemma “gold” in 2012! One attendee shared with our Vemma Europe representative how “fired up” she was about the experience:

“What an amazing opportunity to learn new ways of “throwing fuel on the fire" of your Vemma business! You can learn the secrets to success firsthand from the leaders in our industry. And being spoiled by BK and the fabulous VEMMA staff was incredible! It’s a MUST go to for everyone!"

Platinum, Sheri Edwards

Let the Festivities Begin!

The party started Friday night, as the Go for the Gold winners were greeted by the high-energy Vemma US staff and, as they approached Home Office, flashing cameras, throngs of reporters and mobs of hyped up Vemma employees, all straining for a peek at the arriving super stars. Then onto the gala Welcome Reception - exotic drinks, lavish food, more photos, fun - and networking of course!

"Big high fives to everyone at Home Office for the Go for Gold event! It was spectacular! Everyone is pumped and this is exactly what Vemma needed! You guys did an amazing job!"

Ambassador, Linda Proctor

After a sumptuous Saturday breakfast, the Go for the Gold winners were given a Golden Opportunity to learn the most advanced leadership practices and business insights from Vemma's two multi-million dollar earners, Tom Alkazin and Ruth Elliott. Attendees also sampled the new Vemma Bod-e line and received exclusive updates about this exciting program, the new Vemma incentives, the 2012 Convention - and how to grow faster than ever before.

Winding down? Not yet!

As dusk settled in, there was more excitement – and emotion – to come. The star-studded Recognition Dinner was truly inspirational. What struck many was the confidence that radiated from the winners – the knowledge that Diamond, Platinum, Star Platinum and even Executive ranks were all possible.

Sunday offered yet another surprise guaranteed to impress! Attendees enjoyed a special tour of the famous Vemma manufacturing plant. They listened in awe as their guide described the epic $5.5 million expansion plans underway to support the Verve and Bod-e brands.

What a perfect ending to this celebration...letting our valued Brand Partners know that no matter how far or how fast they want to grow, Vemma is right there with them:

“Thank you so much. We will cherish the time we had together and look forward to moving ahead and celebrating with you every step of the way!”

Golds, Meeka and Sean Caissie

Join us at the next GFG Weekend Summit!

We’d love to recognize your remarkable achievements at Vemma Europe’s upcoming Weekend Summits at the end of March and June! But you need to start working toward winning your place NOW! Here are the requirements: you must achieve Gold status during the qualifying period, maintain it for the following month along with becoming Momentum Bonus qualified. To reach the Gold level, a Brand Partner needs to cycle 10 times. You CAN do this! See the website for full details.

New Vemma Presidential shares her story in Dubrovnik


Ingrid Riegler

It was a warm afternoon on the Croatian coast at the 2011 Elite Leaders Retreat in beautiful Dubrovnik, and we were lucky enough to spend a few minutes talking to Ingrid Riegler, one of the newest Brand Partners to be honored for achieving Presidential rank. We weren’t sure how long we could hold her “captive”, so we dove right into her life story.

VE (Vemma Europe): Ingrid, Looking back on your life, can you see why Vemma became important to you?

IR (Ingrid Riegler): Yes, I’ve thought about that since reaching Presidential for the first time. I’ve always had a strong interest in people and wellness, so my “helper instinct” developed over time. I guess that’s why I didn’t take my parents’ advice and become an engineer or opera singer − and instead tried out for the role of moderator on a popular Austrian TV show for children called “An Dam Des”. Honestly, I think it was the magician that clinched it for me by getting the children in a good mood for my presentation! Happily, I was chosen to be part of the program, which I did for 24 years. I also developed a passion for live events, which allowed me to get even closer to people.
Staying healthy was always one of my goals, and I longed for a way to help others directly, on a more regular basis. As a single mom, I had little time to spend on my search, but I did learn a lot about alternative health and nutrition. That was something I could do every day for myself and my kids.

VE: So was there an event or need that led you to try Vemma?

IR: Absolutely there was a need. After leaving the show, I opened a practice that offered a cutting-edge light therapy and vibration/oscillation therapy, developed initially for space research. Our programs analyzed the waves in human cells to detect abnormalities, disease and other issues, while also looking at the mental health aspect.
I was also advising clients on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle and, as part of my research, discovered the Vemma Nutritional Program. I began recommending it to my clients, who were soon raving about the product. But I never dreamed of making a business out of Vemma! Quite the opposite. In fact, I was totally against it!

VE: What or who convinced you to finally become a Vemma Brand Partner?

IR: I’m glad you asked because someone did have an impact on my decision. You see, I was perfectly happy to use and recommend the product to help my clients. But Vemma Leader Peter Kriwetz (currently Vemma Star Presidential) took me aside one day and said that, thanks to my orders, I’d built a structure of 64 people! Peter was convinced that I was a “natural” and could become a leader in this business. And believe me, he didn't let it go easily! So gradually he wore me down (laughing). He explained how I could grow my Vemma downline and help more people achieve a healthier lifestyle, earn great commissions, and benefit from the support of the Vemma community. I realized that Vemma is a solid, reputable company with potential you usually only dream of − and the skepticism left for good. I had no more doubts and jumped in “with both feet”! Now I’m Presidential and pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming!

VE: So what’s your life like now Ingrid? Have you ever missed being a TV star?

IR: Not once. I’m very happy with Vemma. I can improve people’s lives and financial condition − and make a good living for my family. Who needs fame when you have that! Plus I’m able to help others achieve their dreams − that’s the best part. I’m not a power speaker or life coach or anything like that.
I just speak honestly to people about Vemma and my experiences and they seem to respond. And my secondary interest in technology helps my team work smarter and achieve even more. So I guess the “engineer” and the “actor” in me both found a home with Vemma. But I have to say, again, that’s it’s all about working with people who recognize the opportunity and take advantage of it to change their lives. That’s the best part of all!

VE: That’s certainly inspiring Ingrid. Perhaps you have a favorite motto or saying along those lines?

IR: Just that if you are sincere about helping people, success will come naturally. But never forget that you are here to serve others, so stay humble in what you're doing.

And these are not empty words we learned, sitting there with Ingrid. We listened as she hailed people on her team as being better than her in this or that − without saying a word about her own skills and qualities. What a unique person – beautiful, successful, yet truly humble business woman who leads by example. No wonder she was recently named a "Teambuilder of the Year" during Vemma Platinum Leaders Conference in Austria.
Thank you Ingrid, from all of us!

Brand Partner Profile - Maria Pfeifer

Maria Pfeifer

“Major achievements do not get accomplished through strength, but through persistence.”

Vemma Star Presidential Maria Pfeifer is a testimony to the power of Vemma to reinvent ourselves at any age and realize our dreams of wealth and financial freedom. Maria’s almost 70 now, and started her Vemma Nutritional Program almost 7 years ago, after “retiring” while continuing to work as an independent entrepreneur for a high-profile corporation. She soon noticed the benefits of ensuring her body got the nutrients it needed to maintain her hectic schedule. She even had energy left over at the end of a long day! “I was able to set and reach goals that I wouldn’t have attempted at a much younger age”, she explained.

Obviously, Maria always was an achiever – and a savvy business person who recognized the amazing potential available to ambitious Vemma Brand Partners. Vemma was everything she’d been looking for – a proven business model for generating income but, even more importantly, a way to help others enjoy a more energetic, robust quality of life. In Maria’s words, “Vemma makes me feel good, and it feels good to help others.”

Helping others brought remarkable results, as Maria built a large multinational organization within the company by training and bringing her team along with her on the road to success.

In 2010 Maria achieved Star Presidential rank and was one of the top 50 earners in the world! So has she reached the pinnacle of Vemma success? In her informed opinion: “Vemma is still in the early stages of development, in its infancy. So I advise everyone to take advantage of the enormous opportunities Vemma offers.”

Maria was anxious to add: “Many thanks to my team as my success is my entire team’s success. And most of all, thanks to Vemma!“.

Brand Partner Profile - Anderss Karlsson

Brand Partner Profile - Leading Force from Scandinavia
Last month we introduced 2 Italian Team Brand Partners as part of our profile series. Their success was strongly influenced by one of the most charismatic leaders in Vemma. Please meet Anderss Karlsson - Ambassador from Sweden.

Everyone’s path to success is unique but, for Anders Karlsson, his was one of the fastest sprints in Vemma Europe history.

In just 14 months, Anders had achieved Presidential rank! A friend of Anders, Vemma Ambassador Leader Brian McMullen, first introduced him to the Vemma product and opportunity.

He knew it was going to be a global success, with or without him, and became even more convinced after meeting BK in person. “After my first meeting, I knew this opportunity would be huge in Europe,” says Anders. Anders never looked back.

The products, the business model, and the people he’s met along the way have helped him create an amazing life for himself and his family. One of his biggest thrills today is seeing his friends and partners make the Top-50 Vemma Earnings list.

So what advice does Anders have for Vemma newcomers? “Listen to your Sponsor. Don’t waste valuable time building your own system. Use the performance-proven tools developed by the world’s top earners. Focus on simplicity and duplication and you’ll be a successful network marketer.” With his passion for building success and life-long friendships, Anders goal is to make his living solely on the matching bonus before the end of 2011 - and he’s well on his way! He has just advanced from Star Presidantial to Ambassador. Congratulations to Anders!

To read other Brand Partner profilers we published this year follow below links:

Hannes Sommer

Ivan Bianco & Nicklas Guarnieri

Harald Maier

Brand Partner Profile - Ivan Bianco, Nicklas Guarnieri

Brand Partner Profile -  from Vegas to Italy
Goodbye Vegas, Hello Milan! Our valiant Italian Team picked up the “Y” torch in LV and is taking it to Milan! Are you ready for the next leg of our race to revitalize the world? Perhaps we should use the “V” for Victory – over nutritional deficits that sap our energy – and for Vitality (another Big “V”)! Whatever inspires you, it’s time to translate that into action. The Milan Convetion is just around the corner. But before your mind wanders off to sunny Italia, let me introduce 2 inspiring leaders of Italy’s Team, Ivan Bianco and NicklasGuarnieri!

Ivan Bianco

Ivan Bianco launched Vemma into the Italian marketplace and has been recognized as one of the best European networkers even long before joining Vemma.

In March 2004, he met Anders Karlsson (his Enroller) and they became fast friends. Five years later and everything has come together – the confidence he placed in Anders, the quality of the Vemma product, his meeting with BK in Bonn, and that fateful day he said YES. And when Ivan starts something, the sky’s the limit! Ivan’s strength and “WHY” are supported by his extraordinary wife Cristina and three sons, David and Michele, both Vemma Diamond Leaders, and little 3-year old Filippo.

Ivan realized his dream of creating the largest Vemma group in the world through application of the "SI-system" and is convinced Vemma will become a global hit thanks to:
- the transparency and values of top management,
- a real PRODUCT having REAL impact on people – and NEW, just the beginning,
- An EASY system – easy to duplicate.

The secret to success for Ivan: loyal people around you, joy in your Team’s success, love of people and of life – and lots of discipline!

Nicklas Guarnieri

Nicklas Guarnieri was born and raised in Sweden, but moved to his father’s native Italy at age 24. His impressive career included working for major international companies and being on the organizing committee for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino.

In search of new challenges and freedom, Nick took his first steps into direct sales and found Vemma 2 years ago. After a phone call and presentation by Anders Karlsson (his Enroller), the decision was easy!

When it comes to succeeding with Vemma, Nick has a powerful yet practical belief system: “Vemma offers real and concrete possibilities to realize the dreams we should all have. The secret behind Vemma success is, of course, to have a WHY and to work towards it, Always following the system, keeping it simple and, most of all, never, never giving up.”

Nick has a saying: "You can change without improving, but never improve without changing", which demonstrates how Vemma can change lives – personally as well as professionally.

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Brand Partner Profile - Harald Maier

Brand Partner Profile - Europe's No.1
We thought you might like to get to know some of our most outstanding European Brand Partners a little better, so we’ll be profiling one in each of our Monthly Newsletters. 12 months - 12 inspirational people. And who better to kick off the series than our Top Gun, Harald Maier!

Vemma Star Ambassador Harald Maier enjoys any endeavor that tests his limits from cycling, parachuting, high-speed motorcycling, to diving and rock climbing. As Vemma Europe’s Top Earner, this multiple-time Profi Cycling champion doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon!

After winning more than 200 races in 20 years, you could say Harald likes to win. But he also knows that winning takes more than stamina – it requires strategy. So how did he go from extreme sports pro to Vemma Rock Star?

Harald became a “master networker” in distribution sales and applied his unique strategic and people skills to build a hugely profitable downline. In Maier’s words: “For every 10 partners you sign up, only one will stick with the product. So instead of quantity, I look for quality - than it's possible to have 5-7 people stick to the product of those 10. People with vision who know from experience that Vemma can improve lives. Belief in the product is the foundation for success.”

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Brand Partner Profile - Hannes Sommer


In this issue, the man of many interests and strong record of success - Hannes Sommer, Vemma Ambassador

Hannes Sommer was always an entrepreneur at heart. While his colleagues were still in school, he had already set his course toward achieving financial freedom.

Hannes was in the right place at the right time when the first VEMMA bottles reached the European mainland. He was approached by Harald Maier, a former top athlete and top earner in Europe, to produce an audio CD about Vemma. During the project, Hannes’ wife, mother, and grandmother all tried the Vemma products and raved about the results.

“Obviously I became excited. The three most important women in my life loved the product. It was proof enough that these products would take off – with or without me – so I’d better act fast!” Hannes became one of Vemma’s first European distributors, soon to be one of its most successful.

Today, Hannes is a respected Vemma trainer and leader, and a man of strong principles, whose motto, “Failure: the masterkey to success”, recognizes that everyone has to experience Vemma for himself− even stumble occasionally as they find their own path to lasting success.

“That’s how we learn and improve, by never giving up and being true to the Vemma mission of “People helping people”.

Christoph Strasser wins RAAM

Brand Partner from Austria Christoph Strasser wins World’s Toughest Bike Race with Verve & THIRST!

Talk about “Insanely healthy”! Vemma Brand Partner Christoph Strasser cycled 3000 miles, 21 hours a day, for 8 days, 8 hours and 6 minutes − winning the Mens Solo in the epic Race Across America (RAAM). He drank his meals on his bike and relied on Verve® and THIRST™ to meet the incredible energy, nutrient and hydration demands of the race. 

Chris had hoped to be among the 50% that usually complete the course, but secretly wanted to finish in the top three. In fact, he’d been dreaming about winning the RAAM since he started cycling at age 15. But he knew it would be grueling. Known as the “world’s toughest bicycle race,” on June 14th over 250 competitors set out on the 3,000-mile route from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland, crossing several mountain ranges as they cycled day and night. These extreme athletes endured scorching heat, high winds, thunderstorms, extreme thirst, fatigue and sleep deprivation to compete and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

What drives Strasser and achievers like him? Is he some kind of uber-athlete, who just happens to use Vemma? Christoph is a man of many passions, like raising money for the Lyoness Child and Family Foundation, which helps needy people access quality education and training. But when it comes to winning races like RAAM, the formula is clear: “Mental strength is very important to successfully finishing an ultra-cycling race like RAAM, but the base is a healthy body… so high-quality nutrition like Vemma is the key to performing at this level.”

From his boyhood in the small Austrian village of Kraubath, to winning the toughest ultra-cycling competition in the world, Christolph is living his dream of racing and helping others - both by example and as a Vemma Brand Partner. Today, he lives and trains in Graz, the second largest city in Austria. Most recently, he won his second title in the World Championships of ultra cycling, setting a new world record for the fastest crossing of Austria.

“Humans are able to achieve great things if the body, mind and soul are working together at a very high level,” says Strasser. No wonder he chose Vemma! Go Chris!

To learn more about this year’s Race Across America, visit the race website at: and don’t forget to follow Vemma on Twitter and Facebook

Watch video with the winner sharing his first feelings after the race:


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