Vemma Flipbook – now available!


Empower your Vemma business by getting the latest marketing tool – Vemma Flipbook to help you get to the next level. Get advantage of its content to make a powerful first impression, even if you’re brand-new to the business.

The Vemma Flipbook features an easy-to-follow guideline that walks you through:

  • the Vemma story,
  • the Vemma products,
  • how the company addresses three crucial mega-trends we’re facing today,
  • an explanation of affiliate marketing,
  • and why now is the perfect time to get to know Vemma.

This tool is a professionally prepared presentation available as PDF. It’s loaded with eye-catching images and fascinating ideas your prospects will love.

Vemma Flipbook is available for free in English, German, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Italian, French, Swedish and Dutch. Download yours and start building relationships of trust today.

Vemma 2015 US Convention in Phoenix


The 2015 Vemma US Convention is moving from Las Vegas to Phoenix. It will be held close to the Vemma Home Office, June 11th-14th. This year the main focus will be training along with connecting with the company’s roots during its 10th anniversary year.

If you have already purchased your tickets to this event, please make sure you rebook your flight and hotel.

In case of any further questions feel free to contact us at

See you at the Convention!

Vemma Team

Home event videos – more content, more languages


With these simple stories, sharing the Vemma opportunity is the easiest thing under the sun. And now, you can do it in more languages and more stories. Just click the play button!


This is Vemma (short) – available in English with subtitles in Spanish, French,  Finnish or Swedish, or with German voiceover.





How Vemma Pays You – available in English with subtitles in Spanish, French,  Finnish or Swedish, or with German voiceover.





Bod• ē Plan by Vemma – available in English with subtitles in Spanish, French,  Finnish or Swedish, or with German voiceover.



New videos!

Vemma Formula – available now in English or with German voiceover. Soon to come —versions in Spanish, French, Italian, Finnish and Swedish!


Verve Alternative Energy – available in English or German (coming soon). Soon to come —versions in Spanish, French, Italian, Finnish and Swedish!


The Vemma Team is also working on: This Is Vemma – expanded version. Stay tuned for more info and language-version availability.

Achieve - Andreas Grenthe, Vemma Ambassador


Andreas Grenthe - Vemma AmbassadorToday Vemma Europe has many young professionals in the Elite Club. And it all started in 2012 when Andreas Grenthe became Vemma Europe’s youngest Elite leader. Now Andreas is a Vemma Ambassador with no limits on how far he can go.

According to Andreas, he’s not so good at making presentations, but you’d never know it. He circulates among friends and strangers with equal ease and steps without hesitation to the front of a room to speak from his heart.

But his journey hasn’t been easy. Andreas started out in the automobile business. He wasn’t making them or selling cars — he was washing them. Just a summer job, or so he thought. But it turned into six years of working in the same place.

In his heart, Andreas wanted more. The biggest help and inspiration in his life is his mom, who always sported him and worked hard as single mother to give the children the best possible upbringing. Andreas wanted to do something big to help her and to secure a safe future for her.

This is where he found out about Vemma.

Andreas Grenthe on stage - AllIn Convention in Vienna 2014

Andreas was fortunate to meet Mattias Hovbrandt, who introduced him to the business. Immediately, Andreas began to turn his life around. He focused on himself, on doing right, on respecting others and respecting himself. He got serious about his health and began to share ideas about nutrition and healthy living. He spent each day trying to be a better person.

It wasn’t easy. At times he felt like quitting, but he persevered. He encouraged others to take action by taking action himself. Soon, others were inspired to help him create his something big.

His struggles helped make him the man he is today. Just imagine how Andreas feels when he slips behind the steering wheel of his beautiful BMW convertible. He’s no longer washing other people’s cars. He’s driving throughout Europe to meet with ambitious young people, inspiring them to reach for their dreams. Just imagine how proud of him his mom is.

 Andreas Grenthe with his Team, his friend and family.Vemma enables Andreas to live a blended life: working or playing, with friends or family, or with his lovely girlfriend Sara — he spends each day with people he cares about, doing work he loves, and making a difference. Andreas Grenthe is living the life of his dreams.


Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts. Vemma is a wellness company offering ultra-premium food supplements, energy drinks and nutrition. Vemma's affiliate marketing program offers a car bonus incentive for its Affiliates who may select a car such as BMW, Mercedes and AUDI, however Vemma is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by either of these companies. All use of BMW's, Mercedes' and AUDI's trademarks, brands, and logos is purely referential, and such marks are the property of their respective companies. Vemma makes no claim of ownership in such marks, and no claim of affiliation with BMW, Mercedes or AUDI. redesigned – coming soon


At the Vienna Convention, we announced a fresh new look for the website.

The new website provides important info about products, business and the Vemma opportunity, packaged in a beautiful, modern design that represents the brand perfectly.

Take a peek at how sleek and innovative the website will soon be.

Stay tuned for more information.

Home event videos now available!


Vemma is committed to your success. We want to help you put on great home events where your guests will have a great time and understand what Vemma is all about. With this simple system, telling the Vemma story is a snap. Just click the play button!

Videos are now available in English and German, with Finnish, French, Italian and Spanish languages soon to come.

Apart from the three videos above, Vemma Team is also working on providing you with: Verve Alternative Energy, Vemma Formula and This is Vemma longer version. Stay tuned for more info.

Go for the Gold is back — and more exciting than ever!


In the past 7 editions of Go for the Gold, more than 800 attendees took part in training sessions and networking opportunities. Many Vemma Elites launched their success stories at these fantastic weekend events.

Now Go for Gold is back in Europe and more exciting than ever. We invite you to Vemma Europe Home Office in Gdansk for a weekend of training, networking… and a lot of fun. We’ve transformed this event into a new Affiliate Certification Program, and you’ll be in our very first class!

What do you get when you qualify? You’ll start with a sneak peek at Vemma Europe HQ during an exclusive tour. Afterwards, you’ll have a blast with other qualifiers at an invitation-only welcome celebration. Then you’ll be our guest at a lavish dinner where your success will be recognized.

What’s more, you can bring your life partner to share the moment. The two of you will stay in luxury hotel accommodations for two nights — with all costs paid by Vemma!

You choose how to travel to Gdansk. Based on your qualification level, Vemma will add a special bonus to cover part of your travel expenses. The bonus is 150 EUR for Basic Qualification or 250 EUR for Enhanced Qualification. If you qualify at Supreme Qualification level, you’ll get FULL travel coverage! Life partners travel at their own expense.

What are you waiting for? Go for the Gold!

How to qualify?

Qualification period: week 37/2014 - 52/2014

Basic qualification

Hit Gold rank for the first time and maintain it in the consecutive Rank Advancement period while accruing 500 Balanced Team Bonus points on each side of your business for at least one RA Period.

Enhanced qualification

Hit Gold rank for the first time and then hit Diamond in the consecutive Rank Advancement period while accruing 500 Balanced Team Bonus points on each side of your business for at least one RA Period.

Supreme qualification

Hit Diamond rank for the first time and then maintain it in the consecutive Rank Advancement period while accruing 500 Balanced Team Bonus points on each side of your business for at least one RA Period.

Enroller qualification

Be "paid as" Gold or higher and help one of your personally enrolled Affiliates in your right team and one in your left team qualify for the Go for Gold event.

Detailed qualification rules coming soon.

Vemma global-scale system migration


Due to the main Vemma systems upgrade entire Vemma will be having a maintenance period from approx. 2:00 AM Saturday September 13th.  We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

Please be aware because this upgrade is on a large, global scale, your Back Office, Vemma business app and Back Office Pro will all be unavailable during this time. Signing up and ordering will be available via only. The US Vemma IT team carefully examined the best time frames to implement this new system in order to ensure your business will be impacted on a minimal level.

Please note that while the technology will be upgraded, your Back Office, Back Office Pro and Vemma business app will remain unchanged visually.

Jaysuma Saidy Ndure – new Verve brand ambassador!

Verve Brand Ambassador

We’re thrilled to announce that Jaysuma Ndure is now a Verve brand ambassador. In coming months, he will endorse Verve in Europe – we are happy to share this info with you.

Who is Jaysuma Saidy Ndure? He’s a runner — but no ordinary runner. He can sprint 100 meters in less than 10 seconds. That places him among elite professional athletes worldwide.

Norwegian, born in Bakau Gambia on the west coast of Africa, Jays now lives and trains in Norway. At the Norwegian Grand Prix Florø 2014, Jays set a new record, completing the 100-meter sprint in 9.95 second. At 200 meters, he holds the men’s records in Norway and Gambia.

As you might expect, Jays is totally dedicated to keeping his body in shape. He lifts weights for body strength. He runs to toughen his endurance. And he practices every aspect of his sprinting form to achieve perfection. The result? Dazzling speed.

Jays is strategic about the foods that nourish his body. So it’s no surprise that he chooses the Vemma Formula in Verve. It gives his body more of what it needs to compete head-to-head with the world’s most gifted athletes.

When you meet Jays in person, you’ll be captivated by his charm. He moves among his fans with easy grace, accepting hugs from friends and delighted strangers. His joyful laugh starts at the soles of his feet, resonates throughout his body, and lights up his entire face. This is why his fans adore him.

We are happy that Jaysuma Ndure has chosen to help promote Verve. His dedication to sport made him a superstar on the track. We predict that his enthusiasm will supercharge the wellness industry too.

And he’ll feel right at home with the superstar Affiliates of Vemma Europe. Together, we’ll set new records of our own.


  • Personal best 100m: 9.95 seconds (2014)
  • Personal best 200m 19.89 seconds (2007)
  • Gold medal: 2003 African Junior Championships 200 metres
  • Bronze medal: 2003 African Junior Championships 100 metres
  • Bronze medal: 2004 Brazaville African Championships 100 metres
  • Bronze medal: 2012 Helsinki European Championships 100 metres
  • Kongepokal x 3: 2007, 2008, 2012 at the Norwegian Championships

Important update: global Vemma IT System Migration Postponed


Global IT system migration postponed – new date to be determined

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we are postponing the global IT system migration scheduled for this weekend, 22nd-24th August.

As the Vemma US IT began the process of preparing for the migration, they noticed some challenges that would have prevented us from delivering a flawless system on Monday, 25th August.

Therefore the decision has been made to delay the migration to ensure we get it right. With this delay, business will continue as usual this weekend; your Back Office, Back Office Pro and Vemma Mobile App will all be available and in working order.

Please note the new migration date is to be determined shortly.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we prepare for this massive improvement to our infrastructure.

ParTea starts NOW! Pre-order NOW!


The wait is over! Get ready to give your business a boost with this great-tasting product. Be the first to get your ParTea pack at the special promo price available only for pre-orders! Enjoy the fantastic, tropical taste and save 10% on PartTea 3-Pack and 15% on ParTea 4-Pack.


Please note that products will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis before the All In Vemma Convention in Vienna. Stay tuned for more info on the exact shipping dates. Additionally, ParTea is currently not available for pre-orders in Norway. More updates coming soon.

New Vemma Success Kit is here!


With this great new Success Kit you are destined to elevate your business to the next level.

This fantastic set is a compilation of essential tools that every Vemma Affiliate needs to jump-start their business. What’s inside?

New Success Kit
  • Custom branded Success Bag
  • “This is Vemma" Success Magazine
  • #YPR magazine
  • Vemma USB with videos and product catalog
  • Vemma Scientific Resource Guide
  • “Your First 7 Days” CD set
  • Window Decals Set
  • Verve Sticker Sheet
  • Vemma Journal
  • Vemma Pen

The Vemma Success Kit is available in 6 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish. The Affiliates in Sweden and Germany can expect to get this new, fantastic pack at their doorstep the soonest. More countries to follow shortly.

The Vemma Success Kit is included in every Affiliate Pack. Separate Success Kit sets can be purchased at Vemma Brand Store. Get yours today!

Don't miss the Auto-delivery benefits!


We’re sure you’ve noticed the recent changes in the ordering process. Let us take you through the concept:

Q: Why do I need to choose between business / personal use?

A: According to the new Directive on Consumer Rights, that came into force in all EU member states, everybody has to choose between business and personal use for their purchase. If you select the latter, your order is treated as a consumer one-time order. To choose the same product on your Auto-delivery, you need to tick the Auto-delivery box.

Q: When do I get free shipping?

A: When a new person joins Vemma and chooses the Auto-delivery option while placing their order, the shipping is free.

Existing Vemma Affiliates and Customers have free shipping if they have Auto-delivery on file.

Q: What is the shipping cost?

A: The shipping fee is EUR10 or 25 and depends on the size of the ordered pack.

Mickael Veillard Joins Premier Club and describes his experience with Vemma


Before hearing about Vemma, my life was boring, with no real purpose. I was a student, and I obeyed the laws of society. Late August 2013, a friend came to me with Vemma and its opportunity. At first I was surprised like everyone else. But I thought about it, and I felt in my heart that it was the opportunity I needed! I made this choice to join Vemma and now I feel free, I do what I want when I want, after all, isn’t life more beautiful like that?

Thanks to Vemma, I have acquired this beautiful BMW, which previously was only a distant dream! I am free to go see my friends, my family, whenever I want.

I love Vemma products. It’s a pleasure to use good products, and to live through it! Before Vemma I’d never thought I would be able to earn my living by consuming certain products. Now I know it is possible and I will never change it for something else.

In 7 months, my life has changed dramatically. I matured, I learnt how to be social, human, to give happiness, to work with my friends and meet new people. I like Vemma, its opportunity, its products, and the way I live thanks to it.

* Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts. Vemma is a wellness company offering ultra-premium food supplements, energy drinks and nutrition. Vemma's affiliate marketing program offers a car bonus incentive for its Affiliates who may select a car such as BMW, Mercedes and AUDI, however Vemma is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by either of these companies. All use of BMW's, Mercedes' and AUDI's trademarks, brands, and logos is purely referential, and such marks are the property of their respective companies. Vemma makes no claim of ownership in such marks, and no claim of affiliation with BMW, Mercedes or AUDI.

Remove the word <> from your vocabulary and go All in!" – Roger Hämmerli


As a 22-year-old Swiss Economy and Marketing student he has always been fascinated with product marketing. With his first Smartphone-App-Project (Schweiz #2) he laid the basis for becoming an entrepreneur.

Social Media leads to Vemma-Opportunity

In the age of Social Media, receiving a private message on Facebook is no surprise. “Must be spam” is what he thought at first. But there was something different about this particular message, sent by his future enroller. “I liked his straight forward style. We had our first Skype-call only a few minutes later.“ - Roger recollecting his first meeting with Patrick Schwager. “Of course, I had to be the guy that analyzes the whole Compensation Plan, looking for a catch. That’s what Students do, right (laughs)?” - Roger remembering the last few hours before joining Vemma.

Leaders go from event to event

It didn’t take long for Roger to build a constantly expanding team. “It was clear to me that the boundaries of my personal development would also be the boundaries of my business. That’s why I paid a lot of attention to the things that distinguish achievers from everyone else in our industry.” - Roger explaining his motivations.

At some point, while attending an event with his team and his enroller Patrick, the two of them came up with the idea of organizing the All in Zürich 2014. They immediately started preparations for the event which had been inspired by the “All in” convention theme. The successful execution was the result of amazing teamwork. “Events of that size are never done by just one person. I am proud of my team and everyone involved. I promise that this is not the last event we organized.”

Clear plans and goals for the future

Roger wants to achieve financial independence* with VeMMA and show his team and everyone else that one can take unconventional paths in life and still be successful. “Remove the word 'impossible' from your vocabulary and go All in!"

* Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.

People who reach their goals are the ones who are coachable and follow the system – Daniel Kogler


Meet Top Income Earners in Vemma Europe. Every month we bring you a Vemma Story about one of the top earners. Today we present Vemma Presidential Leader Daniel Kogler, We hope to see you on this list soon!

Decide to change your life

After many years in the nightlife, working in a nightclub as a DJ and partying at the expense of my health, I decided to change my life and give it a new direction, focused on wellness. So in 2008 together with a friend we launched our own fitness center in my hometown Mittersill. In the same year I was first introduced to Vemma and its products but I didn’t really take a closer look. Three years later when I saw Harald Maier’s presentation I started to understand the power of Vemma formula.

Come up with a strategy and find the right team

I started to distribute Vemma’s products in our fitness center. I enrolled a lot of customers from the fitness center members and reached Gold and then Diamond level! I knew I had potential to do better and wanted to reach higher levels in this company. But first I needed to change my strategy and looked for Affiliates who shared the same vision. This wasn’t easy at the beginning. When we started to host home meetings in winter 2012 the balls got rolling and we found enthusiastic young people who were excited about the concept. Today I have a huge network of happy customers and Affiliates all over Austria and other countries in Europe.

Vemma is like fitness center

I think there are many similarities in Vemma business and my fitness center. A lot of people join and have big goals and visions but only few of them make it to their dream body or their full potential. The people who reach their goals are the ones who are coachable, follow the system and have written goals with a deadline.

Work for yourself

I come from an entrepreneurial family and I was always excited about the idea of running my own business instead of working for someone else. Vemma and Affiliate Marketing give you all the advantages of being and entrepreneur without taking all the risks!

* Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.


1000+ enrollments in one week: let’s set Europe on fire with Vemma Spirit!


Congratulations to Hannes and Jessica Sommer and their Team who hit 1000 enrollments in one week. WOW! They achieved this thanks to 8 years of dedicated work in Vemma — what an impressive drive to build their business!

What is their secret? How did they achieved such amazing outcome? Here’s what Hannes and Jessica shared with us:

The "secret" is to stay 100% focused on this over a certain period of time. It's like using a magnifying glass to concentrate the sunlight. The sun shines whole day long, and it's creating moderate temperature but when you bundle the light, on a certain place, over a certain period of time, it will burn.

Seeing 1000+ enrollments per week is just like seeing the small sparks of the Vemma conflagration all over Europe!

This amazing achievement wouldn’t be possible without dedication of the Team that Jessica and Hannes have built over the 8 years. That only proves that Vemma Team Spirit and working together can bring anyone to their goals.

* Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.

New “Welcome” Emails – Powerful Tool for Your Business

How often do your newly enrolled Affiliates quit shortly after they start? You probably remember a few. 
Now we have some good news! We’ve been working with our Customer Success Team to optimize the welcoming experience of new Affiliates, and…
…we’ve created a series of five emails to guide newcomers. Now your newly enrolled Affiliates receive easy-to-follow guides covering each phase of their Vemma business. 
This email series is designed to help new Affiliates get off to a fast start, improve retention, and help you take your Vemma business to the next level.
Welcome emails also explain the Compensation Plan in an approachable way thanks to the new landing page Vemma Compensation Plan Basics.
So tell your new Affiliates to be on the lookout for these important emails. And if they have questions, our Customer Success Team is always ready to help. 
Vemma Team

Max. 120QV on a free CRP Auto-delivery order per month


Please note that from 1st July 2014 there is a limit of max. 120QV on a free CRP Auto-delivery order per month. If your Auto-delivery is currently set for product(s) of more than 120QV worth, it will not be free next month within CRP. Kindly adjust your Auto-delivery accordingly if needed.

Go to CRP Official Rules for more information >

2 Ways to Become Car & Frenzy Bonus Eligible with Vemma


We are making it even easier for you to become car and bonus eligible with Vemma - Premier Club is in striking distance!

You now have two ways to become car and Frenzy Bonus eligible! As always, you can purchase an Affiliate Pack to be car and Frenzy Bonus eligible in your first 60 days as an Affiliate. OR, just announced, enroll six Customers* personally with each placing a single order of 60 QV or more in your first 60 days as an Affiliate to be one step closer to driving the car of your dreams and getting your Frenzy Bonus!

Remember, you need to do one or the other in your first 60 days with Vemma in order to be car and Frenzy Bonus eligible.** This new update applies worldwide and, no matter where you enroll your Customer, they will count as part of the Vemma Premier Club recognition program and the Frenzy Bonus program.


*Please note that only Customers enrolled on or after January 1st, 2014 count toward the qualifications. Customers also need to place the 60 QV or more qualifying order after June 1st, 2014 to help you reach your Premier Club status.

**Q: What if I became an Affiliate between April 1st and June 1st and have not yet purchased an Affiliate Pack or met the 6 Customer requirements? Can I still be eligible for the Premier Club and Frenzy Bonus?

A: Because of the recent update, everyone in Vemma now has 60 days from June 12th, 2014 to purchase an Affiliate Pack or personally enroll 6 Customers with each placing a single order of 60 QV or more to be eligible for the Premier Club and Frenzy Bonus. Qualifying Customers must have signed up since January 1st, 2014 and placed a single order of 60 QV or more after June 1st, 2014. All Affiliates enrolled starting June 13th, 2014 will have 60 days from the time of enrollment as an Affiliate to purchase an Affiliate Pack or personally enroll 6 Customers with each placing a single order of 60 QV or more to be eligible for the Premier Club and Frenzy Bonus.

Markus Stadlmann on how Premier Club can boost your Team’s Motivation.


Markus Stadlmann on how Premier Club can boost your Team’s Motivation.


To me, Vemma is more than just a product – it’s a LIFESTYLE!!! This is due to the fact that you can help other people to be more successful; financially as well as with regard to their health. And with the Vemma Premier Club car, people are naturally even more attracted to our business. Every time I drive to a meeting in this car it’s a real experience for me and I love sharing my story with other people.

Tip: the car is not only a real motivational boost for yourself but for the entire team – so step on the gas and reach your goals with this innovative company.


Vemma App 5.0 Know-It-All – Customer Referral Program


Vemma App 5.0 presents a new streamlined design for CRP. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can get an up-to-the-minute record of your QV points and find out how many more you need to qualify for free product. View your qualifiers too. 
When at least three of your Customers make purchases in a calendar month, we’ll send you a free case of the product of your choice.
You pay only for shipping and handling. Here’s what you need to have:
• An active 30-120 point Auto-delivery for your products
• The total QV of the Customer product orders must be three (3) times that of your Auto-delivery order you have on file.
Example: If your Auto-delivery totals 120QV, and 3 of your personally enrolled customers purchase products totaling at least 360QV, your Auto-delivery order is FREE.
Tip: Track your progress with the free Vemma Mobile App for iOS or Android.

Vemma Affiliate Marketing Model


We have exciting news for you! Today Vemma Europe has moved to the affiliate marketing model — it’s a game changer for your business!

The affiliate marketing model is more customer-acquisition focused and better aligned with our current standards. It is simply a more accurate fit for the company as it has always been: innovative and customer-oriented.

Watch BK’s new video to get the details and learn about the positive impact the new programs can have on your business.

To understand what’s new, we’ve put together a “yesterday-and-today” presentation. 

Download the Vemma Affiliate Marketing Revolution brochure.

And we’ve updated the Compensation Plan to reflect all Affiliate changes. 

Download the newest Compensation Plan.

Exciting days are ahead, and we’re so glad to have you with us. Together, we’re helping people around the world discover a more rewarding lifestyle — through Vemma.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Success Team or check our Knowledge Base at

3 Tips for Success from Hannes Sommer


When you meet Hannes, you realize immediately that he is an incredible vital person with a healthy lifestyle. Tall, fit and muscular, Hannes is a commanding presence in our business - a person with clear and unshakable principles. As a teenager the talented Austrian already had international success and made a name for himself in the development of digital media. Exactly 7 years ago, Hannes and his wife Jessica decidied to go "all in" with Vemma. With over 2000 seminars, meetings and online-conferences as well as the development of amazing tools and exclusive media, the two of them managed to build a solid foundation. Currently they are Royal Ambassadors at Vemma, which enables them and their family to live the life they always wanted to live. Together with their two kids, Noah (7) and Rebecca (3), they live in a great house in a lovely setting. And they travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world — often for business, but sometimes for pleasure.*
No matter which situation in life you're facing, leadership is the solution, answer and - in the broadest sense - synonymous with success.  Humanity's crises have more often than not been solved by leadership. Everytime we create something great, the wonderful gift of leadership has made it possible in the first place. If you want more success at Vemma, start developing your inner leader. Big leaders never have to worry about their financial and private situations. Success seems natural to them. For real leaders, success is as available and natural as the oxygen they breathe. Big leaders at Vemma will never have to worry about their business not growing. New Affiliates will join them because they are attracted to them. By the way, good fathers and mothers are the biggest leaders on this planet.
People keep asking me: "Hannes, how do I become a big leader?" I respond that there is an omnipresent law, a powerful principle which will help anyone to become the person they want to be.  It is called "The Average of 5" and it means that , on average, you are and always will be the person that is the average of your 5 closest friends. This goes for private, social, sanitary, financial and professional matters in life. If you want to become a bigger, more influential, more noble and loving person, it is very important which people you're spending your time with. There is a proverb that says: "Gather 9 successful people around you and become the 10th yourself!". It's the same thing with Vemma. I always say: "Show me your closest friends and I will tell you, how far you can go with Vemma!" Spend your time with leaders - successful people who know the way. Leave those behind that want to rob you of your power and your dreams. If you do that, it is only a matter of time until you will become that person yourself - with the same powerful results and success.
Not only do we have a natural and organic product, but also an organic business. You can understand the Compensation Plan with all its facets and eventualities and still fail when building your team. Much more important than knowledge about the binary matrix is to connect new Affiliates with the right people. I can't stress this often enough: It is important to put new Partners in the right position within your network. When finding the right place, it doesn't matter if left or right, inside or outside and on which level... The question I always ask myself is: Will these individual partners connect? Will they work together closely and support each other? It doesn't matter if I get my next bonus or not. This is of secondary importance and I always put it aside. The real question is: Is my new partner part of a strong and solid team in which he/she is supported sufficiently? Ideally, we build a network that consists of honest relationships that, sometimes, last for a lifetime. If we can manage to do this, there will be a natural, organic connection within our network that is much stronger than money and quick success. People may cancel an Auto-Delivery, but they won't cancel a friendship.
*Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.

Vemma App 5.0 — now with cool new business tools

Vemma Europe presents Vemma App 5.0, updated with awesome new features to help grow your business:
To send messages from inside the app, just filter your contacts by country and rank, then write the message and send it. 

Facebook prospecting 
Now you can send a prospecting video to your Facebook friends! This is not just a post you share on your Facebook wall but a private message that won’t sink in the ocean of Facebook updates. It’s a reliable new way to communicate in the world’s most powerful social media channel.

Direct Support Contact
Connecting to Vemma Support is only one click away. In the app menu, choose “Support” to go directly to your mailbox, where you can write your message and get an answer fast.  

Customer Referral Program update
Vemma App 5.0 presents a new streamlined design for CRP. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can get an up-to-the-minute record of your QV points and find out how many more you need to qualify for free product. View your qualifiers too. 


Vemma has introduced 3 New Ranks and $1 Million Bonus

At Vemma All In Convention, Vemma Founder and CEO BK Boreyko announced three new ranks: Star Pinnacle, Royal Pinnacle, and Legend. Vemma new highest-achievable rank is Legend with a reward bonus of $1 Million!
Imagine yourself holding $1 Million check. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? 
At the rank of Legend, a Vemma Affiliate will receive a reward bonus of $1 million**, and earn up to $55,000 per week* (nearly $3 million per year), and a monthly Premier Club bonus of $4,000 for achieving the rank.
Here’s a breakdown of how Affiliates are paid at our three new highest ranks:
Star Pinnacle: Up to $45,000 USD per week ($2,340,000 per year), a monthly Premier Club bonus of $3,000, and a reward bonus of $500,000.**
Royal Pinnacle: Up to $50,000 USD per week ($2,600,000 per year), a monthly Premier Club bonus of $3,500, and a reward bonus of $750,000.**
Legend: Up to $55,000 USD per week ($2,860,000 per year), a monthly Premier Club bonus of $4,000, and a reward bonus of $1,000,000.**

These new ranks were created due to record-breaking sales and the unprecedented success of Vemma Affiliates during the past year.
* Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.
**Rank Advancement Bonus will be paid in 24 equal payments. Affiliate must maintain ‘Paid-as Rank’ in a Rank Advancement Period to receive a payment. Commission logic will track number of installments paid over time until the final payment is made.

Congratulations to first-ever Star Pinnacles Tom & Bethany Alkazin

Tom and Bethany Alkazin just achieved the highest rank in Vemma, Star Pinnacle. They are now enjoying a $500,000 bonus for achieving the new rank. As the highest rank achievers in Vemma history they have started the evolution of Vemma ranks. Now the couple is going after recently-added Legend rank with $1 million bonus check!
 “As any parent would know, there is no greater feeling than seeing your children succeed! To see Chris (Star Executive), Brad (Star Royal) and Amy and her husband David Stafford (Ambassadors) all choose to work their Vemma businesses has been a dream come true for Bethany and me,” shares Tom. “We love working together as a family.”

Jamie Johns about his path to Executive

Jamie (23) is a perfect example of a self made man. Back at school he was what he calls himself “a little bit of a naughty child” having bad grades and dropping out of university. Growing up in a small city in England Wolverhampton, Jamie was a kind of a rebel. He left school with no grades and dropped out of university in his third year. “I was that bad of a child that my science teacher told my parents “I wouldn't even enroll your son in college," says Jamie. 
Tough beginnings
Due to my lack of grades I started working a job for a sales company working 9.30am till 6.30pm Monday through to Saturday making around £1000 before tax. I hated it. I hated that my daughter spent more time with her nursery teachers than with me. I hated my alarm clock and above all I hated that I was financially dependant upon another human being to make sure I had what I needed in life. Then I found Vemma...
Things are starting to look up
I actually avoided the Skype call that was set up between my now leader and mentor Executive Leader John Clifford and my enroller Diamond Leader Jordan Douglas and myself, but thank God I made it on. It changed my life. He shared the vision with me and it all just made sense. So I started my journey and never looked back.
I had the opportunity to pioneer a movement which will take over the UK and I did. Along the way I found two beasts, Diamond Leader Tyrone Reid and Platinum Leader Phil Faulkner. So along with them, myself and my amazing team I went from Affiliate to Executive within one year and as a result I was able to quit my job, travel the world, develop a full time income, drive a brand new Mercedes Benz and it was all paid for by Vemma.* 
My goal was to create time freedom to spend with my three-year-old daughter Harmonee I now have that time freedom. I will never miss ANYTHING she does again. Thank you Vemma!
Vemma isn't about becoming a millionaire, being rich and driving new cars. Vemma is all about giving people an opportunity to do what they want to do.
Don't want to work a job = Vemma
Don't want to wake to an alarm clock = Vemma
Don't want to work for the next 40 to 50 years of your life = Vemma
Don't want to be financially dependant: V E M M A*
*Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.

Lucas van Kollenburg went Straight to Gold Leader

Lucas had a really good start in Vemma. Short after being introduced to the business, he hit Gold Leader and he achieved this at the age of 21. This is pretty impressive. He was first introduced to Vemma in the beginning of 2014. “I went to a presentation that has changed my perspective of life. I was very enthusiastic about the company and the way of making money. At school I was always told to get a diploma and a job. This kind of making money was new to me and I saw a big opportunity in the business and the products, ” explains Lucas.
And here is how his story with Vemma began. When he saw the opportunity with Vemma, he started to grow his network. He introduced his brother and his best friend to the business and together they were attending home events in Tilburg every week. He has learned a lot from Iggy Matheeuwsen and Gregory Pinas.
“I went to as many presentations and trainings as I could, even if I didn’t have any prospects. After a month I had ten people in my right team. Then I started building my left team and after five weeks in Vemma I found a dark horse, Jaron van de Laar who qualified for the Double Frenzy Bonus in one week. Those people took my teams to the next level. In my sixth week I achieved Silver and 3 days later I hit Gold,” adds Lucas.  
Lucas keeps on growing his teams through showing presentations and sharing his experience with them. His Dutch team is very active and he expects them to do great things in Vemma. 
“The best thing of all is to let people see this opportunity, and to expand not only your business but also your team. I was surprised by the kindness of people in this business. Everyone is always willing to help you,” reflects Lucas. 
*Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.

Vemma Customer Enhancements and Product Price Increase

Vemma Customer Enhancements and Product Price Increase

We have some important news effective 30th May, 2014. Vemma Europe will be introducing a 1EUR (1CHF / 1GBP / 4PLN / 9SEK) increase per pack on all its brands. While we are never excited about increasing our prices, we’re implementing this change because beginning 30th May, 2014, Customer orders will carry full volume instead of the current reduced CV.

The reason for this price increase is solely to fund the hugely popular “three for free” product program. In the past, this program was funded by reducing the CV on Customer orders. We feel very strongly about the Customer Referral Program, or “three for free product program,” in order to provide an incentive to our Affiliates and Customers to attract and keep more loyal Customers. This Customer increased CV change is a part of Vemma’s transition to our new Affiliate marketing approach.

With the increase in Customer CV, we’re pleased to announce that Vemma will pay a “New Customer Bonus”*. For the first time, Vemma Affiliates will receive commission if the person is an Affiliate or a Customer. For example, a first-time order for a Vemma 1 Pack will have 30 CV (reduced to fund the New Customer Bonus) and subsequent orders will have 60 CV — the same payout level for Affiliate purchases.


For more info please see: CRP website or contact us at

Thank you for your support in these exciting changes!

*This bonus is not applicable in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark and Italy. We compensate 100% of the points instead.

3 Tips for Success from Susanne and Herbert Dorner


About Susanne and Herbert Dorner:
Susanne and Herbert got to know each other while they were both working for Microsoft and today they are successful independent businesspeople! That change can happen very quickly: from being an employee who exchanges time for money, to being a businessperson who is independent and free!
Susanne and Herbert first heard about Vemma’s products in 2009 and quickly became enthusiastic customers because their quality of life significantly improved thanks to Vemma.
“From that point onwards we couldn’t keep this to ourselves: we started to recommend these fantastic products to others, and in doing so earning money from our passion.* By now, we’ve also understood the business of the 21st century and we share that chance with everyone!”
3 Tips for success:

1. YOU are the reason why your organisation is growing
– be a magnet!

Be attractive and work constantly on yourself: you are the key to success!
 YOU are the most important factor for your personal success!
 People will go into the business firstly because of you and only secondly because of the fantastic premium products. People will follow YOU if you’re a good leader.

Exercise: Ask yourself “Would I want to start working in a team with me, and why?” 

2. Your most important capital 
Your contacts are your most important capital. Therefore, one of your first tasks in this business is to compile a list of all your contacts. This list will contain the names of people with whom you’ll be building your organisation. Be aware of the importance of this list from the very beginning and never stop adding new names to it. 
That guarantees that you always have the possibility of presenting these unique products or this amazing business model to someone.
Exercise: Approach (at least) 2 people every day and present the product and/the business to them. Don’t go to bed before you’ve achieved your daily quota.

3. Stay strong, stay positive!

A negative attitude will never lead the way to a positive life.
 Have stamina and staying power. A strong WHY will really help you here! Ask your coach for help to define your motivation and your goals! 

Exercise: Try not to say anything negative about anyone or anything

a) for 3 days 

b) for 45 days
c) for 3 months
…and look to see what happens in your life!
* Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.

Congratulations to Jamie S Johns – new Premier Club Member


I have been involved with Vemma a year and it was the best decision I ever made.

Vemma is the easiest hard work you will ever have to do. It's simple. Work hard. Dedicate yourself. Make it a priority then success is inevitable. 

The MAIN reason I do Vemma is because I am a young dad. I have a daughter who is three years old. She is my motivation and the reason as to WHY I do what it is that I do! 

BK Boreyko selected by Ernst & Young as a semi-finalist for Entrepreneur Of The Year


Congratulations to Vemma Founder and CEO BK Boreyko, who was selected by Ernst & Young as a semi-finalist for Entrepreneur Of The Year. This outstanding recognition sets example to all Vemma Affiliates worldwide. 
The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award is the world’s most prestigious business award recognizing the most influential entrepreneurs. BK is among the very top entrepreneurs in the Mountain Desert Region section of the Entrepreneur Of The Year Program. He was previously awarded by Ernst & young in 1998 for his former company, New Vision International.
Stay tuned and see if BK gets the top award. Winners will be announced in June.

Arnaud Tagand is going to Barcelona. Are you?


I am extremely happy that I qualified for this event and I hope all hard-working people in my team and others will take part in this trip as well! We’ll meet there!

Become the product of the product and you may gather an army of consumers! Remember that “One who wants to succeed always finds a way; one who does not want to – finds an excuse.”

Want to spend an amazing weekend in Barcelona? Learn more >


Congratulations to the youngest Ambassador in Vemma Europe History


From a family of Champagne producers in Reims, France, Aurélien credits his family for his happy childhood, work ethic, and desire to succeed. 
From his youth, he was attracted to the idea of making his own decisions without a boss directing him. He studied science with a goal of eventually running the family business but soon learned that science was not his calling. His true desire was to gain financial freedom and make his family proud. 
A childhood friend introduced Aurélien to Vemma. He immediately joined for the opportunity to grow a project and work side-by-side with his friend.
Although lacking insight into the business model, he found the business exciting and decided to approach it as a game. A short 10 months later, he achieved Presidential —a track record recognized at YPR Revolution as the fastest in the world. At 11 months, he ranked Star Presidential and is on track to achieve Ambassador rank in his first year!

 “We started the Vemma Europe Team in France from scratch and had to create everything. But I knew I had found my way. I knew that network marketing would allow me to live my life with the freedom I wanted.”  — Aurélien Brest
Now Aurélien spends his days visiting members of his network — the biggest leaders of his organization — making the rounds throughout France at the wheel of his Vemma-funded BMW. He is motivated by the joy of those in his network as they persevere and succeed. 
“The secret to success is very simple. We are the most connected generation, and we have a whole bunch of tools at our disposal that allow us to follow-up with people who want to seize this opportunity. At Vemma, it’s not how we succeed that matters; it’s how we help others succeed.”  — Aurélien Brest

Vemma is a wellness company offering ultra-premium food supplements, energy drinks and nutrition. Vemma's affiliate marketing program offers a car bonus incentive for its Affiliates who may select a car such as BMW, Mercedes and AUDI, however Vemma is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by either of these companies. All use of BMW's, Mercedes' and AUDI's trademarks, brands, and logos is purely referential, and such marks are the property of their respective companies. Vemma makes no claim of ownership in such marks, and no claim of affiliation with BMW, Mercedes or AUDI.

Afif Chahrstan is going to Barcelona. Are you?


It feels wonderful and very inspiring to go to Barcelona. I love this city and its soccer team! In just a few months, I've earned a good extra income and at the same time I’ve won a trip - this strongly motivates me to do an even better job. I managed to achieve Gold status 2 months in a row and got a free Auto-delivery. By working hard and helping one’s team anyone can qualify. Go for it and see you in Barcelona!
Want to spend an amazing weekend in Barcelona? Learn more >>

Timo and Taria Saari, the 12-week Bod-e Challenge winners talk about their trip to Barcelona


We really had a fabulous trip to Barcelona, where we got to explore both the history and the present masterpieces. The weather was also favorable for us. If I’d known a year ago that I would have a change to receive this kind of fantastic prize, I might have squeezed a few more pounds off my weight. I have remained almost the same size, maybe a couple of pounds variation, but I feel the best. I have also kept my promise to return to cross-country trails.  More than 600 km is now behind and I’m very proud of it, because the past five years my exercise was to pick up the mail from the mailbox. I attached few pictures according to the last week's Finlandia Cross Country skiing competition. The competition was accomplished in very demanding conditions because this year the ski trails were rain-soaked.
Particular thanks to Vemma Europe team for solving various challenges and problems to make our trip a success. Barcelona was magnificent. There were lots to see and the people were very friendly. We got plenty of energy and drive and all of this came on top of the fact that I have felt much lighter and healthier after the weight lost.
Thank you Vemma Europe!
Best regards,
Timo and Tarja

Facts about Mangosteen, the “Queen of Fruits”

Mangosteen, the Superfruit

Mangosteen, known as the “Queen of Fruits,” is a tropical fruit with a long history of ancient uses. Grown 
in Southeast Asia, the exotic mangosteen didn’t travel far outside its native region because it was highly perishable and fragile. So this rare fruit remained a Southeastern treasure for the natives who used it in a variety of reasons. The mangosteen is a round, purple fruit slightly smaller than a tennis ball and, despite the name, is not related to the mango.

Typically consists of 4 to 8 cream-white colored segments of pods, which contains the fruit and juice. Vemma uses the mangosteen fruit to create its rich formula.
Vemma Science
The Vemma formula was developed by Vemma Chief Scientific Officer, Yibing Wang, M.D., Ph.D., who incorporated centuries of traditional Chinese knowledge along with modern, cutting-edge, western-based scientific principles.
To ensure the highest quality, Vemma is independently tested and manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities according to our stringent standards. Our goal is to provide a results-driven product that is true to what’s listed on the label - a brand you can trust.

* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Meet Daniel Eugen Daraban, Premier Club member


My Name is Daniel-Eugen Daraban, I am 26 years young and Executive Leader at Vemma.
I started my Vemma-Business for a sole reason: I knew that there was no alternative in order to get a grip on my life. Also, I didn’t want to end up as a 60 year old who didn’t accomplish anything just because he didn’t take that one opportunity. That is why in May 2012 my best friend Jürgen Auringer and I decided to get started with Vemma. 
I’ve been an entrepreneur since January 2013, having full control over my income and being one of the few people in this world who earn a passive income on a weekly basis! The interesting part of my story is that I actually understood that everybody can make that decision. That’s why I made it my job to set an example for other people when it comes to health and finances and to show them a different way of living!
I am very thankful to God and Vemma for this opportunity and I’m looking forward to all upcoming Vemma success stories that will be born because of us!
We are definitely making history with this company!  

3 Tips for Success from Nina and Martin Dvoracek


Find out how the Top Vemma Leaders achieve success. We’re pleased to present the “3 Tips for Success” series of tutorials with powerful tips from the top Rank Advancers. Learn from the best and use their knowledge and experience to take your business to the next level.  

About Nina and Martin

Martin is 50% owner and CEO of one of Austria’s most internationally successful advertising film producers. Nina was a journalist before she committed 100% of her time to building up their Vemma business. Both have always been freelancers, have considerable experience as entrepreneurs (publishing, coffee shops etc.) and know what it means to found and finance a business, and to work on the return of investment. They were initially very sceptical of the Vemma business model and took a reserved attitude towards it. Only after 2 years of experience with the product and the determined insistence of Nina’s mother did they realise what it means to build a financially-independent future with Vemma. That was 3½ years ago. "When we began, we were really still in the pioneering phase in Austria. To start today is a godsend! It’s the perfect time!"
3 Tips for Success:
1. Follow the plan and find yourself a coach.
We are in the copy and paste business. Do what the successful people are doing and you will be successful too. It makes no sense to reinvent the wheel – we’ve never come across anyone who tried to do that and succeeded. You don’t need to repeat the mistakes that others have made. Luckily, we’re in a business where we’re given excellent support. If you want to be successful you should find yourself a coach. Diamond or higher, because from this level upwards they’ll have a lot of experience. And then stay in close contact with your coach, especially at the beginning. 
2. Work consistently on achieving your dream – EVERY DAY!
Most people start their Vemma business to achieve financial freedom – that is – they want to get rich, which is an exceptional state. That demands exceptional performance. Vemma isn’t a lottery - Vemma is a serious million-euro/dollar biz! It’s simple but not always easy. If you don’t experience the success that you had wished for, check your diary for the last three months. How often did you present the business? How many new people did you bring in to the business? How many people are now drinking Vemma thanks to you? How well did you support your team? And pay attention to your mind-set! Setbacks are there to help you grow. To become stronger and better! What kind of a success story would it be without some proper peaks and troughs?!
3. Keep learning.
Personal growth comes before financial growth! When we’re driving, we always listen to Jim Rohn, Eric Worre, Dale Carnegie or some other smart audio CD (unless we’re on the phone with affiliates, that is).

Thomas Goyard and Maxime Leger, Vemma Presidentials from France

Thomas Goyard

I’ve started my project at Vemma in a quite special way as it is my very good friend and roommate Martin Bertrand, the first Frenchman to have launched the current network, who told me about it. At first, I spent 3 weeks just accept for him to explain me about the concept, as it seemed so strange and new to me. At the same time, there was no French network, so it was not easy to be believable! And finally I've started with him, we have worked hard to translate and create documents in French, to understand the system. Today, a great team is present, which is improving quickly and especially with a good spirit, which is most important: the spirit of sharing a great opportunity with our friends, our close network.
In addition, what is amazing with Vemma is that everyone can do it at their own pace: in my case, I am training to be ready for the selection of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in windsurfing (I have been junior world champion in 2010), I am also a student in engineering school, and yet I find the time to devote myself to Vemma. Obviously, this is not the product of my work only, but a team of really motivated people, and this is what makes the strength of Vemma. Trust, communication, motivation, perseverance, and you can complete a project with social and financial dimensions that you would not even have imagined a few months ago... And the best thing is that we never stop learning and being surprised by this kind of activity, where will we be in a few months, years?

Maxime Leger
My story begins in College, when I did not know yet what I would actually do in my life. It was at this time that I was offered an opportunity to really take control of my life, and go to the direction I wanted. I have jumped at the chance. I think one must live with adventures in life, that's why we are on Earth. 
We must not follow people on an unknown path, one must create their own path, and that is exactly what I am working on today, while helping my friends to do the same. There is no better feeling on Earth than feeling free and helping others experience the same thing. I am now fortunate to live my passions, and this is amazing. 
Today I have reached a decisive milestone in this adventure, which comforts me even more in my choice. And I will not stop until all those who wish to do so have achieved their objectives. It is like that in France. One never stops. Anyway, it has just begun. 

Susanne and Herbert Dorner, Vemma Presidential

Susanne and Herbert Dorner are known for their team power with a heart! Not only are they an absolute dream team, but everything that Susanne and Herbert do together shows a great deal of noticeable and very positive team spirit. This is why the question of success can be answered very easily: they invest a lot in their team – not only in terms of money but above all, time and their hearts! They enjoy nothing better than helping other people and unfolding their full potentials. And today we know: with Vemma it’s like with their marriage: lifelong auto-delivery!

Congratulations to Alice and Frank Vikan on becoming Vemma Ambassadors


Norway is among Vemma’s fastest growing markets, with Alice and Frank out front, leading friends and business associates toward a healthier lifestyle and a more secure financial future. This power couple achieved their spectacular success with teamwork and an unstoppable work ethic. Together they demonstrate what is possible with a commitment to networking, spreading the Vemma story, and reaching for every opportunity in life and in business. We can’t wait to see how far — and how fast — this couple can go!

New and improved stats view now in Bod•ē Online Trainer!


Bod•ē Trainer helps you formulate a complete, easy-to-follow dietary program to support weight loss. Now its functionality has been expanded to include the new stats view, making it easier to follow your weight loss progress.

Clear graphs

Thanks to this tool, you can compare your loss in kilograms and centimeters at a glance. With regular updates of your measurements, the graph becomes an attractive, easy-to-follow indicator of week-by-week progress and overall 12-week program results.

Percentage calculations

Each transformation journey is different, so losing 5 kg may have a different meaning for you than for others. Percentage calculations make it easy to plan your diet and sports activities based on your individual performance to maximize results.

Photo archive

A picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to weight loss, comparing those "Before" and "After" pictures can make people go "WOW! How did you do that?!"
Thanks to photo archive, you can now follow the results of the 12-week Bod•ē Program and see how losing those excess kilograms improves your appearance. And what a great motivator that is!

For more info about Bod•ē Trainer, click here.

Watch Vemma Ambassador Brock Morton and Vemma Executive Affiliate Alaina Thomas at Verve Leadership Academy


Vemma Ambassador, Brock Morton

Watch now as Brock Morton from California gives his power talk on how a difficult financial situation was the best thing that could happen to him. “Bad stuff happens to everyone. It’s what you do about what happens, not what happens to you,” he says.

Vemma Executive Affiliate, Alaina Thomas

Watch now as Vemma Executive Affiliate Alaina Thomas gives her power talk on time management and setting priorities. “Some people like to say time is an issue. I don’t care who you are, where you are, or what you do. You have 24 hours in your day. So it’s not time,” Alaina says.

Watch Vemma Star Executive Shane Sullivan and Vemma Presidential Emily McCullah at Verve Leadership Academy


Vemma Star Executive Shane Sullivan and Vemma Presidential Emily McCullah discuss the power of the law of attraction and how to elevate your business.

Vemma Star Executive, Shane Sullivan

Watch now as Vemma Star Executive Shane Sullivan of Cleveland, Ohio presents how to take your business to the next level. Shane says, ‘Our Upline Royal Ambassador, Ruth Eliot always tells us: “You’re one person away from your business changing the way you want it to.” One Person.’

Vemma Presidential, Emily McCullah

Watch now as Vemma Presidential Affiliate Emily McCullah talks about the power of the law of attraction at the recent Verve Leadership Academy in Columbus, Ohio. Emily explains, “If you tell yourself that you’re going to be an Ambassador in Vemma – You are going to be an Ambassador. This is true because if you really believe it, your brain will know nothing else. The thing I learned at Vemma is that you can’t let logic control you. Albert Einstein said: “Logic will get you from A to Z but imagination will get you everywhere.”’

New Vemma Terminology Update


We’re excited to announce Vemma 2.0 — an all-new way to describe and think about
how Vemma represents itself in the marketplace
with increased transparency. More Amazon meets nutrition, less Avon or Amway. You order online or through our app and product appears at your door, very like! As some of you may know, has an affiliate program rewarding websites that drive traffic with commissions. 

Vemma is going to begin branding its compensation program with more affiliate marketing terms than network marketing terms, to better describe our advanced business model.

Vemma’s Compensation Plan won’t change; we’ll just describe it differently in updated terms to better explain how we do business. For example, starting in February we’ll no longer call you a Brand Partner; instead, we’ll use Affiliate. When people ask what you do, it’ll be a simple conversation. We do two things: get customers and discover Affiliates.

These changes will happen during the first half of 2014. We’ll update you on the schedule as we progress.

Additional terminology changes include: Brand Partner is now referred to as Affiliate, Builder Pack is now Affiliate Pack, Fast Start Bonus was replaced with the New Customer Bonus, Momentum Bonus is now known as Balanced Team Bonus, and Platinum Club is now Premier Club.

Vemma Europe Sales 2013 Up 56% reached €40 Million


Vemma Europe Managing Director, Tomasz Stanisławski has announced 11th January during All In Kick Off Event 2014 in Vienna that the annual sales has reached €40 Million. This is the 56% growth comparing to 2012 and by far it is the best year in VE history.

The company operates nearly in 30 countries and is still planning to expand. The last quarter of 2013 was a great success ending with over €4 Million per month. Austria, the top European market has grown 35% over 2012 reaching €19 Million in sales.

In 2013 Vemma Europe has successfully launched two new products: Bod•ē Shakes and Verve Bold. The refreshing new drink introduced in September has proved to be a huge success with 33% month over month growth rate and generating 13% of total Vemma Europe sales. Verve remains the No.1 Vemma product and contributes to 35% of total Vemma Europe sales. Verve’s year over year growth rate is 117%.

2014 will mark the launch of new products: ParTea, a crisp, refreshing non-carbonated refreshing beverage with a bright fruit tea flavor and MoJoe, a nutritious coffee drink.

12-14 September 2014 Vemma Europe will host the biggest convention in its history under the theme All In. 4 000 Affiliates are expected to attend this event. For Registration go to:

Watch Vemma 2013 Video Recap »

Managing Director of Vemma Europe, Tomasz Stanisławski commented

“2013 was a particular year in Vemma Europe history. 56% growth is a big step ahead and we are here to reach for much more in 2014. Growing sales would not be possible without helping others succeed. This is our goal; to double the number of rank advancers and Elite Club members. With two new products, Vemma app and Bod•ē  Trainer development and some more exciting projects to come, we are building solid grounds for growth."

Watch Vemma Ambassadors Luke Kish and Richard Bischoff Jr. at Verve Leadership Academy


Vemma Ambassadors Luke Kish and Richard Bischoff Jr. discuss how to accelerate your learning and present the compensation plan.

Vemma Ambassador, Luke Kish

Luke Kish of San Diego, California teaches how to accelerate your learning and notice the advantage of Vemma business. “We’re networking the product, through the most socially connected generation ever, that we already spend money on, that pays us to consume in the worst economy since the great depression,” explains Luke.

Vemma Ambassador, Richard Bischoff Jr.

Richard Bischoff Jr. of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina explains how to present the compensation plan and gameplan in order to grow faster. “When I was talking to Brad backstage he was talking to me that the teams he sees growing the fastest and having the most success are the ones that sit down and gameplan,” says Richard. 

New Bod•ē Online Trainer and Mobile App Now Available


Ready to jump-start your New Year’s resolutions? New Bod•ē Online Trainer and mobile app will help you meet your challenge. Learn more »
Start using these two fantastic tools with new features:

- New user-friendly layout,
- Recipes suitable for each European market
- Intuitive Bod•ē online trainer.

Check out Bod•ē Online Trainer on

Download Bod•ē Mobile App

Vemma Elite Club Welcomes New Royal Ambassadors and Ambassador from Team Austria


Congratulations to new Ambassador Ingrid Riegler and new Royal Ambassadors Hannes and Jessica Sommer. Austria’s Vemma Elite Club is now stronger than ever!

Hannes and Jessica Sommer – Vemma Royal Ambassador

After Hannes first tried Vemma, he was excited to share it with Jessica. Together they discovered the life-changing effects it produced in their bodies. Today, Hannes and Jessica are living a life of financial freedom, doing work they love, living in a comfortable home in a lovely setting, and travelling to some of the most beautiful places in the world — often for business, but sometimes for pleasure. Now that they’ve achieved Royal Ambassador – the sky’s the limit.*

Ingrid Riegler – Vemma Ambassador

Ingrid has a fascinating 24-year professional history as moderator of a popular Austrian TV show for children called “An Dam Des”. Staying healthy has always been one of her goals. She discovered Vemma after leaving the show and now helps others achieve their dreams. This month she gave herself a beautiful New Year’s gift by achieving the rank of Vemma Ambassador.

*The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts. You can view the Company’s generally expected results by visiting

Introducing new website: Barcelona Gold Retreat


Excited about new Vemma incentives? Check out our brand new website and learn how to get rewarded with an amazing weekend of leisure in Barcelona!

Meet Aurélien Brest, the fastest #YPR Presidential in Vemma history

Congratulations to Aurélien Brest, Presidential from France who has become Elite in just eight months! He is the first #YPR Leader to achieve Presidential in such a short period of time.

Aurélien started his Vemma business in April. He joined Platinum Club after five months in Vemma and bought himself a brand new BMW. He went to Go for the Gold training program in November as Vemma Executive and after five months hit Vemma Presidential.
"I think that the weekend Go for the Gold is a real opportunity as we really meet some great people. We can see the dynamic of the business. It is very important to visit the premises. We are welcomed in a magnificent setting and we can meet many interesting people and see the true YPR movement in Europe."

Watch the interview with Aurélien from Go for the Gold

Vemma is a wellness company offering ultra-premium food supplements, energy drinks and nutrition. Vemma's affiliate marketing program offers a car bonus incentive for its Affiliates who may select a car such as BMW, Mercedes and AUDI, however Vemma is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by either of these companies. All use of BMW's, Mercedes' and AUDI's trademarks, brands, and logos is purely referential, and such marks are the property of their respective companies. Vemma makes no claim of ownership in such marks, and no claim of affiliation with BMW, Mercedes or AUDI.

Watch inspiring business training sessions from Verve Leadership Academy

Vemma Ambassador, Jed Buenaluz
It’s exciting to meet people all over the world who are working hard at Vemma and who are motivated to succeed.

There’s a reason why he is known as “Mr. International”. Jed, a twenty-five-year-old brand-new Vemma Ambassador from California, travelled to the Philippines and built a successful team there. After the Philippines, he set up major teams in Asia, Europe and Mexico. “I love traveling and seeing different cultures and beautiful places,” he explains.

Vemma Ambassador, Luke Hessler
Leaders are always Readers.

Luke knows how to multitask. As a full-time college student, he has recently hit Vemma Ambassador. Luke finds a perfect balance between Vemma business, his classes in college and full social calendar that includes weekly Verve parties. “I’m excited for the future,” Luke says. “There are great things ahead. Just remember to keep it simple. If you see a good movie, you tell your friends. That’s how Vemma is — there are great products and it’s an amazing opportunity, so tell your friends and you’ll be blown away by how your business will grow.”

Qualify for the New Vemma Incentive - Barcelona Gold Retreat


Get rewarded right after your start with Vemma and enjoy crystal clear water, beautiful views and relaxing evenings out in one of the most vibrant cities in Europe - Barcelona. The qualifying period is calculated from 29th November 2013 (beginning of week 49) till 15th May 2014 (end of week 20).

Gold Barcelona - Official Rules.pdf

Gold Barcelona Retreat.ppt

NEW Brand Partners (registered after 29th November 2013) qualify when they:
  • Earn the rank of Gold and maintain at least "Paid As" Gold rank in the consecutive Rank Advancement period during the qualifying time frame, i.e. both achieving and repeating the Gold rank needs to be completed by 15h May 2014.
  • Have a min. 120 Reward Point FREE Auto-delivery product at least once during the program run.

EXISTING Brand Partners (registered before 29th November 2013) qualify when they:
  • Have a Team of at least 2 personally enrolled Brand Partners registered after 29th November 2013, one on each side of their Vemma business, others anywhere else. These new Brand Partners need to earn the rank of Gold and maintain at least this “Paid As” rank in the consecutive Rank Advancement period during the qualifying time frame; i.e. both achieving and repeating the Gold rank needs to be completed by 15th May 2014. They also need to have a min. 120 point FREE Auto-delivery product at least once during the program run. They also need to have a min. 120 point FREE Auto-delivery product at least once during the program run.
  • Have a min. 120 Reward Point FREE Auto-delivery product at least once during the program run.
For more information please go to

Working hours during 2013 Holiday Season

Dear Brand Partners and Customers,

Please note that during holiday period Vemma Europe office will be open as normal except: 24.12.2013 (9:00 - 14:00), 25-26.12.2013 (office closed), 31.12.2013 (9:00 - 14:00), 01.01.2014 (office closed) and 06.01.2014 (office closed).

Please also note that some of our subcontractors either do not operate or change operating hours during the festive season. Here please find the exact details regarding the deliveries to most European countries.

Wishing you a happy holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!

New Builder Packs are here!


We are pleased to announce that we have launched new Vemma Builder Packs.

These packs come loaded with a huge assortment of easy-to-share samples to demonstrate the depth of the Vemma product line. You'll have sharing options to fit every situation – perfect for jumpstarting your business. Each includes a "Success Kit" with business brochures, product brochures, and manuals that are invaluable for building your career. 

Vemma Silver Builder Pack includes: 48 x 245 ml can of Verve, 48 x 245 ml can of Verve Bold, 24 x 237 ml can of Bod•ē Burn, 1 x box of Bod•ē Shake Chocolate Ice Cream (16x52,5 g), 1 x box of Bod•ē Shake Vanilla Ice Cream (16x47,2 g), 60 x 59 ml bottle of Vemma V2, product brochures, Success Kit.

Vemma Gold Builder Pack includes: 96 x 245 ml can of Verve, 72 x 245 ml can of Verve Bold, 24 x 237 ml can of Bod•ē Burn, 1 x box of Bod•ē Shake Chocolate Ice Cream (16x52,5 g), 1 x box of Bod•ē Shake Vanilla Ice Cream (16x47,2 g), 2 x 946 ml bottle of Vemma, 120 x 59 ml bottle of Vemma V2, product brochures, Success Kit.

Verve Leadership Academy with Top #YPR Leaders

Vemma Ambassadors Patrick Comer and Darik Alexander from the U.S. teach how to stay positive, prospect like a pro and lead by example. Take part in the most inspiring business training sessions – Verve Leadership Academy — and elevate your business. Listen to the Leaders who know how to achieve big things in life.

Vemma Ambassador, Patrick Comer

Patrick lives in San Luis Obispo, California and gives a great lesson on effective prospecting. As a college student he would rather go to parties than write essays. This is where he learned the importance of networking. He says part of his success can be attributed to doing Vemma full time. “I made Vemma my Plan A. Since I started, I’ve cut out a lot of distractions that were getting in the way of success. The biggest obstacle to success was myself — being scared of the opportunity to make a lot of money, have a lot of success, or worrying about what people think of me. If you can’t become bigger than your problems, you can never succeed. You’ve got to figure out your problems.”

Vemma Ambassador, Darik Alexander

Darik is from the Pacific Northwest but travels throughout the country to work with members of his organization. He gives a powerful speech on being positive no matter what others say or do. “I complained, I thought something didn’t work, I was frustrated and I didn’t understand how to make this thing happen”, Darik tells about his tough beginnings in this business.

Watch Power Talks by Top #YPR Leaders - Verve Leadership Academy

Presidential Diego Avila, Presidential Nick Ptak and Star Presidential Felipe Gabriele from the U.S. give powerful speeches on Determination, Giving a Presentation and Taking Full Responsibility for Your Business. Take part in the most inspiring business training sessions – Verve Leadership Academy — and take your business to the next level. Listen to the Leaders who know how to achieve big things in life.

Presidential, Diego Avila
“When you face struggle, it humbles you to the point where you actually deserve success,” Diego says.

Diego Avila remembers tough times in Ohio, with both his parents unemployed. Diego’s father was exhausted every day after shoveling snow off driveways to earn a living. “He came home one day and his boots looked completely frozen,” Diego says. “His feet were so cold he could barely walk. I had to carry him to the bath tub to warm him up.” One day Diego made a decision that completely changed his life and the life of his family.  “My father was lying sick in bed because he was overcome from chemicals at a cleaning job he had picked up to try to earn a little money,” he said. “That was the day I said, ‘Dad, you don’t have to do this anymore.’” That was when he joined Vemma. After just fifteen months he has reached Presidential, and with his father now retired, he’s planning to buy a new house for his parents.  

Presidential, Nick Ptak
“Objection is just the lack of vision and lack of belief.”

Nick is extremely passionate about helping other people find belief in themselves to achieve their goals. He explains how belief and confidence can make you do things you have always wanted to do. He recalls the day when he asked himself: “Do I value being safe and comfortable or do I value stepping outside of my comfort zone and making it happen?” From then on, he has constantly raised the bar by stepping out his comfort zone. 
Star Presidential, Felipe Gabriele
 “I’m not telling you that it’s easy but I’m telling you that it’s absolutely worth it.”

Felipe gives an extremely motivating speech on taking a full responsibility for your business and making it happen. He tells those who are new to Vemma to be a lion. “Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. If you accept other people’s opinions, you will accept other people’s lifestyles. So know what you really want in life, write it down, have a strong and deep enough Why, and don’t let anyone who doesn’t have what you want deter you. Who you spend time with is who you become, so surround yourself with people who have what you want, or at least with people who are going where you want to go!”


Platinum Club window opens 8th November


Great news for all Brand Partners who missed the opportunity to join Platinum Club. All who didn't buy a qualified pack (Builder Pack Silver/Gold) within their first 60 days will have one more chance to qualify for this hot bonus and drive the BMW or Mercedes of their dreams. 

Make sure you qualify for the 7th edition of Go for the Gold!


Qualify for go for the gold

Are you doing everything to take your business to the next level?

How about we pay for a 3-day trip to Vemma Europe Home Office in Gdańsk for you and your spouse, 7th- 9th February 2014? You will be able to tour the place, meet Vemma Top Leaders and get inspired by their fantastic trainings! And at the end proudly celebrate your efforts at an Awards Recognition dinner!

Eligibility for the 7th Go for the Gold edition is based upon earning the rank of Gold for the first time during the program period and holding that “Paid As” rank for the following month, while being Momentum Bonus qualified. The requirements, i.e. achieving and repeating the Gold rank together with Momentum Bonus qualification need to be met till 28th November 2013, so if you are already "Paid As" Gold or higher, you can still make it!

We keep our fingers crossed and hope to see you in February!

For more information please see

Vemma Europe supports Cross Triathlon European Championship


Vemma Europe takes spreading healthy lifestyle seriously and continually supports Cross Triathlon European Championship as its main sponsor. This year the event held in and around Wolfgangsee Lake. 200 athletes from 19 countries gathered to battle it out for gold. Austria’s cross triathletes made the most of home advantage as they claimed several medals. 

The triathlon was opened by the Paratriathletes and Juniors who had to compete 500m swim in Wolfgangsee Lake followed by 11 km on the bike and a 3 km run. Florian Klingler from Austria crossed the line first in a time of 47:16.6. Sina Hinteregger has won in the Junior Women’s category with the time 1:04:38.6.
In the Age Group category, it was Daniela Kratz (1:56:27.9) in the female’s Age Group and Malte Plappert (1:33:49.1) in the male’s Age Group who crossed the line in the first place. Following a 1000 m swim (including a 500m running section), the athletes had to complete two laps of the mountainbike course (22km in total) before a 6km run to the finish line.

“We are very happy with the way everything has gone. The organising committee has worked on events like this for years, but hosting the European Championship gave us plenty to think about,” explains Harald Prohaska, in charge of the team responsible for organising the Wolfgangsee Challenge. 
For the latest information and photos visit
Visit for comprehensive results.

Verve Bold hits Europe

Verve Bold Packs are now available for regular orders!
Prepare for a big shift as this product is going to skyrocket your business. Officially launched at Revolution Convention in Munich, Verve Bold is poised to become a huge success in Europe. In the US it became the most successful product launch in the company’s history, selling over 4 million cans in the first 5 months. 
Bold differs from Verve, as it has 50% more caffeine and 70% less sugar. Verve Bold has 120 mg of natural caffeine and no artificial colors or sweeteners. It is reported to have a tropical flavor without sugar overload and the full Vemma formula packed with vitamins and minerals. 
And more good news. 
We’ve launched a brand new website for Verve Bold. 



The number of unemployed youths in Europe has reached 23.5%. Unemployment rates in European countries have been driven up by the global economic crisis and the European debt crisis. In the worst-hit corners of Europe, such as Greece, the youth unemployment rate exceeded 50%.


Multi-level marketing is a promising alternative for young people who can’t find a job. EU countries are battling high rates of youth unemployment with labor reforms and budget cuts, but it will take years for these long-term solutions to create traditional jobs. One alternative to 9-to-5 jobs is multi-level marketing — a simple business concept available to everyone regardless of age, gender or education. Multi-level marketing is an opportunity for self-employment and flexible hours.


97% of direct sellers value flexibility in work hours and commitment. Because of this, multi-level marketing is a growing sector of direct marketing within the non-store retail trade category in Europe. The European Direct Sales Association report revealed that total sales turnover in European Direct Selling exceeded 17 billion Euros. European multi-level marketing companies, such as Vemma Europe, have thrived during the economic crisis, generating sales increases of over 25% every year.


Note: A PDF Reader is required to read this document. 

Vemma App Available for tablets


We launched Vemma App for tablets to improve your work comfort. Since tablets became the computer of choice for many of Vemma Brand Partners, we decided to make your lives easier and introduced our business app for these mobile devices. Be sure to check the new enhanced network browsing feature — now you can see on-the-spot where your power and profit team is. How about the improved view of your stats? We even have cycle charts for you.

And that's not all — have you heard about prospecting? Of course you have. This is by far one of the most effective tools in direct marketing. On a tablet, you can preview your videos before sharing them with your prospects.


Game changer? Definitely. Get it now for FREE.


AppStore AppStore

Enjoy the unique features of Vemma App for tablets:

New layout for tablet devices

Rank Advancement Period graph and stats for tablets

Improved Browse feature for tablets

New Backoffice Pro - for FREE through 31st July


Introducing the all-new Back Office Pro!

Back Office Pro will be FREE for everyone through July 31, 2013. If you currently have a subscription to Back Office Pro, then your service will continue and you will be charged in August on the day you authorized the previous Back Office Pro, at the new reduced rate of $14.95 USD.

New Backoffice Pro features include

  • Personal Activity (Cycles, Enrollments, Auto-delivery) — enrollment tree activity for the current and three previous rank advancement periods.
My Qualifications:
  • Personal Qualification Status (Rank, Momentum, Platinum Club) — for the current and previous rank advancement period.
Favorite Reports:
  • Reports (New Members, Rank Advancements, Auto-delivery Cancellations) — review enrollment tree activity for the current week and then broadcast a message, view in a list or even view on a map.
To-do Items:
  • To-do’s — a tool for you to identify and track tasks that are important to you.
  • Member Summary — a binary view of Member activity by Country, Type and Rank.
  • Genealogy — links to our Summary and Diagrammatic Genealogy pages.
Business Groups and Advanced Filtering:
  • Business Groups (New Brand Partners without a Builder Pack within 60 days, New Members without Auto-delivery in 30 days, etc.) — organize and follow groups of users, targeting specific areas of activity. The group is built dynamically every time you open it based on the criteria you selected. You can also permanently “Pin” a Brand Partner to a Group by clicking on the “Pin” option next to their name.
  • Queries and Advanced Filters — Take advantage of simple reporting tools designed to help you keep your thumb on the pulse of the business and find out which Members in your organization are rank advancing, identify those who have qualified for Momentum and Platinum Club Bonuses, apply filters to gauge activity and growth in downline teams, etc. and show them how to lead their business.
Message Center:
  • Messages — a powerful marketing tool and unified inbox for all Members that includes the ability to broadcast messages to your organization from any report, list or view of your organization to filtered groups, or even ad hoc groups; basic users can receive communications from their upline leaders and from Vemma.
  • Notifications — manage the settings that allow you to receive messages and quick updates about the actions that most affect you. Set the method (email address, text message or all) and the frequency for notifications to be pushed to you.

Our goal is to provide you with actionable smart data to help you know who to work with and then allow you to work with them. We want you to have a marketing system that is built around a relationship marketing model and support you in those successful activities. We welcome your feedback at

Buy a Builder Pack – Qualify for the Vemma Platinum Club!

Take advantage of this unique and unprecedented opportunity to purchase ANY Builder Pack from now until June 13th to become eligible for the Vemma Platinum Club!

Get ready to drive your dream! Qualify to join the Vemma Platinum Club and drive home a sleek new car that has “success” written all over it! Experience the rewards and get paid to drive. Drive ahead. NO roadblocks here!

Take advantage of this opportunity to purchase ANY Builder Pack, now through June 13, 2013. Not only will you become eligible for the Vemma Platinum Club Car Bonus, but you will also be eligible to earn a Frenzy Bonus of up to $400, or a Double Frenzy Bonus of up to $800.

Take your success on the road with the Vemma Platinum Club. It’s not just a prize — it’s a trophy!

In order to qualify, you need to:

1. Purchase any Builder Pack Silver or above within your first 60 days as a new Vemma Brand Partner.
2. Be a qualified Brand Partner in good standing with the Company. “Qualified” is defined as having a minimum 120 reward point Auto-delivery on file along with a personally enrolled qualifier on each side of your business.
3. Have a “Paid As” Gold on each side of your enrollment line.
4. Go Diamond and maintain Diamond “Paid As” status for a month.
For more information about the Vemma Platinum Club, please visit Purchase a Builder Pack today, and get ready to drive your dream!

Bod•ē Treiner - 84 new videos

There's no better feeling than pride of accomplishment. So join Chris Powell's 12-week Bod•ē Challenge today, for a chance to be proud of yourself and win amazing prizes.

Every day, Chris and Heidi Powell will be your personal trainers, coaching you online and with our free, award-winning Bod•ē App for smartphones. The app includes 84 new videos, timely reminders of when and what to eat, daily notifications, grocery lists - all at the touch of your screen. Are you up for the Challenge?

Download the Bod•ē App:
App Store
Google Play

"Achieve" - Hannes and Jessica Sommer, Vemma Star Ambassador Leaders

Our new series “Achieve” is featuring video profiles of Vemma Top Leaders. Catch a glimpse inside their world, as they talk about what you can achieve with Vemma and how you can achieve it. Here’s a sneak peak at what Vemma Star Ambassador Leaders Hannes and Jessica Sommer have to say about great achievement.

Hannes and Jessica Sommer

The Power Coulpe

When you meet Hannes and Jessica, it’s obvious that these are two people with amazing vitality, enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Both radiate a charismatic appeal generated by a very simple quality: they feel good! Certain words keep popping up in their everyday talk, words like opportunity, achievement, freedom and thankful. It’s clear these are values that motivate this pair. They work hard every day to pass these along to their network of friends and Vemma Brand Partners.

To see this couple today is to see the end product of all their efforts. Hannes confides that, along the way, there were many euphoric moments when success seemed within their grasp. And there were other moments of discouragement — moments when they thought of giving up. Instead, they chose to persist.

Passion, persistence and new technologies

Hannes had started in network marketing as a teenager. He used computers that were primitive by today’s standards, so now he is energized by the technological revolution of our time and gratified with all the technical skills young people bring with them into the business. He used his technological skills to create materials for his team — documents, magazines and online tools that make it easier for them to tell their story. Now Hannes and Jessica encourage others to do the same.

The Sommers have tremendous respect for the team atmosphere of Vemma. When they were at low points, they were encouraged by Harald Maier, BK Boreyko, Simon Grabowski and others. Now they transfer their energy to those they recruit into the business, instilling in them a strong belief in the products and in their inner abilities, encouraging them when they stumble and cheering them on when they achieve success.

Hannes likes to tell his audiences that one of his secrets of life is this: with the right input, you receive the right output. This dynamic couple has achieved more than financial success. They have achieved freedom to live life on their own terms, to savor the joy of robust health, and to enjoy spending time together as a family. And on top of that, they experience the satisfaction of helping others achieve their dreams. What more could a person ask of life?

"Achieve" - Harald Maier Vemma Royal Ambassador

Our new series “Achieve” is featuring video profiles of  Vemma Top Leaders. Catch a glimpse inside their world, as they talk about what you can achieve with Vemma and how you can achieve it. Here’s a sneak peak at what Vemma Royal Ambassador Harald Maier has to say about great achievement.

If you were to pass Harald on a busy street in his hometown of Graz, Austria, you might never notice him. There’s nothing flashy to catch your eye. But with a quick glance, you notice one thing right away: Harald looks lean, healthy and fit. Part of that is due to the care he takes in safeguarding his health. But he’s also a world-class athlete.

Harald Maier

Heart and soul of a winner

Harald began his career as a professional cyclist, competing three times in the Tour de France, five times in the Professional World Championship, and becoming a three-time winner of the Crocodile Trophy — mountain bike race held in Australia, covering around 1,200km during the 10-day event. He won more than 200 international cycling races during his professional career — a record that proves he understands what it takes to compete and has the discipline required to win. Harald spent more than 20 years adhering to a grueling training schedule and paying close attention to the nutrition required for professional athletics.

After he brought his athletic career to a close, he looked for a follow-up career that would enable him to leverage his knowledge of diet and nutrition. He knew that many of the nutrients required for good health aren’t always present in adequate amounts in our everyday diet. So he searched for an organization that matched his values — a company dedicated to helping people live healthier lives. That’s how he found Vemma.

Crowd-inspiring passion

He considers himself fortunate to have found Vemma. In building his second career, he has achieved financial freedom and has become the highest-producing Brand Partner worldwide. He knew it wouldn’t be easy and did not expect overnight success. But he was totally committed.

Known as a relentless networker, he has accumulated a team of more than 30,000 people. They are people who have been touched by his passion for healthy living and his vision of unlimited financial success. He finds it gratifying to share his work because he believes that everybody — regardless of their current circumstances — has within their grasp the possibility of changing their lives for the better. And seeing firsthand what is possible thanks to Vemma makes him eager to help others achieve the financial freedom he and his family now enjoy.

First week of May Customer Success and warehouse working hours


Hereby we would like to inform you that celebrating May Day and Polish National Holiday our office is closed on 1st May and 3rd May. We are all back at your service again on Monday, May 6th.

Warehouse working hours and delivery information:

01.05 – closed
03.05 – closed

06.05 – closed

Canary Islands:
01.05 – closed
02.05 – closed

30.04 – closed
09.05 – closed
20.05 – closed

Kindly note that due to the above mentioned events there may be some delivery delays. Take this into consideration while placing your orders in this period.

Vemma Team


Vemma App 3.0 rocking your iPhones & Androids


Vemma App 3.0 available at App Store and Google Play! 

With this super innovative tool for direct marketing business Vemma is re-defining a revolution and taking the whole game to the next level. The app is a great business management tool on the go and simply helps Brand Partners to be more successful. There's a set of hot new features and re-designed user interface. Vemma App will change how you think about your smart phone. Again!

Watch Vemma App 3.0 video and make sure you upgrade your app to enjoy all of the new features for FREE.

Download App from App Store Download App from Google Play 

Vemma Business App 3.0

3.0 version new features include:

  • completely new, refreshed UI with slide menu
  • update your profile photo in My Profile section
  • view pending QV volume (direct debit)
  • new hotlist with Vemma News and Events invitations
  • Free product history
  • create and manage your events, send event invitations
  • Find Events - find Vemma Events nearby you

Vemma Bod-e Burn can design appreciated!


Bod-e Product Line Endorsed by Chris and Heidi Powell, caught Attention for Packaging Design. This means new, sleek design of Bod-e Burn is appreciated by professionals. We’re glad to hear this!

Get Bod-e Burn!Vemma Bod-e was chosen to be featured in Brand Packaging magazine’s Design Gallery annual, released this month. Vemma brand was featured alongside other premium brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Colgate, Pepperidge Farm, Häagen-Dazs, Sprint and GNC. The prestigious publication is an indispensible resource on brand packaging for business investors, brand owners, and their package design and development teams.

Being featured in such a respected publication is awesome for the Vemma brand worldwide. This is where some of the finest packaging and hottest brands are showcased every year, commented Vemma Vice President of Marketing and Branding, Mark Patterson.

Vemma CEO, BK Boreyko commented: In such a competitive industry, companies must stay ahead of the trends to stay current and cool. The packaging for Vemma Bod-e successfully does that, and we're pleased with these accolades.

Vemma Bod-e is featured in the Metal category of Brand Packaging's Design Gallery Volume 10, on pages 76–77 and 83. For more information about the publication, or to view the online design gallery, visit this page.


Verve at Sundance 2013


Verve Energy Drink Premiers at "Sundance Film Festival"!

Verve made a big splash, helping to keep spirits and energy high during its debut at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival held in Park City, Utah, from January 17–27.

As a sponsor of the Project Green Music Lounge, Verve not only helped support the nonprofit's mission to protect green space for future generations and fund Back-to-Basics Summer Camps for under-served children, but it also energized Sundance attendees, from A-list celebrities and film industry executives, to VIP moviegoers.

Guests of the Project Green Music Lounge and The RE:treat lounge were treated to Verve and Verve Healthy Happy Hour cocktails, as well as a special musical performance by Natalie Gelman. They also received a selection of Verve products in celebrity swag bags distributed at the lounge-style gifting suites.

Verve Sundance Festival

Verve served up a refreshing boost of energy to celebs like Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey, Naomi Watts, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Kristen Bell, Jane Lynch, and others.

Lending its dazzling design to the spectacular Park City backdrop, Verve was spotted on MTV News interviews with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (making his directorial debut with "Don Jon's Addiction") and Tony Danza, as well as Director Robert Rodriguez, who returned to Park City to celebrate the anniversary of his cult classic, "El Mariachi".

Verve is turning heads and raising eyebrows. We can't wait to see what the future has in store!

Vemma Bod-e App 2.0 now available

Bod-e App 2.0

This FREE, award-winning Bod•e App allows you to have Chris and Heidi Powell act as YOUR OWN personal trainers, coaching you every day, easily on your smartphone. Available for iPhone and Android, the Bod•e App motivates, inspires and keeps you engaged on every step of your body transformation journey, to help you achieve your goal weight. Search “Vemma Bode” in your App store to start using the amazing features, including:

  • video tips from Chris and Heidi Powell
  • Up to 6 text notifications per day to keep you on track
  • Reminders of when and what to eat
  • Carb cycle schedule on a daily, tomorrow and next week view
  • Grocery list builder based on your Bod•e recipes
  • Recipe favorites
  • Progress tracker with weekly progress photo upload
Download App from App Store Download App from App Store

Vemma Mobile Apps Rewarded!

Mobile Apps

Vemma business mobile application and Vemma Bod-e Mobile Application have been rewarded in the 2012 MarCom Awards for marketing and communication professionals!

There were over 6,000 entries in this year's competition from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Only 18% were honored with a Platinum Award, and Vemma is one of those companies!

Vemma Business App was rewarded with a Platinum distinction and Vemma Bod-e App was honored with Gold reward. This is big! Thousands of Brand Partners all around the world use these applications every day and utilize its functions to build their business and follow the 12-week Bod-e Program.

Download the applications and use their power!

Vemma Business App - Android
Vemma Business App - iPhone

Bod-e App - Android
Bod-e App - iPhone

Vemma Team

Andreas Grenthe interview


Andreas Grenthe

Vemma Europe talked to Andreas Grenthe, Vemma Presidential Leader about his road to Vemma Elite Club, Young People Revolution and Bod-e Challenge.

VE (Vemma Europe): Hi Andreas! This year you became Vemma Europe youngest Elite leader. How does it feel?

AG (Andreas Grenthe): It feels great. It is absolutely worth the work.

VE: Was it hard to get to the Elite Leader level and how long it took?

AG: It took about 3 years and was not that hard but you have to keep on working for your business every day as consistency is one of key ingredients to success.

VE: What was the biggest challenge you came across in your Vemma Business and how did you deal with it?

AG: I think it was when I was on the executive level in over a year. I had such a strong why to quit my job, and I passed the Executive after 11 months from when I started with Vemma. So in the year 2010, I could not really know from the heart what my next goal was. After Vemma Las Vegas Convention in 2012, I wrote a letter to myself about where I wanted to be about a year later, and how I wanted my life to look like. Something happened inside me and after just three months I reached the Presidential. So it is very important and knowing why!

VE: You recently gave a presentation about Home Based Business during Vemma event in Malmo on 22nd September. Can you tell us a little about this concept?

AG: Yes! I believe that almost everyone has home and couch so I focus on this type of presentations. When we talk about duplication, I think all people are able to invite others to their houses and follow this simple concept to make their business grow fast.

VE: You are one of the leaders of Young People Revolution in Vemma Europe. Can you tell us something about other young promising folks in your team that will hopefully knock the door to Elite Club soon?

AG: I have so many talented people that in time will reach the Vemma Elite Club, but the person who currently is the closest and is a fantastic team leader is David Vedeskog (Star Platinum)!

VE: Bod-e product line was big explosion in Europe (same as United States). What are the factors behind such a great success (amount in money in the 1st month)?

AG: First of all it is a fantastic product line that we saw worked amazingly well already in the United States. But the groundwork before the launch was an incredibly important part. In my team, we were a large group of targeted individuals already working in 5-10 customers and everyone knew exactly what to do. I think I earned 10000EUR 1st month*.

VE: Bod-e weight loss solution is something more than a great tasting product. What is so special about it that makes it a better solution than traditional diet programs?

AG: It is so simply to follow and everybody can do this. One more important thing is that you simply have fun and your diet is no longer something you must follow but want follow!

VE: How can "Bod-e 12 Week Challenge" transform people's lives in your opinion?

AG: They learn how to eat and exercise on a basic level so they can do it for the rest of their lives. It is fantastic!

VE: What would be your advice to people who would like to start their own Vemma Business?

AG: Learn from the people that already have the results they wanted, keep it simple, have fun and earn money.

*You may not do as well. Results are not typical and depend on individual performance.

Sign up Brand Partners in Norway!

No-Way without Norway!

We are pleased to inform you that sign up for Brand Partners in Norway is available 
from Friday, October 12.
  You can do it using this link.

Remember to register for the big opening event in Norway! You can win amazing prizes: iPhone 5,
Vemma-branded iPad and great Vemma Home Office Tour during Go for the Gold event. You can
get points just for showing up! Register here!

Vemma Europe Team

Vemma powered 9th Wolfgangsee Challenge!

9th Vemma powered Wolfgangsee Challenge was a great success. This year nearly 700 athletes from 10 countries fought in 5 competitions. Their devotion and energy proved that anyone can break the records, as long as they believe.

Vemma Powered Volfgangsee Challenge First day of the event was all about swimming, cycling and cross-country running. Sounds like hard work, doesn’t it? But really it was a big fun for all participants: men, women and kids – their enthusiasm is one of the great things we love in the Wolfgangsee Challenge.

The second day was all devoted to traditional triathlon. Over 350 participants were registered, which was surprising even to the organizers: "Nice to see that traditional triathlon was this popular. The number of people who wanted to take part in the competition was bigger than the number of spots prepared" says Peter Lev, new athletic director of the Wolfgangsee Challenge.

Beautiful weather, energy of volunteers, and engagement of the organizers made this year’s Wolfgangsee Challenge in Austria an unique and successful event.

For detailed scores and more information go to
For more pictures, visit Vemma Europe Facebook Page

Photo credit:

Bod•e brand wins two Stevie Awards!

Vemma Bod•e Brand won the People's Choice Stevie Award for Favorite Consumer Product or Service. And the Vemma Bod•e App received a Gold Stevie Award in the Lifestyle App category. This is big!

Vemma Bod•e received the highest number of votes in the consumer products and services category. A total of 98,000 consumer votes were cast in 30 categories. The Vemma Bod•e App — which features daily tips, support and inspiration from Heidi Powell, was judged by executives from a 270-person panel and selected as the Gold winner which is the competition’s highest honor in the lifestyle app category.

"These are awesome products that are helping people see real results, so it's great that they're getting these accolades," says Chris Powell. "People really love the taste and what these products do for their body.”

More than 3,000 entries were submitted in this year’s competition. Other notable People’s Choice winners included Apple® (for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S), Humana® health insurance, and Appsbar, a free online apps-building service. This makes the victory taste even better!

Thank you for voting for Vemma!

Vemma Europe Team

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Vemma Norway on October 21th!


We are happy to inform you that our Team is working hard on opening new market - Norway. And since we are very close to introduce Vemma Brands to this new, promising marketplace we would like to ask you for support to spread the word out.

We are planning an opening event in Norway, Oslo on 21th of October. It would be great to see You and your Team there, showing all potential Brand Partners how to take Vemma opportunity and make it into success! To register and further information visit or contact Vemma Europe Customer Service at

Vemma is proud to represent health, wellness and a wonderful business opportunity for individuals and families around the world. We look forward to serving you for many more years in your country and abroad.

Go For The Gold - new Qualifying Period


Vemma strikes back with the very successful incentive program Go for the Gold. During the previous two editions over a 100 guests visited Vemma Europe Home Office and for the 3rd edition we are expecting another 100! Make sure you are qualified for our next Leadership Summit in February!

We offer a 3 - day trip to Vemma Europe Home Office in Gdansk for you and your spouse where you can tour the place, meet Vemma Top Leaders and get inspired by their fantastic trainings. At the end we'll proudly celebrate your efforts at an Awards Recognition dinner - all on Vemma of course.

How do I qualify?
- Achieve Gold status during the qualifying period;
- Maintain it for the following month;
- Be Momentum Bonus qualified.

When is the Quailifying Period?
Sep. 7th – Dec. 27th 2012

Check qualification rules >>

In case of any questions, please contact our Support at

Vemma Europe Team

Vemma brand expands to Liechtenstein



We are very excited to announce the official launch of Vemma Liechtenstein this September! 

There are several reasons to wave the Vemma flag in Liechtenstein. A strong and stable economy as well as high quality of living have created sophisticated market with a dynamic environment that’s perfect for growing your Vemma business.

To take full advantage of the opportunities Liechtenstein offers, Vemma, Verve, Thirst and Bod•ē will all be available at market launch. Topping off the celebration, the Vemma Europe website will be available in the mother tongue!

As always, we have made a concerted effort to offer Vemma products at a very reasonable cost. Place your order through the Vemma website or Back Office.

For further information please visit or contact our Vemma Europe Customer Service at

Benefits of the Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Plan


One of the many benefits of the Bod-ē 12-Week Transformation Plan is that it helps people understand that it is not just about cutting out "bad" foods, it's also about selecting the right foods to enhance your progress. We call these "smart" foods and you may be wondering what makes them "smart"...

What is a smart carb?

Smart carbs, also known as complex carbohydrates, consist of fruits, whole grains, root vegetables and legumes (beans). These are all high in fiber and essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. When it comes to the Bod-ē 12-Week Transformation Plan, smart carbs are optimal choices for breakfast and high carb days to help support your goal. These provide your body with its preferred source of fuel plus fiber to help you feel full longer. Because of this, most people will feel like they have more energy on their high-carb days. If you prefer fruit as a smart carb go-to, we recommend fruits that are eaten with their peels, like peaches and apples, because they provide higher fiber content. Did you know that peas, beans and potatoes are all high in "starchy" carbohydrates and corn is technically a grain? The starch in them categorizes them as smart carb.

On your high-carb days, your five meal times will consist of a serving each of smart protein, smart carbs and smart veggies. The recommended serving size for a smart carb is approximately the size of your closed fist. It might be tempting to skip your high carb days when you see great results on the low carb days; however, high-carb days play a significant part in helping to support your metabolism, so stick to the schedule. *Remember a transformation doesn't happen overnight, but done consistently, you'll be amazed at how your body has transformed over the course of 12 weeks.

What is a smart fat?

For decades, the public has heard about the dangers of fat consumption and the associated risks for heart health and obesity. The reality is our bodies need fat to function and to build cellular walls, create hormones, provide energy and so much more. Today health researchers say that it is more important to focus on the type or quality of fat, not the quantity. You want to avoid saturated fats and trans fat as they have negative impacts upon your health. Focus on consuming the two main categories of healthy fat: monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Monounsaturated fats are found in nuts and seeds, avocados, olives and canola oil. Polyunsaturated fats are found in soybeans, flaxseed and walnuts. Omega-3s are also part of this group and are found in food sources such as chia seeds and fish. Some foods like canola oil contain both types of healthy fats.

How do smart fats fit into the Bod-ē Plan?

On your low carb days, eat a serving of smart fat at each meal (except breakfast) along with your serving of protein and unlimited veggies. It's important to not have smart fats on your high carb days to avoid calorie overload. Since healthy fats can enhance flavors and up the satisfaction factor, they may help curb cravings and keep you on track. Since low-carb days can sometimes cause cravings, curb them by eating more vegetables, or even chewing a piece of mint-flavored gum. On low carb days, include a serving of healthy fat at each meal time. The recommended serving size is approximately the size of your thumb.

What is a smart protein?

Protein is an essential nutrient to overall health and a vital part of any weight management program. Research supports that protein consumption helps curb hunger and support overall weight management. Including Bod-ē Burn which provides 20g of protein, smart proteins are the leaner, lower sodium food choices, such as low fat cottage cheese, eggs, Greek yogurt (unsweetened), chicken, fish and lean cuts of red meat to name a few. In the Bod-ē Plan, protein helps fuel your day right from the start. This is why we recommend taking a Bod-ē Burn within 30 minutes of waking, paired with a serving of smart carbs and unlimited veggies. It doesn't matter if it's a high carb or low carb day, it is key to have a serving of protein at each meal. You should consume at least half your body weight in grams of protein per day for optimal results. The recommended serving size of protein is approximately the size and thickness of your palm.
Check the Smart Food Guide for a variety of protein options to eat throughout the day. You'll notice that beans are not included, and while they are high in protein, they are also high in starchy carbohydrates, putting them on the smart carb list.

What is a smart veggie?

Smart veggies are your typical leafy greens, broccoli, tomatoes, squash, carrots and mushrooms to name a few. Along with a burst of color, these foods are excellent sources of health promoting phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals! Besides being tasty, they are filling and nutritious. Make veggies part of every meal, and while the suggested serving size is equivalent to two fists, you can actually eat an unlimited amount of veggies.


Vemma Europe Frenzy Bonus kicking off!


Vemma Europe is kicking off the Bod•ē launch with a brand new promotion! From 04.05.2012 through 27.12.2012, the Kickoff Frenzy Bonus promotion will pay you up to $200* per week for enrolling# three new Brand Partners and/or Preferred Customers with a minimum 120 reward point order and Auto-delivery** within the same volume week, as long as you have purchased a Silver or greater Builder Pack at any time in your Vemma history. You'll be eligible to earn this bonus once you make your purchase and enroll three people.* You can check out the Cycle Tracker in your Back Office to see your projected earnings. So put your positive energy to work for you. Get out there and tell everyone you know about the new Vemma Bod•ē line or any of the Vemma products. Get those orders rolling in!

Double Frenzy Bonus

Starting on Week 27, June 29, 2012, Vemma is rolling out the Double Frenzy Bonus - With this exciting program, Vemma Brand Partners can earn up to $400 when they enroll three (3) new qualifying Brand Partners within the same volume week. In order to qualify you for the bonus, each new Brand Partner must (1) - purchase a Builder Pack (Silver or greater); and (2) - sign up for a 120 reward point order Auto-delivery within the same volume week. You can earn a maximum of two shares per week, or up to $800. The amount of each share is dependent upon the number of people participating in the bonus program that week.

*Limit of up to two shares per Brand Partner per week. Click to view our official rules.


Kickoff Frenzy Bonus Promotion Frequently Asked Questions

When does this promotion launch and how long does it run?

The Kickoff Frenzy Bonus Promotion will officially launch on May 4th, 2012 and will run through December 27th, 2012.

How do I qualify for the Kickoff Frenzy Bonus Promotion?

Brand Partners who have a 120 QV Auto-delivery** and have purchased a Silver Builder Pack or greater are eligible for each week that they enroll# three new Brand Partners or Preferred Customers with a 120 QV Auto-delivery** product order in the same volume week.

What is the payout for this Bonus?

This promotion will pay out up to $200 per share, per account. There is a limit of two shares per account, per week.
For example: If a Brand Partner signs up three (3) new Brand Partners or Preferred Customers on a 120 QV Auto-delivery product order within one (1) volume week, they will earn up to $200 USD. If they sign up six (6) Brand Partners with a 120 QV Auto-delivery product order within one (1) volume week, they will earn up to $400 USD. If they sign up nine (9) Brand Partners with a 120 QV Auto-delivery product order within (1) volume week, the Brand Partner will still earn up to $400 USD.

Do I need to be Momentum Bonus qualified to earn this promotion?

No, being Momentum Bonus qualified is not a requirement to participate in this promotion

** For the countries below EUR 20,000 GDP per capita the requirement is still kept at 120QV.

#Only your personal enrollment counts - you need to be the Enroller of these new people

Deliveries in the end of April and May


Hereby we would like to inform you that celebrating National Holidays our Warehouses and Shipping companies are closed in the following days:

Timmermans Transport and Logistics: Our warehouse is closed on April 30th, May 17th and 28th.
Swiss Post (Switzerland): Swiss Post is taking their holidays on April 30th, May 1st and 28th.
DPD: DPD is closed and no pick-ups and deliveries on April 30th, May 1st, 17th and 28th.
Warehouse in Poland: Warehouse is closed on May 1st and 3rd.
Fastway (Ireland): Fastway is taking their holidays on Monday, May 7th.

Please take this into consideration while placing your orders in this period.

Believe It! Las vegas Convention Recap

Hello from Believe Las Vegas

If any of the thousands of Vemma Brand Partners that descended on Caesars Palace wondered how “Belief” could change their lives – they left totally amazed at the power of Belief to help us achieve health, wealth, and personal fulfillment. Simply put, Belief gives us the incentive to “make things happen”. And there was plenty happening the first weekend in March – even for Las Vegas!
America’s Favorite Doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz, kicked off the Welcome Reception with an animated discussion about the importance of Self Belief when it comes to good eating and exercise habits. He encouraged his audience to “take back control” of their health, then offered lots of great information and advice on how to start. He truly made everyone believe they could do it. As a special treat, Brand Partners who donated $200 or more to HealthCorps had their pictures taken with the dashing Dr.Oz!

Friday morning, the audience was wide awake and anxious to meet BK’s special guests. Flown in from all over the world, they shared their unique messages about how Belief changed their lives and the lives of those around them. Their stories had the audience laughing, crying and believing right along with them.
What followed raised the excitement level to fever pitch! BK and Simon introduced the super-powerful, smart and easy Vemma iPhone App, available for iPhones and iPads NOW at the Apple App Store (soon for Androids). Get yours at here.
Just when everyone thought the excitement had reached its peak, Chris and Heidi Powell took the stage to talk about Vemma’s groundbreaking new Vemma Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Plan and super-effective product line. Their energy was contagious and, as one attendee said in the conference video: “After every session, we believed even more!” Watch for more news and updates from Chris and Heidi on the Vemma Bod•ē Program, coming soon.

After a much-needed rest, Saturday’s group was ready for the powerful insights of Mr. Darren Hardy – one of the most compelling speakers on the planet. Darren doesn’t just motivate, he explains how and why Vemma Brand Partners need to do certain things to accelerate their business success. Mr. Hardy also shared some of his struggles with Belief – and how he found that making slight adjustments in his attitude and habits helped him tap into that incredible force every day. And his audience could too!

Speaker alert!

b thereIf you want to learn more about how to turbo-charge your Vemma success with the power of Belief and smart business tactics, Darren Hardy will be at the Vemma Europe Believe Convention June 1-3 in Malmo, Sweden.
Tickets for Believe Malmo are selling like hotcakes so don’t delay!

After two days of transformational experiences and information sharing, the most powerful and inspiring event of all occurred Saturday night at the Vemma Achievement Awards, when more than 500 people crossed the stage to accept the praise and recognition they so deserved. Congratulations Vemma honorees!
Then BK took to the stage one final time, but rather than a sad good-bye, he had the crowd up and cheering as he talked about all the new products, programs, technologies, and opportunities coming in 2012! In fact, BK Believes this year may be the most successful in Vemma History. And every attendee of Believe 2012 heartily agreed!
Now are YOU ready to Believe? Malmo is Calling. And Vemma Europe is working non-stop to make it an event that will raise your spirits – and your commissions − to unparalleled heights.Register


Vemma App

Ever wished you could be in two places at once? Or have 8 more hours in your day? Well, we could probably build you a rocket pack, but instead we’ve come up with something MUCH better – a mini Vemma back office for your pocket! That’s right…it’s the Vemma App for iPhone (soon for Android) and it’s awesome! Unveiled by Vemma Europe COO Simon Grabowski at the Vemma Believe Convention March 2nd in Las Vegas, it brought the audience to their feet! At last, a way to monitor your cycles, stay on top of your emails, and respond to Vemma opportunities in real time.

This proprietary software would cost plenty on the retail market – but all existing and new Brand Partners can get it FREE right NOW at the Apple app store. And it’s soooo easy to use!

Check this out: the red circle on the app icon that normally shows the number of unread e-mails here shows the number of cycles. Cool, huh! And it refreshes automatically, so the next time you check your phone you may learn that you've just rank advanced based on the number of cycles needed. But…

How can it accelerate your Vemma Business?

  • Respond to questions and requests instantly
  • Enroll new Brand Partners on the fly
  • Review genealogy in seconds
  • Check rank and details, such as cycles reported
  • Review actionable steps to reach the next level
  • Check QV on each team and cycle per rank advancement period
  • Track Platinum Club qualifications
  • Increase productivity – and commissions − with 24/7 access to data

And much, much more! So grab yours now and add some rocket fuel to your business with the world’s only Vemma App for iPhone!

For questions or comments regarding Vemma app please contact us at

New Vemma brochure


We’re so excited to announce that right NOW, you can order brand new Vemma brochure at! We not only updated the design, but also the messaging, so it “speaks” to today’s health-conscious audience. The new tagline, “Your Natural Energy Source” is a great place to start the Vemma conversation. Now it’s up to you to spread the word and get your team as excited as we are about the new brochure.
Go to and order enough brochures to generate enough energy and to power your business success in 2012 and beyond.

Changes in Compensation Plan


Please note that certain enhancements have been made in Vemma Europe Compensation Plan. One of them is an opportunity to check the full Platinum Club requirements directly in it. Our Compensation Plan is already updated accordingly on our website as well as in the Back Office, please see it for more details.

Verve Builder Packs!


Verve Packs are back! – with its insanely healthy ingredients in 4-pack,
Verve Silver
and Gold Builder Pack  – all packing a double punch of Vemma formula.
Spread the word! Don’t keep your clients and downline waiting. Deliver the Verve Burst
of Alternative Energy and give your Vemma business a BIG boost at the same time.
Let’s break some Vemma Europe sales records with Verve − starting today.

Believe Convention Website is now on!

Believe Convention, Malmo 2012

Come to Malmo and BELIEVE! Not just for 1-3 June, but for the rest of your life! Because at this year’s Vemma Europe BELIEVE Convention you’re going to learn how BELIEF can tap into the hidden talents, courage, and genius bubbling just under the surface - and unleash the amazing Personal Potential that is YOU.
It’s a fact. Scientists and medical researchers are studying the effects of BELIEF on super achievers like Olympic athletes, millionaires, even monks! That’s why we’re dedicating our 2012 Convention to teaching YOU how to believe in yourself, your abilities, and your destiny. But YOU must take the first few steps and register. Then YOU must follow the practical advice and step-by-step you’ll receive from the world’s top experts on motivation and personal power.

b there

You’re going to be amazed at the transformation! Of course it’s still you, just MORE of you! Imagine what all those hidden talents and new skills will bring to your Vemma business – and your personal life. Imagine what you’d miss if you didn’t register?!
So come and learn exciting new ways to think and act and experiment with ideas like - how to attract visitors to your website, leverage 21st century marketing tools, network and socialize more effectively. After all, when you’re confident and empowered, everyone wants to know you!

Sound good? BELIEVE IT! Plus it’s ONLY EUR99 to attend so we expect a great response. Now the Malmo Arena is certainly big enough to hold the HUGE plans and HIGH energy of our 2012 Vemma Europe Convention. But space is limited so register early to grab the best possible seats!

Don’t delay! The 2012 Vemma Europe Convention in Malmo will give you the Power of Belief and the practical tools to learn more - and earn more!


Mattias Hovbrandt - Presidential from Sweden


Like so many of Vemma Brand Partners, Mattias Hovbrandt always had dreams of success, but his path took several twists and turns before discovering the Vemma Opportunity. Today, he manages his successful Vemma business in a small city outside Jönköping, Sweden, where he lives with his wife Linda and 4 daughters, ranging in age from 7 months to 17 years old.

A devoted family man, Mattias worked long hours at hard jobs for years to support his growing family. From forklift driver, to direct selling, to medical equipment sales, his skills also grew as he took on ever-more challenging – and financially rewarding –positions. But he found he had less and less time for his family and was often tired and stressed. Once again, like many Brand Partners, he was introduced to the Vemma Nutrition Formula and his family began using it daily. Both he and Linda were delighted with the extra energy and stamina they enjoyed since beginning the Program.

After a year of great results, Mattias was introduced to the business side of Vemma, and it made complete sense in so many ways. Why not share the wellness benefits of Vemma with the world – and earn great commissions on his downline automatically?! He’d have more time to devote to his wife and lovely daughters, and grow personally and professionally doing something he believed in. So what closed the deal for Mattias?

“Vemma had it all. A high quality product, great leadership and a fantastic business opportunity!”

Duplication key for success

After 2 years as a Vemma Brand Partner, Mattias Hovbrandt has become independent and empowered, and is achieving his dreams. He’s also become wise in the ways of success with Vemma, not by stubbornly following his own ideas and instincts, but by listening to the top Vemma trainers and leaders:

"When i was new, I decided to duplicate the most successful Brand Partners and do exactly what they do and don't do!"

It certainly worked for Mattias and when asked what advice he'd give new Brand Partners, he didn't hesitate:

"Listen to the people who have the results you want. Follow the system and show up at educational events and seminars. Get as much field experience as you can. The more you learn, the better you will do in every way!"

Solid advice from a humble, yet savvy Brand Partner who's discovered the "secrets to Vemma success"!

Go for the Gold Recap - Phoenix, Arizona


November 4 – 6, 2011 − Phoenix Arizona provided the perfect setting for the 2011 Go for the Gold Weekend Summit. From the bright desert sun to the smiling faces of over 200 attendees, Vemma Elite leaders and execs, it was the event to remember! BK, Karen and Lauren Boreyko and the entire Home Office team were the hosts, as attendees came from across North America as well as Vemma Europe to celebrate with the Vemma super-stars who met the Go for the Gold requirements.

Kudos to the US Team for creating a leadership and business-building retreat that combined extensive on-site training with pure fun and celebration! Go for the Gold attendees enjoyed complimentary transportation, airfare, meals and accommodations − and in-depth sessions by two of our top global leaders, Royal Ambassadors Ruth Elliott and Tom Alkazin, all designed to help them earn more Vemma “gold” in 2012! One attendee shared with our Vemma Europe representative how “fired up” she was about the experience:

“What an amazing opportunity to learn new ways of “throwing fuel on the fire" of your Vemma business! You can learn the secrets to success firsthand from the leaders in our industry. And being spoiled by BK and the fabulous VEMMA staff was incredible! It’s a MUST go to for everyone!"

Platinum, Sheri Edwards

Let the Festivities Begin!

The party started Friday night, as the Go for the Gold winners were greeted by the high-energy Vemma US staff and, as they approached Home Office, flashing cameras, throngs of reporters and mobs of hyped up Vemma employees, all straining for a peek at the arriving super stars. Then onto the gala Welcome Reception - exotic drinks, lavish food, more photos, fun - and networking of course!

"Big high fives to everyone at Home Office for the Go for Gold event! It was spectacular! Everyone is pumped and this is exactly what Vemma needed! You guys did an amazing job!"

Ambassador, Linda Proctor

After a sumptuous Saturday breakfast, the Go for the Gold winners were given a Golden Opportunity to learn the most advanced leadership practices and business insights from Vemma's two multi-million dollar earners, Tom Alkazin and Ruth Elliott. Attendees also sampled the new Vemma Bod-e line and received exclusive updates about this exciting program, the new Vemma incentives, the 2012 Convention - and how to grow faster than ever before.

Winding down? Not yet!

As dusk settled in, there was more excitement – and emotion – to come. The star-studded Recognition Dinner was truly inspirational. What struck many was the confidence that radiated from the winners – the knowledge that Diamond, Platinum, Star Platinum and even Executive ranks were all possible.

Sunday offered yet another surprise guaranteed to impress! Attendees enjoyed a special tour of the famous Vemma manufacturing plant. They listened in awe as their guide described the epic $5.5 million expansion plans underway to support the Verve and Bod-e brands.

What a perfect ending to this celebration...letting our valued Brand Partners know that no matter how far or how fast they want to grow, Vemma is right there with them:

“Thank you so much. We will cherish the time we had together and look forward to moving ahead and celebrating with you every step of the way!”

Golds, Meeka and Sean Caissie

Join us at the next GFG Weekend Summit!

We’d love to recognize your remarkable achievements at Vemma Europe’s upcoming Weekend Summits at the end of March and June! But you need to start working toward winning your place NOW! Here are the requirements: you must achieve Gold status during the qualifying period, maintain it for the following month along with becoming Momentum Bonus qualified. To reach the Gold level, a Brand Partner needs to cycle 10 times. You CAN do this! See the website for full details.

Brasilian Jiu Jitsu - Scandinavian Open 2011 - sponsored by Vemma Thirst


Platinum Club

Just as Vemma is more than just a drink, so Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is much more than a martial art and competitive sport: it’s also a method for promoting physical fitness, building confidence that doesn’t rely on physical size or strength, and for shaping character in young people. Ultimately, as with Vemma, it’s a way of life. That’s why Vemma Thirst was a proud to support the recent BJJ Scandinavian Open in Malmö, Sweden 29-30 October 2011.

Like Vemma, BJJ Scandinavian Open attracts people of all ages, genders, walks of life, and countries – all anxious to demonstrate their skill and achieve excellence in this relatively new martial discipline. Founded in the early 20th century, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger assailant by using leverage and proper technique.

Vemma has been preaching a similar philosophy for years! And that is that anyone can make positive changes to achieve a fuller, more energetic life. So we applaud the BJJ clubs and individual competitors from around the world who reminded us that, when it comes to your health, big things can come in small packages… like Vemma!

Read the results in each category and more great info about BJJ here.

Elite Retreat Recap - Dubrovnik 2011


Elite Retreat

The weather was perfect, the Adriatic sparkled, and faces beamed with excitement at Vemma Europe’s version of the Academy Awards – the 2011 Elite Leaders Retreat! We were especially delighted to welcome some new stars – Ingrid Riegler, Yvonne Reichmuth and Peter Guzelnig!

Our Vemma Elite Leaders were greeted with flowers and hugs, then whisked away to the sumptuous Radisson Blu Hotel to feast on personalized gourmet chocolates while getting ready for the Welcome Reception. And so began 5 days of sunbathing and swimming in the sea or beach-side swimming pool, sightseeing in Dubrovnik – the seat of ancient Croatian nobility, dining at the finest restaurants, a cruise and lunch on one of local islands, delicious spa treatments, and some time to burn off calories in the fully outfitted sports center. And every evening a special gift was waiting for Elites in their apartments. Of course, no Vemma event would be complete without an opportunity to learn how to achieve even greater success from top Vemma Earners, so a dynamic Strategy Session was included with breakfast on Saturday.

But most of all, the 2011 Vemma Leaders Retreat was an opportunity to reward the exceptional individuals who achieved Elite Rank. It is not easy and, as many have noted, not possible without a passion for helping others realize their dreams. So start preparing now for your 2012 Vemma Elite Retreat because, as our Leaders will tell you, anything is possible when you believe!

New Vemma Presidential shares her story in Dubrovnik


Ingrid Riegler

It was a warm afternoon on the Croatian coast at the 2011 Elite Leaders Retreat in beautiful Dubrovnik, and we were lucky enough to spend a few minutes talking to Ingrid Riegler, one of the newest Brand Partners to be honored for achieving Presidential rank. We weren’t sure how long we could hold her “captive”, so we dove right into her life story.

VE (Vemma Europe): Ingrid, Looking back on your life, can you see why Vemma became important to you?

IR (Ingrid Riegler): Yes, I’ve thought about that since reaching Presidential for the first time. I’ve always had a strong interest in people and wellness, so my “helper instinct” developed over time. I guess that’s why I didn’t take my parents’ advice and become an engineer or opera singer − and instead tried out for the role of moderator on a popular Austrian TV show for children called “An Dam Des”. Honestly, I think it was the magician that clinched it for me by getting the children in a good mood for my presentation! Happily, I was chosen to be part of the program, which I did for 24 years. I also developed a passion for live events, which allowed me to get even closer to people.
Staying healthy was always one of my goals, and I longed for a way to help others directly, on a more regular basis. As a single mom, I had little time to spend on my search, but I did learn a lot about alternative health and nutrition. That was something I could do every day for myself and my kids.

VE: So was there an event or need that led you to try Vemma?

IR: Absolutely there was a need. After leaving the show, I opened a practice that offered a cutting-edge light therapy and vibration/oscillation therapy, developed initially for space research. Our programs analyzed the waves in human cells to detect abnormalities, disease and other issues, while also looking at the mental health aspect.
I was also advising clients on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle and, as part of my research, discovered the Vemma Nutritional Program. I began recommending it to my clients, who were soon raving about the product. But I never dreamed of making a business out of Vemma! Quite the opposite. In fact, I was totally against it!

VE: What or who convinced you to finally become a Vemma Brand Partner?

IR: I’m glad you asked because someone did have an impact on my decision. You see, I was perfectly happy to use and recommend the product to help my clients. But Vemma Leader Peter Kriwetz (currently Vemma Star Presidential) took me aside one day and said that, thanks to my orders, I’d built a structure of 64 people! Peter was convinced that I was a “natural” and could become a leader in this business. And believe me, he didn't let it go easily! So gradually he wore me down (laughing). He explained how I could grow my Vemma downline and help more people achieve a healthier lifestyle, earn great commissions, and benefit from the support of the Vemma community. I realized that Vemma is a solid, reputable company with potential you usually only dream of − and the skepticism left for good. I had no more doubts and jumped in “with both feet”! Now I’m Presidential and pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming!

VE: So what’s your life like now Ingrid? Have you ever missed being a TV star?

IR: Not once. I’m very happy with Vemma. I can improve people’s lives and financial condition − and make a good living for my family. Who needs fame when you have that! Plus I’m able to help others achieve their dreams − that’s the best part. I’m not a power speaker or life coach or anything like that.
I just speak honestly to people about Vemma and my experiences and they seem to respond. And my secondary interest in technology helps my team work smarter and achieve even more. So I guess the “engineer” and the “actor” in me both found a home with Vemma. But I have to say, again, that’s it’s all about working with people who recognize the opportunity and take advantage of it to change their lives. That’s the best part of all!

VE: That’s certainly inspiring Ingrid. Perhaps you have a favorite motto or saying along those lines?

IR: Just that if you are sincere about helping people, success will come naturally. But never forget that you are here to serve others, so stay humble in what you're doing.

And these are not empty words we learned, sitting there with Ingrid. We listened as she hailed people on her team as being better than her in this or that − without saying a word about her own skills and qualities. What a unique person – beautiful, successful, yet truly humble business woman who leads by example. No wonder she was recently named a "Teambuilder of the Year" during Vemma Platinum Leaders Conference in Austria.
Thank you Ingrid, from all of us!

Wolfgangsee Challenge powered by Vemma


Grand spectacle at the Wolfgangsee

8th Wolfgangsee Challenge in Strobl is behind us now. Powered by VEMMA event gathered nearly 700 athletes from seven nations competing on 5 triathlon distances. Everyone that appeared could try and enjoy Vemma liquid supplement, vitamin and energy boosting products. The brand awareness is higher than ever and the athletes competing in Strobl showed it at every step of the event proudly presenting the product they used.

It all began with the 8th Wolfgang X-Challenge, the toughest cross triathlon in Austria with the distances of 1.5 km swimming, 45km cycling and 15km running. The best results were achieved by Gerald Will who had a winning time of 3 hours and 57 minutes, followed by Stephan Gottinger and Robert Hotter - all three from Austria. In the women's challenge Viola Bieberacher from Germany won with a time of 4 hours and 57 minutes prior to Sonja Wimmer and Sabine Gastecker.

In the team standings, the Czech Zambelli Team was classified highest before the domestic Grafikeria Racing Team 1 and Maunaloa Racing Team from overall 27 teams at the start. The sprint competition, the 5th XS X-Challenge, at the distances of 300m swimming, 13km cycling and 3km running was won in a time of 45 minutes and 40 seconds by French athlete Alexandre Pilat prior to Christoph Prem and Andreas Madlmair. In the women’s competition the charming Christina Sperrer took the win in 54 minutes and 8 seconds prior to Ines Baumgartner and Anna Siller.

After the first Challenge Day there was a celebration at the Challenge Party in Dorfstadl at the Stroblerhof hotel.

Sunday was devoted solely to the classic triathlon. Christian Sams, athletic director of the Wolfgangsee Challenge said: "The idea to organize a cross triathlon and the classic triathlon during the same weekend was developed last year. Nice to see that we managed to get over 200 athletes at the start of the first Olympic Distance Challenge. The combination of classical and cross triathlon at the same weekend is unique in Austria. "
The competition at the first Olympic Distance Challenge started right at 10am and included 1.5km swimming, 40km road cycling and 10km running. The winner of this challenge - Daniel Herlbauer from the Tri Team Hallein finished the competition in 1 hour 57 minutes and 10 seconds before the two Germans: Helmut Mraz and Florian Huber. In the women’s challenge Monika Dorfner ended up front with a 2:23:47 followed by Verena Pröll and Tanja Starl.

"The King & Queen ranking, for the first time this year, was a particular challenge for the participants. This ranking included results from the X-Challenge on Saturday and the Olympic Distance Challenge on Sunday, "said Harald Prohaska from Wolfgangsee Tourism. "And it was hard enough to accomplish the first one" said one of the athletes competing at the Wolfgangsee Challenge. This prestigious ranking saw Robert Hotter winning ahead of Thomas Gastecker and Jörg Siegling. This year‘s "Queen" title went to Sabine Gastecker while Irmgard Querfeld finished second.
"A beautiful Triathlon Festival at the Wolfgangsee with a perfect organization and fantastic weather conditions in a truly unique region" – said the winner of the „King and Queen“-ranking Robert Hotter.

In the afternoon the children had their turn. Nearly 70 kids appeared at the start of the 3rd Kids Triathlon Challenge and the enthusiasm was seen among both children and adults.

The perfect weekend at Wolfgangsee was owed, not only to the beautiful weather but especially the contribution of many volunteers of the Blue Light organizers and all sponsors and supporters. The two presenters Peter Mayer and Rudi Schwaiger as well as DJ Mike also deserve special thanks for creating a great atmosphere.

"Thank you" from Christian Sams' OK. Team and Harald Prohaska.

Brand Partner Profile - Maria Pfeifer

Maria Pfeifer

“Major achievements do not get accomplished through strength, but through persistence.”

Vemma Star Presidential Maria Pfeifer is a testimony to the power of Vemma to reinvent ourselves at any age and realize our dreams of wealth and financial freedom. Maria’s almost 70 now, and started her Vemma Nutritional Program almost 7 years ago, after “retiring” while continuing to work as an independent entrepreneur for a high-profile corporation. She soon noticed the benefits of ensuring her body got the nutrients it needed to maintain her hectic schedule. She even had energy left over at the end of a long day! “I was able to set and reach goals that I wouldn’t have attempted at a much younger age”, she explained.

Obviously, Maria always was an achiever – and a savvy business person who recognized the amazing potential available to ambitious Vemma Brand Partners. Vemma was everything she’d been looking for – a proven business model for generating income but, even more importantly, a way to help others enjoy a more energetic, robust quality of life. In Maria’s words, “Vemma makes me feel good, and it feels good to help others.”

Helping others brought remarkable results, as Maria built a large multinational organization within the company by training and bringing her team along with her on the road to success.

In 2010 Maria achieved Star Presidential rank and was one of the top 50 earners in the world! So has she reached the pinnacle of Vemma success? In her informed opinion: “Vemma is still in the early stages of development, in its infancy. So I advise everyone to take advantage of the enormous opportunities Vemma offers.”

Maria was anxious to add: “Many thanks to my team as my success is my entire team’s success. And most of all, thanks to Vemma!“.

Verve Rebranding


Verve Gets a New Look

A new look brings the Verve brand into the modern Vemma family! The re-design of Verve Energy Drink is a perfect fit with Vemma’s premium and healthy look and feel, and sharing it with others is easier than ever! It’s still the same great-tasting formula you know and love, now with a dazzling new design sure to catch the eye of prospects everywhere.

The new Verve Energy Drink cans debuted in September in US and will appear in Europe early November, so keep your eyes open for their arrival. As we make the transition from old design to new, you may receive current Verve cans in your order, but don’t worry – new Verve cans will soon be here! We’ll make sure they make it to your doorstep as quickly as possible, so you can start sharing them with everyone you know!

About Verve Rebranding on

Recently an article was published about Vemma Verve rebranding on the renown US packaging site which reveals all the thinking process behind the new look.

Vemma in-house redesign process started in November 2010 by the Vemma branding team (Mark Patterson, Vice President of Marketing and Brand Development; Scott Flatt, director of creative services; Melanie Bray, senior designer; Krista Hudgins, marketing and brand manager; and Kaija Allgaier, marketing brand leader) with input from the company’s brand partners, which help distribute product globally.

As Mark Patterson revealed the process was very unusual because of social media being involved. “Brand partners are our main distribution channel, so it’s very important that they are excited about representing Verve. To build excitement and investment in the brand, we actively involved our brand partners in the redesign process. We have a large social media network that we were able to tap into to gather feedback on [various] design concepts. We surveyed our 23,500 Facebook fan page followers to determine which designs resonated best with those who use and represent Verve products. Through this social media network we were able to gain valuable insight and ultimately choose a design that represents the vitality of the brand and those who represent it.”

Mark Patterson points out that the rebranding for the can includes new graphics, brighter colors, and the use of more white space. He says, “The graphic design and color theme exude the health and energy of the Verve brand. The predominantly white label design stands out from other energy products in the marketplace, which are typically dark with busy graphics. The incorporation of the vivid orange Verve logo and silver metallic accents impart a high-quality and energetic look to the label design. Overall, the design conveys a bright, fresh, and healthy look.”

Vemma Marketing Tools

Vemma Marketing and Business Tools

Know you Opportunity

No matter where you’re from or what language you speak, this is your opportunity to change your life forever! The industry-leading Vemma Compensation Plan is available in the following languages: en, de, it, se, fi, nl, es, fr, pl, bg, ro, hu. Study it!

Take the Right Action

Follow these 10 steps to get your Vemma Business off the ground − and keep taking it to the next level of success. Review the steps from time to time to stay on the path to financial freedom!
The Action Plan is currently available in Back Office in the following languages: en, de, se, nl, it.

Stock Up Product Brochures

High quality products deserve top quality representation − that’s why we make sure that our product brochures are both informative and great looking. The perfect leave behind or direct mailer!
What’s available in which language:
Verve - purchase brochure in Vemma Europe Brand Store or download pdf in your language version: en, de, it, se, fi, nl, fr, pl, hu.
Thirst - purchase brochure in Vemma Europe Brand Store or download pdf in your language version: en, de, it, se, fi, nl, fr, pl,
Vemma Premix - purchase brochure in Vemma Europe Brand Store or download pdf in your language version: en, de, it, se, fi, nl, fr, pl, hu, dk, es, si, cz, sk,
Vemma Premium - purchase brochure in Vemma Europe Brand Store or download pdf in your language version: en, de, it, se, fi, nl, fr, pl, hu, es, bg, ro,

Be Vemma Brand Aware

Whether you have just launched your Vemma business or have been growing it for years, make sure that you always follow the guidelines in the Brand Safety Manual. he Vemma Team prepared this special booklet, written in a fun and easy-to-follow style, to save you hours deciding what colors and fonts to choose, where to place our logo, and much more. We want you to look good!
The Brand Safety Manual is currently available in the following languages: en, de, nl, it, se.
Make Your Vemma Profile Outstanding!

Your Vemma online business should never become boring and tired-looking, right? After all, it’s your money-making engine! So make sure your storefront to the online world is always top notch!

Improving your personal website is a continuous process, so update it regularly with valuable and relevant information and pictures to attract and grow your online audience – and your sales.

If you need assistance customizing your personal website, just take our quick and simple video instruction here. And remember, the Vemma Team is always ready to help you succeed.

Vemma Profiles - video feature


In June we announced new Vemma profiles and websites as one of our new marketing tools created especially for Brand Partners. Now we added a possibility to link video under your personal information. This gives you even wider array of product presentation slutions to your business prospects.

Improving your personal website is a continuous process so add worthy information and pictures to your page to get more audience and more interest. Your Vemma business should never fall asleep as it earns you money right? So make sure it's a perfect storefront to the online world.

If you need assistence with customizing your personal webiste why not follow our quick and simple video instruction here.

Brand Partner Profile - Anderss Karlsson

Brand Partner Profile - Leading Force from Scandinavia
Last month we introduced 2 Italian Team Brand Partners as part of our profile series. Their success was strongly influenced by one of the most charismatic leaders in Vemma. Please meet Anderss Karlsson - Ambassador from Sweden.

Everyone’s path to success is unique but, for Anders Karlsson, his was one of the fastest sprints in Vemma Europe history.

In just 14 months, Anders had achieved Presidential rank! A friend of Anders, Vemma Ambassador Leader Brian McMullen, first introduced him to the Vemma product and opportunity.

He knew it was going to be a global success, with or without him, and became even more convinced after meeting BK in person. “After my first meeting, I knew this opportunity would be huge in Europe,” says Anders. Anders never looked back.

The products, the business model, and the people he’s met along the way have helped him create an amazing life for himself and his family. One of his biggest thrills today is seeing his friends and partners make the Top-50 Vemma Earnings list.

So what advice does Anders have for Vemma newcomers? “Listen to your Sponsor. Don’t waste valuable time building your own system. Use the performance-proven tools developed by the world’s top earners. Focus on simplicity and duplication and you’ll be a successful network marketer.” With his passion for building success and life-long friendships, Anders goal is to make his living solely on the matching bonus before the end of 2011 - and he’s well on his way! He has just advanced from Star Presidantial to Ambassador. Congratulations to Anders!

To read other Brand Partner profilers we published this year follow below links:

Hannes Sommer

Ivan Bianco & Nicklas Guarnieri

Harald Maier

Brand Partner Profile - Ivan Bianco, Nicklas Guarnieri

Brand Partner Profile -  from Vegas to Italy
Goodbye Vegas, Hello Milan! Our valiant Italian Team picked up the “Y” torch in LV and is taking it to Milan! Are you ready for the next leg of our race to revitalize the world? Perhaps we should use the “V” for Victory – over nutritional deficits that sap our energy – and for Vitality (another Big “V”)! Whatever inspires you, it’s time to translate that into action. The Milan Convetion is just around the corner. But before your mind wanders off to sunny Italia, let me introduce 2 inspiring leaders of Italy’s Team, Ivan Bianco and NicklasGuarnieri!

Ivan Bianco

Ivan Bianco launched Vemma into the Italian marketplace and has been recognized as one of the best European networkers even long before joining Vemma.

In March 2004, he met Anders Karlsson (his Enroller) and they became fast friends. Five years later and everything has come together – the confidence he placed in Anders, the quality of the Vemma product, his meeting with BK in Bonn, and that fateful day he said YES. And when Ivan starts something, the sky’s the limit! Ivan’s strength and “WHY” are supported by his extraordinary wife Cristina and three sons, David and Michele, both Vemma Diamond Leaders, and little 3-year old Filippo.

Ivan realized his dream of creating the largest Vemma group in the world through application of the "SI-system" and is convinced Vemma will become a global hit thanks to:
- the transparency and values of top management,
- a real PRODUCT having REAL impact on people – and NEW, just the beginning,
- An EASY system – easy to duplicate.

The secret to success for Ivan: loyal people around you, joy in your Team’s success, love of people and of life – and lots of discipline!

Nicklas Guarnieri

Nicklas Guarnieri was born and raised in Sweden, but moved to his father’s native Italy at age 24. His impressive career included working for major international companies and being on the organizing committee for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino.

In search of new challenges and freedom, Nick took his first steps into direct sales and found Vemma 2 years ago. After a phone call and presentation by Anders Karlsson (his Enroller), the decision was easy!

When it comes to succeeding with Vemma, Nick has a powerful yet practical belief system: “Vemma offers real and concrete possibilities to realize the dreams we should all have. The secret behind Vemma success is, of course, to have a WHY and to work towards it, Always following the system, keeping it simple and, most of all, never, never giving up.”

Nick has a saying: "You can change without improving, but never improve without changing", which demonstrates how Vemma can change lives – personally as well as professionally.

To read other Brand Partner profilers we published this year follow below links:

Anders Karlsson

Hannes Sommer

Harald Maier

Brand Partner Profile - Harald Maier

Brand Partner Profile - Europe's No.1
We thought you might like to get to know some of our most outstanding European Brand Partners a little better, so we’ll be profiling one in each of our Monthly Newsletters. 12 months - 12 inspirational people. And who better to kick off the series than our Top Gun, Harald Maier!

Vemma Star Ambassador Harald Maier enjoys any endeavor that tests his limits from cycling, parachuting, high-speed motorcycling, to diving and rock climbing. As Vemma Europe’s Top Earner, this multiple-time Profi Cycling champion doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon!

After winning more than 200 races in 20 years, you could say Harald likes to win. But he also knows that winning takes more than stamina – it requires strategy. So how did he go from extreme sports pro to Vemma Rock Star?

Harald became a “master networker” in distribution sales and applied his unique strategic and people skills to build a hugely profitable downline. In Maier’s words: “For every 10 partners you sign up, only one will stick with the product. So instead of quantity, I look for quality - than it's possible to have 5-7 people stick to the product of those 10. People with vision who know from experience that Vemma can improve lives. Belief in the product is the foundation for success.”

To read other Brand Partner ptofilers we published this year follow below links:

Anders Karlsson

Ivan Bianco & Nicklas Guarnieri

Hannes Sommer

Brand Partner Profile - Hannes Sommer


In this issue, the man of many interests and strong record of success - Hannes Sommer, Vemma Ambassador

Hannes Sommer was always an entrepreneur at heart. While his colleagues were still in school, he had already set his course toward achieving financial freedom.

Hannes was in the right place at the right time when the first VEMMA bottles reached the European mainland. He was approached by Harald Maier, a former top athlete and top earner in Europe, to produce an audio CD about Vemma. During the project, Hannes’ wife, mother, and grandmother all tried the Vemma products and raved about the results.

“Obviously I became excited. The three most important women in my life loved the product. It was proof enough that these products would take off – with or without me – so I’d better act fast!” Hannes became one of Vemma’s first European distributors, soon to be one of its most successful.

Today, Hannes is a respected Vemma trainer and leader, and a man of strong principles, whose motto, “Failure: the masterkey to success”, recognizes that everyone has to experience Vemma for himself− even stumble occasionally as they find their own path to lasting success.

“That’s how we learn and improve, by never giving up and being true to the Vemma mission of “People helping people”.

New marketing tools


  New My Vemma website tools to explode traffic, sales and sign ups!

What a great time to power up your personal websites, update your profiles, and maximize your messages! Why? So many Brand Partners have been energized and inspired by the “Power of Why” events, we wanted you to be able to invest that passion into your My Vemma pages, your storefront to the online world. Whether you attended or not, we’d like to encourage all Brand Partners to tell your stories and relate to your audiences on a much deeper level. Remember, many of them will be “where you were” when your Vemma story began.

To help you communicate the way you want to, we’re providing exciting new features and tools that are easy to use and customize. Now you should be better able to “walk in their shoes” and help visitors truly grasp the Vemma opportunity – and reach their goals of personal health, wealth, and professional fulfillment. We think the new features will motivate you to keep your My Vemma web pages fresh, colorful and full of information you believe in and want to share. So start today! Put your dreams into words, pictures and video in minutes. You have the “power tools” to do it now!

  Watch Tutorial   Watch Marketing Tools video from Milan   Download Brand Safety Manual  
  Watch our video tutorial and see how simple it is   Watch Simon talking about new marketing tools during "Powe of Y" in Milan   Download the manual and get familiar with Vemma Europe refreshed branding

Christoph Strasser wins RAAM

Brand Partner from Austria Christoph Strasser wins World’s Toughest Bike Race with Verve & THIRST!

Talk about “Insanely healthy”! Vemma Brand Partner Christoph Strasser cycled 3000 miles, 21 hours a day, for 8 days, 8 hours and 6 minutes − winning the Mens Solo in the epic Race Across America (RAAM). He drank his meals on his bike and relied on Verve® and THIRST™ to meet the incredible energy, nutrient and hydration demands of the race. 

Chris had hoped to be among the 50% that usually complete the course, but secretly wanted to finish in the top three. In fact, he’d been dreaming about winning the RAAM since he started cycling at age 15. But he knew it would be grueling. Known as the “world’s toughest bicycle race,” on June 14th over 250 competitors set out on the 3,000-mile route from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland, crossing several mountain ranges as they cycled day and night. These extreme athletes endured scorching heat, high winds, thunderstorms, extreme thirst, fatigue and sleep deprivation to compete and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

What drives Strasser and achievers like him? Is he some kind of uber-athlete, who just happens to use Vemma? Christoph is a man of many passions, like raising money for the Lyoness Child and Family Foundation, which helps needy people access quality education and training. But when it comes to winning races like RAAM, the formula is clear: “Mental strength is very important to successfully finishing an ultra-cycling race like RAAM, but the base is a healthy body… so high-quality nutrition like Vemma is the key to performing at this level.”

From his boyhood in the small Austrian village of Kraubath, to winning the toughest ultra-cycling competition in the world, Christolph is living his dream of racing and helping others - both by example and as a Vemma Brand Partner. Today, he lives and trains in Graz, the second largest city in Austria. Most recently, he won his second title in the World Championships of ultra cycling, setting a new world record for the fastest crossing of Austria.

“Humans are able to achieve great things if the body, mind and soul are working together at a very high level,” says Strasser. No wonder he chose Vemma! Go Chris!

To learn more about this year’s Race Across America, visit the race website at: and don’t forget to follow Vemma on Twitter and Facebook

Watch video with the winner sharing his first feelings after the race:


Power of Y Recap


Thanks to YOU, the Power of Why Convention delivered MORE than anyone dreamed possible! The sheer energy of shared experiences and emotion was enough to light Milan for days and nights! But most of all, we’d like to thank each of you for participating on such a deep, personal level and for helping us bring our mission of “People helping people” home to our Brand Partner community.


We’re still in awe at how everyone from new Brand Partners to Vemma world leaders shared their “whys” – and business secrets – without hesitation. And we mean everyone – from new recruits to Success Guru Darren Hardy, top earners and trainers like Ruth Elliott and Tom Alkazin, Vemma Europe Leaders like Harald Maier and Anders Karlsson, and many more.

Now we know that when we share our wisdom, we “lift all ships” on our journey to financial freedom. Thank you again for sharing your Why, and for making this event so unforgettable – and valuable!

See you there!

5 reasons to attend "Power of Y"


Have you already made plans to attend the Vemma Europe 2011 Convention in Milan (June 3-5)?

If not, here are 5 reasons why you simply owe it to yourself to attend this transformational event:

1. Discover your “Whys” and “Hows”.

This will be a truly transformational event that will empower you, motivate you and give you all the tools you need to succeed in this business. Most of all, you’ll discover and fuel your “WHY”, and reach out for new heights.

2. Tap into Darren Hardy’s brain.

Our Keynote Speaker, Darren Hardy, is the Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine and mentors thousands of entrepreneurs on how to build leaders. This is information that could boost your networking and income potential 100-fold! Want to get a “sneak peak”? Listen to the recorded call with Darren Hardy, BK Boreyko and Simon Grabowski (English, German, Italian, Swedish languages).

3. Get world-class training.

Take your business to another level with inspiring and actionable training from top Vemma Leaders like Royal Ambassador Ruth Elliott, Royal Ambassador Tom Alkazin, Star Ambassador Harald Maier and other Vemma Elite leaders!

4. Meet BK Boreyko and Vemma corporate!

Listen to Vemma CEO/President BK Boreyko and Vemma Europe COO/Founder Simon Grabowski share their grand vision about Vemma and give you latest updates!

5. Have fun and enjoy Milan!

You’ll be thrilled with the entertainment program we have in store for you in Milan. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we can guarantee that it will be an unforgettable weekend filled with great fun, amazing entertainment. Oh, and did we mention the delicious Gala dinner prepared by top Italian chefs?
There is no better place for a transformational weekend than in the beautiful Milan, Italy! If its fashion, beauty and great cuisine are somehow not enough for you, check out these top 20 things you can do in Milan!

Don’t wait!

Book your ticket today. We’re almost out of the “Preferred Seats” and we are about to shut down preferred reservations and move to “General Access”. This is literally your last call to grab a “Preferred Seat” while they last.

So, get excited, get started, get your Milan tickets today, and get your team to do the same. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll do the best thing for yourself and for your Vemma business.

See you in Milan!
Vemma Europe Team

Listen to Darren Hardy and BK LIVE!


Listen to Darren Hardy and BK Boreyko LIVE!

Reserve May 9th to join this pair of international business powerhouses as they discuss topics and activities planned for the power networking event of 2011 – the “Power of Why Convention” in beautiful Milan.

As you know, Darren’s our keynote speaker for the conference, and has been inspiring audiences with his “success principles” for more than 17 years. A self-made millionaire by 27, Darren mentors global corporations and thousands of entrepreneurs on how to build leaders in the people around you. This is information that could boost your networking and income potential 100-fold!

Global call with Darren Hardy and BK Boreyko is scheduled for Monday, 9th May.

17:00 (5 PM): London, Dublin, Canary Islands
18:00 (6 PM): Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Stockholm, Vienna, Zurich
19:00 (7 PM): Helsinki, Sofia

  1. Listen Live via the Web
    Click here to join, and follow on screen instructions.
  2. Listen Only via Phone
    Phone #: +1 712-432-1903
    Passcode: 92037#

Vemma Europe Team

Spanish line is open!


We have great news for our Spanish Brand Partners:

From now on you can contact Vemma Europe via telephone in your
mother tongue! We are very pleased to announce that our Spanish
Customer Support phone line is now open.

You are welcome to call us at the following number:
Spanish Support: +34 931 816 373

We also would like to let you know about a special email address
created for the Spanish Brand Partners. Our Customer Support
staff are able to assist you efficiently in Spanish. Feel free to email
us today at

Vemma Europe Team

Pre-Convention Tour Recap

Vemma Pre-Convention Tour

Vemma 2011 Pre-Convention Tour Recap

From now on, we should call this the Grande Pre-Convention Tour of 2011! March 25-29 - just 5 days - but what a whirlwind of networking, training, and sheer inspiration! Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria! Tom Alkazin, Ruth Elliot, Brad Alkazin and European Brand Partner super-stars! All within feet of us on stage, sharing their insights and vision for the future.

We met old friends and made new ones, told stories and, most of all, learned how to help each other reach our loftiest Vemma goals. We were reminded that, by working together as a team, Vemma Europe has the power to enhance the health and well being of millions of people around the world…and that’s powerful!
For those of you who were fortunate enough to join us on our tour, we know you have been energized and amazed by the realization that Vemma has become a truly global phenomenon.

Now onto Milan! It’s time to spread the word and pack our bags for the Main Event!

Register today for the “Power of Why – Milan 2011”!

All aboard for the next phase of your “Why” journey!

Vemma Europe Pre-Convention Tour

Vemma Pre-Convention Tour

It’s the 2011 Pre-Convention Tour March 25th-29th!

Join us in Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, then Milan in June.

Get ready to pick up the torch and win big in 2011, starting with Vemma Pre-Convention Tour. Sounds like a marathon? In a sense it is.

It's a unique chance to taste the experience of the "Y" factor while listening to the Vemma Top Leaders and Royal Ambassadors Tom Alkazin and Ruth Elliott. If you look at the Milan convention as a main course the Tour is the starter. Why? We couldn't keep you waiting that long and that's why we bring all the inspiration and enjoyment directly to you in 4 European cities.

So join us in a speaking tour that will energize your mind like Vemma does your body!

Visit for details and updates.

Press Release - Fred Stege


We're very excited to announce that Fred Stege, Co-Founder of Vemma Europe has decided to return to the field as a Vemma Brand Partner to build an exciting Vemma team around the world!

Please see below the full press release, including statements from Fred Stege and Vemma management.

Vemma Europe Co-Founder Fred Stege joins the Brand Partner Team!

DUBLIN, IRELAND, February 28, 2011 - Vemma is excited to announce that Vemma Europe Co-Founder Mr Fred Stege will become a Vemma Brand Partner. After spending the last 6 years as Co-CEO of Vemma Europe, Fred has decided to return to the field to build an exciting Vemma team around the world.

“I am very excited about Vemma. Now, I have the time, experience and ability to fulfil my passion again, and that is to work in the field helping new Brand Partners realize their potential. I look forward to working closely with my new team and all of the new Vemma Brand Partners we will introduce to this amazing opportunity.” said Fred Stege, who has more than 18 years of network marketing experience and also is a successful entrepreneur.

“We believe that Fred’s decision to continue his success story as a Vemma Brand Partner not only allows him to pursue his passion, but is also an amazing opportunity for Vemma.” said Simon Grabowski, Vemma Europe Co-Founder and COO. “When we launched Vemma Europe in 2006, Fred was not only one of the Founding Fathers of our company, but he was a networking maverick who led the field by example. For instance, Fred run over 300 one-on-one meetings during our 90 day start-up phase. We wouldn’t be where we are today without his drive. His new position allows him to go back and focus on his passion.” added Grabowski.

Vemma Europe Co-Founder and COO Simon Grabowski and Vemma Europe President and CEO BK Boreyko today thanked Fred for his ongoing commitment to Vemma Europe and also wish him great success in his new career as a Vemma Brand Partner.

The Convention website launch!


We are pleased to announce launch of the Vemma Europe Power of Y Convention website! Visit the site now for an overview of the most exciting event in our history! Get the latest information about the program, hotel, tickets and how to win extras such as a new iPad with camera.

See you in Milan!

"Las Vegas" contest results revealed!


But first, we'd like to thank everyone for their hard work! You all should feel like winners because you strove to become one of the best and now, you are closer to realizing your goals! We are happy to announce that the winner of the Grand Prize is Frans Schutten and the 3 runners up, who achieved equal results: Ket Sang Tai, Ingeborg Engelsma, Franz Werner Thorwartl.

New tax rates for Poland and Estonia


Dear Brand Partners and Customers,

We'd like to inform you that according to the new tax rates for Poland and Estonia (effective from Jan 1st 2011), we have updated current Vemma products pricing.

Christmas Greetings from Vemma Europe


The dedication you have brought to our community inspires each of us to keep the "spirit of giving" alive all year long.

Together we can accomplish anything! On behalf of the entire Vemma Europe team, we wish you a holiday brimming over with happiness and joy, and a New Year that brings you closer to fulfilling your goals and dreams!

VE new office!

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Our new Vemma Europe Poland office is officially open!

All of our departments — Customer Support, Accountancy, Legal, IT, Logistics and Marketing — are finally together in one of the most innovative and modern business structures in the country. We wasted no time branding our new digs with an upbeat Vemma décor — from the product posters, to the big Vemma-orange “e” and couches. And, to remind us of our U.S. friends, we have a clock at reception set to Scottsdale, Arizona time!

Holiday service hours


Dear Brand Partners and Customers, please note that during December Holiday Vemma Europe Office will be open as normal except 24th and 31st December when support lines will only be open till 1pm and our warehouse in Diessen (Holland) till 12 o'clock (noon).

Please also note that some of our subcontractors either do not operate or changed operating hours during the festive season.

SWISS POST (courier services from Holland to Switzerland)

Office and courier services will operate normally but strongly recommend to send packages earlier to avoid delays caused by Christmas/New Year.
For all deliveries expected into Switzerland by 24th December latest pickup date from Holland is 17th December.
For all deliveries expected into Switzerland by 31st December latest pickup date from Holland is 23rd December.

FASTWAY COURIERS (services used in Ireland)

Office and courier services will operate as follows:
Wednesday, 22nd December - Last Pickup (delivery before Christmas not guaranteed)
Thursday, 23rd December (last deliveries)
No services from Friday, 24th December to Monday 3rd January
Tuesday, 4th January - services back in normal operating hours

THIRST Builder Pack Promotion!


Order a Builder Pack between 15th and 31th of December and you’ll receive a FREE Promo Pack (EUR 140 value) with:

  • THIRST – 1 Pack
  • Distributor’s briefcase
  • THIRST branded drink container

Supplies are limited so order now and be organized, refreshed and ready for the Holiday selling season. You only have 2 weeks to build up your inventory and get your complimentary gift, so beat the stampede!

Promotional guidelines: Promotion is only valid for Builder Pack orders placed between 15th and 31st December or until Promo Pack stock runs out, whichever happens first.

Important Announcement


Everyone needs a power boost to keep our businesses – and our bodies – healthy as we roll into 2011, so buckle up, because here it comes! We are happy to announce that, effective 1st January 2011...

...we're lowering the price on Thirst 1-Pack and Thirst 2-Pack – an average of 3 EUR per 1-Pack!

We hope this price reduction further illustrates our commitment to providing our Brand Partners and customers with outstanding value and high quality product at a more competitive price. And that’s not all we’re up to! We’re also thrilled to let you know that...

...wildly successful new Vemma PM is coming to Europe!

This means that the range of products available for European Markets will grow soon with a new great addition. The already famous Vemma PM will be available for pre-order in the next couple of weeks at an amazing price. Stay tuned for more!

Please note that according to the earlier announcements we'd like to introduce the updated prices for Verve 1-Pack, 2-Pack and 3-Pack – check out the new prices here, effective 1st January 2011. Starting on this date as well, Verve 2-Pack will be available for all European countries, and Verve 3-Pack will continue to be available only for those who currently order it on Autoship.

We hope you’re excited and energized by these “power boosts” to your Vemma business. As always, we sincerely thank you for the commitment and passion that you bring to Vemma!

If you have any questions or have customer support issues, please contact We are here to help you succeed!

Action Plan


We constantly strive to provide you with expertly crafted, useful marketing tools and keep you informed of additions and updates. So…we’re pleased to announce that the Vemma Brand Partner Action Plan is now available in Italian, Swedish and Dutch – with Polish and Finnish coming soon!

Your 8-Step Action Plan provides all the information and easy-to-follow instructions you need to succeed as a Vemma Brand Partner. It’s loaded with great content and terrific graphics, so anyone can follow the results-oriented activities to grow their Vemma business. You'll not only be able to mentor and train others to duplicate efforts, but you’ll understand what it takes to “lift all ships” and flourish as a team.

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!


From the 6th to the 31st of December, purchase 3 gorgeous VLabel polos, sweaters, jackets, jeans, Tees and more – and get the lowest price item absolutely FREE! What a great way to promote your Vemma business and surprise your customers, family, and friends with high-quality gifts that proudly represent the Vemma Europe brand.

So hold onto your hats and mittens because there’s some cool VLabel goodies waiting for you at this Holiday Season.

French and Spanish Vemma Voice


Attention! Atención!

French and Spanish Vemma Voice is hot off the presses and waiting for you in our Vemma Shop. Now these up and coming markets will get their own native language Vemma Voice.

You'll be able to offer this powerful marketing tool in 12 languages and reach out to the entire world with the Vemma message of vitality and well being.

Get ready for your own copy!

Polish Champ Triathlon Update


Team UKS Tri-Saucony Rumia wins more medals! The Polish Championship in Triathlon Mix Relay, held in Rawa Mazowiecka September was yet another triumph for our Vemma-sponsored team.

The team trained by Piotr Netter was the youngest out of 10 that qualified, but still won the bronze medal with ease! If the competition is included in the 2016 Olympic Games, which is quite possible, we may enjoy their success on an even greater scale.

The remarkable achievements of these young sportsmen wasn’t the only good news coming from the Rumia club last month. During the Half Ironman distance competition in Borówno, near Bydgoszcz, Tomasz Spaleniak and Paweł Netter earned third and fourth place respectively in the official classification. Well done!

We sincerely congratulate all the sportsmen from UKS Tri-Saucony who took part in these competitions and wish everyone much continued success.

Triathlon 3

Vemma Expands to Bulgaria!


We are pleased to announce the opening on 8th October of a promising new EU market - Bulgaria. Classified by the World Bank as an upper-middle income economy, Bulgaria has experienced rapid growth in recent years. For an ancient culture dating back to the 7th century, it's quickly catching up with 21st century European economies, offering exciting opportunities to our newest Brand Partners.

Please join us in welcoming yet another high-growth market to our family of Vemma Europe Brand Partners.

For any customer support issues, please contact Vemma Europe.

7th Wolfgangsee Challenge


Dear friends of the Wolfgangsee Challenge!

Congratulations on your outstanding success hosting Austria's toughest Cross Triathlon – the 7th Wolfgangsee Challenge. Vemma is proud to sponsor such a prestigious event, which symbolises what can be achieved with passion, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle.
The world-class marathoners participating in the 2-day event were challenged to:

  • Swim 1.5 km in the clear cold waters of Lake Wolfgangsee.
  • Mountain bike 45 km and 1550 meters up to the peak of Zwölferhorn.
  • Run 2 rounds of 7.5 km each, to an altitude of 150 meters.

The weather was perfect and the competition outstanding, making it another brilliant and inspiring cross-Triathlon weekend! We look forward to the 8th Wolfgangsee Challenge on Saturday 10 September 2011, where we hopefully will see you again.

Vemma Europe appreciates all the hard work by the organizers and participants. We hope that our healthy products and company spirit helped you achieve your goals!

If you’d like to view the photos or find out more about the event, simply go online to Results can be found online at

Congratulations to everyone who competed and we wish you continued success!

You inspire us all!

Vemma Qualified Elite Leaders Retreat!


How does an all-expense-paid, 4-day of pampering in beautiful Barcelona sound to you?


That’s exactly what we’re doing to show our appreciation to Vemma Europe’s Qualified Elite Leaders for their outstanding achievements and leadership.

From 11th through 14th of October, our Qualified Elite Leaders will enjoy 4 days of pampering, including spa treatments, guided tours, gourmet meals, and so much more. They will be staying at a luxurious 5-star hotel in beautiful Barcelona, Spain.

It’s our way of recognizing our Vemma Leaders, and saying "Thank You" in style.

New Requirements for Ukraine and Israel


Beginning 10th September 2010, we are updating the requirements for Ukraine and Israel.

Changes for Ukraine:

  1. Implementing Momentum Bonus
  2. Removing Team Bonus and Consistency Bonus
  3. Raising qualification requirements from 60 QV to 120 QV

Changes for Israel:

  1. Implementing Momentum Bonus with personal volume requirement of 120QV
  2. Removing Team Bonus and Consistency Bonus

Builder Bonus will not be implemented for neither of the countries.

Italian Customer Support phone line


We are very pleased to announce that our Italian Customer Support phone line is now open.

You are welcome to call us at the Italian number: +39 069 936 65 36 (Monday till Friday, 09:00AM - 04:00PM GMT+1)

Vemma Europe Satisfaction Survey


Vemma Europe Satisfaction Survey Results!

The first Vemma Vemma Europe Satisfaction Survey was sent out to European Brand Partners on Thursday, August 12th.
We are thrilled to report that we have received over 1,100 responses!


Based on your feedback, we’d like to share some of the highlights and results by category.

Vemma Products

  • 90% used a Vemma product at least once a day.
  • 87% are satisfied with Vemma products (and 11% are neutral).
  • 70% are satisfied or neutral with pricing and value for money.
  • 89% would recommend Vemma Europe products/services to their contacts.

Vemma Business Opportunity

  • 89% are satisfied or neutral with the Vemma Opportunity (Compensation Plan)
  • 74% are satisfied with shipping and delivery time (and 12% are neutral)

Satisfaction level – Customer Service

  • 92% are satisfied or neutral with our problem-solving ability (includes 35% neutral)
  • 95% are satisfied or neutral with Customer Service (includes 26% neutral)

76% reported that they are satisfied with the overall Vemma Europe experience!

We would like to thank you all for participating in the survey.

Your feedback is helping to shape this company and make the Vemma experience better for everyone in Europe!

Vemma Europe wspiera traitlonistów


The UKS Tri-Saucony Rumia sports club simply refuses to slow down! As sponsor, Vemma Europe is racing to keep up with all the latest competitions and trophies. Ready? The National Junior Olympics finals in Triathlon, held in Sława, is THE most important sport event for Younger Juniors (16-17 years). Seventy runners (23 girls and 47 boys) competed separately in equal distances (600 m swimming, 16 km on a bike, 3,6 km running).

UKS Tri-Saucony Rumia dominated their rivals, winning two gold medals! Zuzanna Ratkowska crossed the finish line almost 2 minutes before the next closest runner. And, after a fierce battle, Adam Głogowski beat the silver medalist by 7 seconds, winning the gold!

Congratulations to everyone who competed and we wish you continued success! You inspire us all!

- - -

We would like to announce that the UKS Team Tri-Saucony Rumia, which Vemma Europe proudly sponsors, has achieved yet another great success. In the Polish Championships in Aquathlon held in Gdynia, 8 August 2010, the Team won five medals, including 4 championship titles!

  • gold medal: Rafał Gajewski;
  • gold medal: Adam Głogowski;
  • gold medal: Zuzanna Ratkowska;
  • gold medal: Team rating juniors;
  • bronze medal: Monika Pieniążkiewicz.

In this all-Poland event, 216 players from across the country competed, including 49 juniors – the equivalent of 70% of the best players in the country.

Winners Monica Pieniążkiewicz and Raphael Gajewski also captured bronze and gold medals in the previous Junior Polish Championship triathlon. This exciting Triathlon Competition was held on 25 July 2010, in Frydman, near Nowy Targ. This one challenged 60 contestants from across the Poland to complete sprint distances of: 750m swim, 20km cycling and 5km running! As the winner of the Junior Polish Championship Rafał Gajewski will now compete in the World Championships in the triathlon, to be held from 8-13 September 2010 in Budapest.

Last, but not least, on Saturday, July 31, in Górzno near Brodnica, Polish Championship competitions were held in the Elite and Juniors category in the 20-23 year age group for the following Olympic distances: 1.5 km swim, 40 km cycling and 10 km.

UKS Tri-Saucony Rumia instantly won another trophy! And Maciej Kubiak took third place and received a bronze medal in the Junior category! Way to go!

We’re so proud of everyone who competed! Check out the photos from these amazing races:

  1. 3 medalists at UKS Tri-Saucony Rumia: (left Gajewski Rafał (the Polish Junior Champion), Monika Pieniążkiewicz (bronze medalist in the PJC) and Maciej Kubiak (bronze medalist in the Polish Championships in Górzno),
  2. UKS Team Saucony Tri-Rumia,
  3. Polish Championship medalists in Aquathlonie: Rafał Gajewski, Monika Pieniążkiewicz, Zuzanna Ratkowska, and Adam Głogowski.
  • Triathlon 1
  • Triathlon 2
  • Triathlon 3

Way to go UKS Tri-Saucony Rumia!

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Vemma Voice is the hottest tool in the history of Vemma!

It’s a marketing brochure, an introduction to the world of Vemma, a journal − it’s everything you need to and market and sell Vemma and build your Brand Partner network!

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Developed for YOU by the world’s Top Vemma Earners and Trainers, the Vemma Action Plan condenses years of experience, leadership, and knowledge to provide an 8-step motivational and business management guide to fulfilling your dreams of financial freedom.

Download your Vemma Action Plan from Vemma Europe section in Back Office to get on the fast track to Vemma success today.

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Vemma Right Here Right Now European Convention, Vienna 2010


The Vemma Right Here, Right Now! European Convention, held May 28-30th in Vienna, was electrifying and the enthusiasm unstoppable! Hundreds of Brand Partners and guests were in attendance at the Hotel Pyramide to witness the European launch of Vemma THIRST, absorb the wisdom of Keynote Speaker – Brian Tracy and Top Leaders, and discover ways to apply the tips and tools of the Vemma Action Plan presented by top earner and trainer - Ruth Elliott.

BK Boreyko, Simon Grabowski and Fred Stege concluded the event with the prestigious awards dinner, recognizing the Brand Partners for their outstanding efforts.

We’d like to thank everyone who helped make the Vemma Right Here, Right Now European Convention a huge success! Thank you for making this event invaluable – and unforgettable!

We can't wait to unveil Vemma European Convention 2011!

We look forward to seeing you next year!

New Brand Partner Website


Please note that your "myvemma" website address changes as of now.

When typing your usual site address: you are automatically redirected to the new Brand Partner website address:

  • or

The newest layout of your site (texts, pictures) matches the new website (as it has been changed as well).

If you want to manage your website content, please do so via your Back Office, in the 'Tools/Manage website' section, as usual. If you notice any errors or glaring omissions, kindly share your comments emailing us at

We do appreciate your feedback!

Easter Time - Vemma Europe Support Working Hours and Deliveries


Happy Easter - This Joyous season is the perfect time to say it's a pleasure working with you! Hereby we would like to inform you of Vemma Europe Support working hours and deliveries during Easter time.

Vemma Europe Support

Vemma Europe Support is available at your service as usual, from 9.00 am till 4.00 pm, except for Easter Monday (5th April) when our office is closed.


  • Timmermans Transport and Logistics: Our warehouse is closed on 5th April.
  • DPD: DPD are taking their holidays on Easter Monday (5th April).
  • Fastway (Ireland): Fastway are taking their holidays on Easter Monday (5th April).
  • Swiss Post (Switzerland/Sweden): Swiss Post are taking their holidays on Good Friday (2nd April) and on Easter Monday (5th April). Shipments from Thursday, 1st April will be handed over for Customs Clearance on Tuesday, 6th April. Indicative delay in delivery will be approximately 2 business days.

Please take this into consideration while placing your orders in this period.

Wishing you an Easter filled with joy and a spring filled with all things bright and beautiful!

NEW VEMMA WEBSITE! Experience it today!


The brand new Vemma Europe website is here!

Vemma Europe wants to make sure you have MORE of EVERYTHING you need for your professional development, training and financial success in 2010!

So join us and celebrate spring with web pages full of color and excitement!
Go straight to and start browsing and promoting the new and improved Vemma Europe online experience! And please...

If you notice any errors or glaring omissions, pass your comments along to We appreciate your feedback!

Enjoy… and don’t forget to share with your Social Media friends!

Vemma products expiration dates


Dear Members,

Because of many questions concerning expiration dates of Vemma products we kindly inform that all date’s formats are stamped as follows:

  • Verve cans: Month/Day/Year
  • Vemma Premix/ Premium/ V2: month/year

For example:

  • if your Verve can’s expiry date is: 12/01/10 that means your product is valid till 1st of December 2010
  • if your Vemma Premium bottle expiry date is 04/11 it means your product is valid till end of April 2011

Best regards,
Vemma Europe Team

Vemma Right Here, Right Now European Convention!

Vemma Right Here, Right Now!

The Vemma 2010 Right Here, Right Now! Convention

will offer 3 of the most intense, information-packed, success-driven days in Vemma history! We know “time is money” and we’ve designed this event to deliver results! You’ll learn from the best and have unlimited opportunities to meet and talk with Vemma’s Top Leaders and Management!

The rest is up to you!

Join us for Vemma 2010 Right Here, Right Now! Convention!

May 28-30th, at Trend Eventhotel Pyramide, Vienna, Austria

Get more convention details at:

Vemma Academy - Press Release!


We are delighted to inform you that the latest Vemma Academy training which took place in Frankfurt, Germany has been described in Netcoo Online News and Obtainer Online.

In both magazines you can find a brief summary of the event together with 'Roadmap to  Success' - the new, leading to success guide for Vemma distributors - reviewed and, last but not least, the latest updates on Vemma Premium.

Maximum Earnings Level - New Requirements for Turkey, Ukraine, Nigeria and Israel


Beginning 1st January, 2010, we are updating the Earnings Level requirements for Turkey, Ukraine, Nigeria and Israel.

As you know, a Member has 12 weeks from their enrollment date to upgrade their Earnings Level before it is locked in for that position. The earnings level now can be set in two ways within the 90-day upgrading period:

  • Member can purchase an appropriate pack to set the earnings level
  • Member can accumulate personal volume within the 90-day upgrading period,
    as the following table shows:
Earnings Level QV Range Product
$1,000 per week/ $52,000 USD per year 0-119 > 1-Pack
$3,000 per week/ $156,000 USD per year 120-239 2-Pack
$10,000 per week/ $520,000 USD per year 240-419 4-Pack
$25,000 per week/ $1,300,000 USD per year > 420 10-Pack

'Roadmap to Success' - available in the Vemma Shop now!

Get the “secrets” of the world’s top earners TODAY and jumpstart your business in 2010!

For the first time in Vemma history, you can own the “Roadmap to Success” – the ONLY proven, step-by-step system for building leadership skills and duplicating success in Vemma, brought to you by Tom Alkazin, the #1 Earner in the World today! Your “Roadmap to Success” is available in 3 languages!

Get Ready to Experience Vemma Academy 2009!


Everyone has life-changing events. Let Vemma Academy 2009 be yours! Visit to find out all about it!
Then mark November 28th in your calendar as the day you get your “roadmap” to success.

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Attention Vemma Elite Members!


We are pleased to announce a new, branded email option for Diamond Members
and above
- your own exclusive email address!
Use it to enhance your image and inspire others to strive to new heights…
after all, you've earned it!

For Diamond to Star Executive Leaders -
For Presidential to Royal Ambassador Leaders -

Email us in your mother tongue!


We encourage our European Members to email us in:

Finnish, Swedish or Russian!

Our Customer Support is able to assist you efficiently in all these languages!
Fell free to email us today at

German approval!


We are proud to announce that Vemma Deutschland GMBH has officially registered the dietary supplements Vemma and Vemma Premix in Bundesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit (BVL) in Germany.

Verve now available in Romania!


Please welcome our insanely healthy energy drink that has everything you’re looking for in your energy boost!

Utilizing high quality and effective ingredients, Verve packs energy and nutrition in one convenient product. Perfect for anyone interested in vitality and building a strong nutritional foundation for health and overall well-being!

Builder Packs now available in Romania!


Magical boxes with nutritious content!

The most incredible boxes have made their appearance on the Vemma stage in Romania! Check out the Builder Packs distinguished by three fabulous colors - blue, silver and gold!

And there are even greater treasures inside!

This is what we have all been waiting for!
Each box offers a tantalizing combination of our most desired products - Verve, Premix and V2, plus fantastic brochures which - due to their unique design and content - will convince everyone that Vemma and mangosteen are crucial in our lives!

So don't wait, avoid the rush and order now!

Magical Builder Packs are the best solution for everyone who really loves Vemma and Verve.
Their content surpasses all expectations!
Have you ever dreamed of anything so fabulous?
And yet this is just the beginning!

Modifications of the Earnings Level


Beginning from the 30th of January, 2009, Vemma will be implementing new modifications
to the Earnings Level requirements and to the Instant Sponsor Bonus, which will help simplify our plan. The Instant Sponsor Bonus will be removed from the Compensation Plan and will no longer pay out to the immediate sponsor of a new enrollee.

As you know, a Member has 12 weeks from their enrollment date to upgrade their Earnings
Level before it is locked in for that position. The earnings level now can be set in two ways within the 90-day upgrading period:

  • Member can purchase a Builder Pack to set the earnings level or
  • Member can accumulate personal volume within the 90-day upgrading period,

as the following table shows:

Earnings Level QV Range Or Builder Pack
$1,000 per week/$52,000 USD per year 0-349 N/A
$3,000 per week/$156,000 USD per year 350-499 Starter Builder Pack
$10,000 per week/$520,000 USD per year 500-999 Silver Builder Pack
$25,000 per week/$1,300,000 USD per year >1000 Gold Builder Pack

Baltics, Hungary, Nigeria, Poland, Romania,Turkey and Ukraine - Active Status Easier than Ever!


We have changed qualifications for the active status of our Members. This change applies to the Members from the following countries: Baltics, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Turkey and Nigeria. Qualifications for the active status with 60 Qualifying Volume (QV) now equal 120 QV for all the other countries.

This implementation to the Compensation Plan has been made for the countries below EUR 20,000 GDP (gross domestic product) per capita, which include Nigeria and the Eastern European countries - Baltics, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Turkey. Purchase of a 1-Pack (60 QV) is enough to qualify the Members from these countries to earn bonuses, under condition that other requirements have been met.

Please note: The qualification requirements will be based upon the Member's home country as determined by the address in the distributor's record. If you place or ship your order in or to another country with the lower requirements, you still need to meet the volume requirements based upon your home country.

An Opportunity to Upgrade Your Earnings Level!


Any Vemma Team Member who is currently below the Ultimate earning level and whose 90-day upgrade period has expired will have a one-time opportunity to upgrade their cycle bonus earning potential during the months of January and February 2009.

For example: A Member currently locked in at Basic earnings level ($3,000 per Week) can upgrade to Silver earnings level by purchasing a Builder Pack Starter. If the Member would like to upgrade to the Ultimate earnings level they can do so by purchasing a Builder Pack Silver.
Members currently locked in at Silver earnings level ($10,000 per Week) can upgrade to the Ultimate earnings level by purchasing a Builder Pack Silver.
Members below the Basic earnings level will need to purchase a builder pack to upgrade to their desired earnings level, e.g. purchase a Builder Pack Starter to upgrade to $3,000 per Week, Builder Pack Silver to upgrade to $10,000 per Week, or Builder Pack Gold to upgrade to $25,000 per Week. Please note: Combining packs to equal the same volume as the builder pack will not be permitted.

Vemma Europe-on its way to success!


Netcoo Magazine is Europe's leading trade magazine for direct sales and network marketing. We are proud to announce that in the latest issue of this branch magazine there has appeared an interview with Simon Grabowski and Fred Stege, the Co-Founders of Vemma Europe Ltd. In the article you will find information concerning the beginnings of Vemma in Europe and what the key success factors for a network marketing company are.

Read more: Netcoo Magazine, Vemma Europe-on its way to success!

Vemma Shop Grand Opening!


You are cordially invited to visit our first on-line Vemma Shop, opening 7th November! The new shop will offer amazing products and gifts for our valued members. Bearing in mind the opportunities that Vemma has brought to our lives, we have selected products that will make running your own Vemma Business even easier and more profitable!

What an excellent surprise for Vemma Fans! In our on-line shop you will find not only the member tools, but also dream products that no one can live without! And that is not the whole surprise! Vemma Shop will offer bargains and discounts for our members, and much more. Just enter at, and you can purchase the necessary items quickly and at bargain prices!. For computer and mobile fans, we offer the „downloads” section with an incredible multimedia collection to choose from! And Vemma Shop listens to its members! Starting in 2009, there will be discount programs and great bargains on your favorite products! So come on in, check it out and buy! Come back often to Vemma Shop!

Ireland under Vemma Europe's Wings!


On 31th October Vemma Europe begins shipping products from European warehouses to our friends in the Isles. This means so much for the Vemma fans! As always, you can rely on Vemma Europe to provide world-class support, well-qualified staff, rapid response, dynamic communication and most importantly common goals, great fun, and fantastic business opportunities. That is Vemma!

Builder Packs Now in Europe!


Magical boxes with nutritious content! Starting 30th October, this year's most incredible boxes will make their appearance on the Vemma stage! Check out the Builder Packs distinguished by three fabulous colors - blue, silver and gold! And there are even greater treasures inside! This is what we have all been waiting for! Each box offers a tantalizing combination of our most desired products - Verve, Premix and V2, plus fantastic brochures which -- due to their unique design and content -- will convince everyone that Vemma and mangosteen are crucial in our lives! So don't wait, avoid the rush and order now! Magical Builder Packs are the best solution for everyone who really loves Vemma and Verve. Their content surpasses all expectations! Have you ever dreamed of anything so fabulous? And yet this is just the beginning! Check it out: when the Member - no matter how long in the Vemma business - places an order for a Silver Builder Pack till the end of November, their Earning Level will be automatically upgraded to 10. 000$! Wait up, that's not all: if by 30th November you decide to order a Gold Builder Pack, your Earning Level will be upgraded to 25. 000$!!! That's the chance you cannot miss! Buy now!

Switzerland Opened!


Switzerland and its 7+ million inhabitants are now on the Vemma map! We are proud to let all of our members know that Vemma is now officially open in Switzerland! We are excited to spread the Vemma word in Switzerland and talk about how Vemma can make a positive change for Swiss people’s health and wealth. If you have contacts in Switzerland, now is the time to pick up your phone and call them!

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