New Vemma Success Kit is here!


With this great new Success Kit you are destined to elevate your business to the next level.

This fantastic set is a compilation of essential tools that every Vemma Affiliate needs to jump-start their business. What’s inside?

New Success Kit
  • Custom branded Success Bag
  • “This is Vemma" Success Magazine
  • #YPR magazine
  • Vemma USB with videos and product catalog
  • Vemma Scientific Resource Guide
  • “Your First 7 Days” CD set
  • Window Decals Set
  • Verve Sticker Sheet
  • Vemma Journal
  • Vemma Pen

The Vemma Success Kit is available in 6 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish. The Affiliates in Sweden and Germany can expect to get this new, fantastic pack at their doorstep the soonest. More countries to follow shortly.

The Vemma Success Kit is included in every Affiliate Pack. Separate Success Kit sets can be purchased at Vemma Brand Store. Get yours today!

Don't miss the Auto-delivery benefits!


We’re sure you’ve noticed the recent changes in the ordering process. Let us take you through the concept:

Q: Why do I need to choose between business / personal use?

A: According to the new Directive on Consumer Rights, that came into force in all EU member states, everybody has to choose between business and personal use for their purchase. If you select the latter, your order is treated as a consumer one-time order. To choose the same product on your Auto-delivery, you need to tick the Auto-delivery box.

Q: When do I get free shipping?

A: When a new person joins Vemma and chooses the Auto-delivery option while placing their order, the shipping is free.

Existing Vemma Affiliates and Customers have free shipping if they have Auto-delivery on file.

Q: What is the shipping cost?

A: The shipping fee is EUR10 or 25 and depends on the size of the ordered pack.

Mickael Veillard Joins Premier Club and describes his experience with Vemma


Before hearing about Vemma, my life was boring, with no real purpose. I was a student, and I obeyed the laws of society. Late August 2013, a friend came to me with Vemma and its opportunity. At first I was surprised like everyone else. But I thought about it, and I felt in my heart that it was the opportunity I needed! I made this choice to join Vemma and now I feel free, I do what I want when I want, after all, isn’t life more beautiful like that?

Thanks to Vemma, I have acquired this beautiful BMW, which previously was only a distant dream! I am free to go see my friends, my family, whenever I want.

I love Vemma products. It’s a pleasure to use good products, and to live through it! Before Vemma I’d never thought I would be able to earn my living by consuming certain products. Now I know it is possible and I will never change it for something else.

In 7 months, my life has changed dramatically. I matured, I learnt how to be social, human, to give happiness, to work with my friends and meet new people. I like Vemma, its opportunity, its products, and the way I live thanks to it.

* Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.

Remove the word <> from your vocabulary and go All in!" – Roger Hämmerli


As a 22-year-old Swiss Economy and Marketing student he has always been fascinated with product marketing. With his first Smartphone-App-Project (Schweiz #2) he laid the basis for becoming an entrepreneur.

Social Media leads to Vemma-Opportunity

In the age of Social Media, receiving a private message on Facebook is no surprise. “Must be spam” is what he thought at first. But there was something different about this particular message, sent by his future enroller. “I liked his straight forward style. We had our first Skype-call only a few minutes later.“ - Roger recollecting his first meeting with Patrick Schwager. “Of course, I had to be the guy that analyzes the whole Compensation Plan, looking for a catch. That’s what Students do, right (laughs)?” - Roger remembering the last few hours before joining Vemma.

Leaders go from event to event

It didn’t take long for Roger to build a constantly expanding team. “It was clear to me that the boundaries of my personal development would also be the boundaries of my business. That’s why I paid a lot of attention to the things that distinguish achievers from everyone else in our industry.” - Roger explaining his motivations.

At some point, while attending an event with his team and his enroller Patrick, the two of them came up with the idea of organizing the All in Zürich 2014. They immediately started preparations for the event which had been inspired by the “All in” convention theme. The successful execution was the result of amazing teamwork. “Events of that size are never done by just one person. I am proud of my team and everyone involved. I promise that this is not the last event we organized.”

Clear plans and goals for the future

Roger wants to achieve financial independence* with VeMMA and show his team and everyone else that one can take unconventional paths in life and still be successful. “Remove the word 'impossible' from your vocabulary and go All in!"

* Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.

People who reach their goals are the ones who are coachable and follow the system – Daniel Kogler


Meet Top Income Earners in Vemma Europe. Every month we bring you a Vemma Story about one of the top earners. Today we present Vemma Presidential Leader Daniel Kogler, We hope to see you on this list soon!

Decide to change your life

After many years in the nightlife, working in a nightclub as a DJ and partying at the expense of my health, I decided to change my life and give it a new direction, focused on wellness. So in 2008 together with a friend we launched our own fitness center in my hometown Mittersill. In the same year I was first introduced to Vemma and its products but I didn’t really take a closer look. Three years later when I saw Harald Maier’s presentation I started to understand the power of Vemma formula.

Come up with a strategy and find the right team

I started to distribute Vemma’s products in our fitness center. I enrolled a lot of customers from the fitness center members and reached Gold and then Diamond level! I knew I had potential to do better and wanted to reach higher levels in this company. But first I needed to change my strategy and looked for Affiliates who shared the same vision. This wasn’t easy at the beginning. When we started to host home meetings in winter 2012 the balls got rolling and we found enthusiastic young people who were excited about the concept. Today I have a huge network of happy customers and Affiliates all over Austria and other countries in Europe.

Vemma is like fitness center

I think there are many similarities in Vemma business and my fitness center. A lot of people join and have big goals and visions but only few of them make it to their dream body or their full potential. The people who reach their goals are the ones who are coachable, follow the system and have written goals with a deadline.

Work for yourself

I come from an entrepreneurial family and I was always excited about the idea of running my own business instead of working for someone else. Vemma and Affiliate Marketing give you all the advantages of being and entrepreneur without taking all the risks!

* Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.


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