Home office closed 10th-11th November

We would like to inform you that due to the national holiday in Poland our home office in Gdansk is closed Monday-Tuesday, 10th-11th November. The Elite support and the Berlin office Customer Success team are available these days, as usual. We are all back and will gladly assist you again from Wednesday, 12th November.

Home event videos – more content, more languages


With these simple stories, sharing the Vemma opportunity is the easiest thing under the sun. And now, you can do it in more languages and more stories. Just click the play button!


This is Vemma (short) – available in English with subtitles in Spanish, French,  Finnish or Swedish, or with German voiceover.





How Vemma Pays You – available in English with subtitles in Spanish, French,  Finnish or Swedish, or with German voiceover.





Bod• ē Plan by Vemma – available in English with subtitles in Spanish, French,  Finnish or Swedish, or with German voiceover.



New videos!

Vemma Formula – available now in English or with German voiceover. Soon to come —versions in Spanish, French, Italian, Finnish and Swedish!


Verve Alternative Energy – available in English or German (coming soon). Soon to come —versions in Spanish, French, Italian, Finnish and Swedish!


The Vemma Team is also working on: This Is Vemma – expanded version. Stay tuned for more info and language-version availability.

Achieve - Andreas Grenthe, Vemma Ambassador


Andreas Grenthe - Vemma AmbassadorToday Vemma Europe has many young professionals in the Elite Club. And it all started in 2012 when Andreas Grenthe became Vemma Europe’s youngest Elite leader. Now Andreas is a Vemma Ambassador with no limits on how far he can go.

According to Andreas, he’s not so good at making presentations, but you’d never know it. He circulates among friends and strangers with equal ease and steps without hesitation to the front of a room to speak from his heart.

But his journey hasn’t been easy. Andreas started out in the automobile business. He wasn’t making them or selling cars — he was washing them. Just a summer job, or so he thought. But it turned into six years of working in the same place.

In his heart, Andreas wanted more. The biggest help and inspiration in his life is his mom, who always sported him and worked hard as single mother to give the children the best possible upbringing. Andreas wanted to do something big to help her and to secure a safe future for her.

This is where he found out about Vemma.

Andreas Grenthe on stage - AllIn Convention in Vienna 2014

Andreas was fortunate to meet Mattias Hovbrandt, who introduced him to the business. Immediately, Andreas began to turn his life around. He focused on himself, on doing right, on respecting others and respecting himself. He got serious about his health and began to share ideas about nutrition and healthy living. He spent each day trying to be a better person.

It wasn’t easy. At times he felt like quitting, but he persevered. He encouraged others to take action by taking action himself. Soon, others were inspired to help him create his something big.

His struggles helped make him the man he is today. Just imagine how Andreas feels when he slips behind the steering wheel of his beautiful BMW convertible. He’s no longer washing other people’s cars. He’s driving throughout Europe to meet with ambitious young people, inspiring them to reach for their dreams. Just imagine how proud of him his mom is.

 Andreas Grenthe with his Team, his friend and family.Vemma enables Andreas to live a blended life: working or playing, with friends or family, or with his lovely girlfriend Sara — he spends each day with people he cares about, doing work he loves, and making a difference. Andreas Grenthe is living the life of his dreams.


Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts. Vemma is a wellness company offering ultra-premium food supplements, energy drinks and nutrition. Vemma's affiliate marketing program offers a car bonus incentive for its Affiliates who may select a car such as BMW, Mercedes and AUDI, however Vemma is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by either of these companies. All use of BMW's, Mercedes' and AUDI's trademarks, brands, and logos is purely referential, and such marks are the property of their respective companies. Vemma makes no claim of ownership in such marks, and no claim of affiliation with BMW, Mercedes or AUDI.

Vemma.eu redesigned – coming soon


At the Vienna Convention, we announced a fresh new look for the Vemma.eu website.

The new vemma.eu website provides important info about products, business and the Vemma opportunity, packaged in a beautiful, modern design that represents the brand perfectly.

Take a peek at how sleek and innovative the website will soon be.

Stay tuned for more information.

Home event videos now available!


Vemma is committed to your success. We want to help you put on great home events where your guests will have a great time and understand what Vemma is all about. With this simple system, telling the Vemma story is a snap. Just click the play button!

Videos are now available in English and German, with Finnish, French, Italian and Spanish languages soon to come.

Apart from the three videos above, Vemma Team is also working on providing you with: Verve Alternative Energy, Vemma Formula and This is Vemma longer version. Stay tuned for more info.

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