Working hours during Holiday Season 2014/2015


Dear Affiliates and Customers,

Please note that during holiday period Vemma Europe office will be open as normal except: 24.12.(9:00 - 14:00), 25-26.12. (office closed), 31.12.2013 (9:00 - 14:00), 01.01. (office closed) and 06.01.  (office closed).

Please also note that some of our subcontractors either do not operate or change operating hours during the festive season. Here please find the exact details regarding the deliveries to most European countries.

Wishing you a happy holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!

Verve Pack Christmas Promotion


Share holiday spirit with Verve! Vemma is all about sharing great products so this year make a special gift and share Verve as a holiday surprise!

Between 8th and 12th December every pack of Verve, Bold, ParTea and ReMIX* will include 2 festive holiday boxes where you can put 4 cans in each – perfect for gift giving.

So this Christmas show someone that you care about their future. Give the gift that's full of positive energy! Happy Holidays!

*The Verve Pack Christmas Promotion runs from 8th to 12th December while supplies last and applies to these orders that are placed for between 8th-12th.

New goes live!

2014-11-27 redesigned

We are very excited to announce that the new, re-designed website has been launched.

The sleek, new design has been made with visitors in mind: to make prospects’ first-time contact with Vemma fun and exciting. And to make sure existing Vemma Customers and Affiliates can navigate swiftly around the site and access all needed resources quickly and easily.

The vision behind the design was to make Vemma come off as a professional brand devoted to well-being, that has an amazing products and gives its prospects a lot of opportunities to excel.

Re-designed website includes:

  • Clear and informative product pages
  • Innovative ways to present Vemma opportunity
  • Inviting Incentive Explanation
  • Better access to Vemma resources
  • convenient navigation across all devices

More good news: website is now built with responsive web design which means it’s accessible and great-looking on mobile devices!

now easily accessible on mobile devices

We hope that you’ll find the freshly re-designed website appealing and useful. Take a look around and let us know what you think!

New Vemma Affiliate Packs with ParTea and ReMIX!

Affiliate packs now with Partea & Remix!

With these great new Vemma Affiliate Packs you are destined to elevate your business to the next level.

Enjoy the fantastic taste and all the benefits of the Vemma Formula packed in this new compilation of Vemma products and tools that every Vemma Affiliate needs to jump-start their business. What’s inside? Now also ParTea and ReMIX!

Gold Pack / 800 QV

  • Vemma/Premium 1-pack (2 bottles)
  • V2/ V2 Premium - 4 fridge bricks (120 bottles x 59ml)
  • 3 trays of Verve (72 cans)
  • 2 trays of Verve Bold (48 cans)
  • 1 tray of Verve ReMIX (24 cans)
  • 1 tray of Verve ParTea (24 cans)
  • 1 tray of Bod-e Burn (24 cans)
  • Bod-e Shake - Vanilla Ice Cream (1 box)
  • Bode Shake - Chocolate Ice Cream (1 box)
  • Vemma Success Kit

Silver Pack / 400 QV

  • V2/ V2 Premium - 2 fridge bricks (60 bottles x 59ml)
  • 1 tray of Verve (24 cans)
  • 1 tray of Verve Bold (24 cans)
  • 1 tray of Verve ReMIX (24 cans)
  • 1 tray of Verve ParTea (24 cans)
  • 1 tray of Bod-e Burn (24 cans)
  • Bod-e Shake - Vanilla Ice Cream (1 box)
  • Bode Shake - Chocolate Ice Cream (1 box)
  • Vemma Success Kit

Get them now!

Elevate your business in 8 steps with Vemma Action Plan!


Vemma is committed to providing its Affiliates with the best tools they need. This is why from now on you can learn how to elevate your business with the official Vemma Action Plan: Your 8 Steps to Success.

This useful tool contains valuable tips from top Vemma leaders to help you create momentum and increase your belief. Follow the 8-step guide and get your ball rolling while learning the secrets of other successful Affiliates and their teams.

The Action Plan is available in English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, Dutch, French and Norwegian.

Download Vemma Action Plan now!

Vemma Action Plan: Your 8 Steps to success will soon be available for purchase in Vemma Brand Store. Stay tuned for more info.

Premier Club & Frenzy window now opened


Premier Club & Frenzy Bonus Window Open

Fantastic news for everyone who missed their chance in the first 60 days of becoming an Affiliate!

Between 28th November and 25th December purchase any Affiliate Pack, 10-Pack or 12-week Bod•ē Challenge Transformation Pack or enroll six ( 6 ) Customers each with a single 60 QV order or more, in order to meet the 'Affiliate Pack purchase' requirement for Premier Club and Frenzy/Double Frenzy*.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and qualify now!

More about Premier Club
More about Frenzy

*Enroller’s eligibility to earn Frenzy/ Double Frenzy

Vemma Flipbook – now available!


Empower your Vemma business by getting the latest marketing tool – Vemma Flipbook to help you get to the next level. Get advantage of its content to make a powerful first impression, even if you’re brand-new to the business.

The Vemma Flipbook features an easy-to-follow guideline that walks you through:

  • the Vemma story,
  • the Vemma products,
  • how the company addresses three crucial mega-trends we’re facing today,
  • an explanation of affiliate marketing,
  • and why now is the perfect time to get to know Vemma.

This tool is a professionally prepared presentation available as PDF. It’s loaded with eye-catching images and fascinating ideas your prospects will love.

Vemma Flipbook is available for free in English, German, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Italian, French, Swedish and Dutch. Download yours and start building relationships of trust today.

Flipbook (PDF)

Flipbook (PPT)

Vemma 2015 US Convention in Phoenix


The 2015 Vemma US Convention is moving from Las Vegas to Phoenix. It will be held close to the Vemma Home Office, June 11th-14th. This year the main focus will be training along with connecting with the company’s roots during its 10th anniversary year.

If you have already purchased your tickets to this event, please make sure you rebook your flight and hotel.

In case of any further questions feel free to contact us at

See you at the Convention!

Vemma Team

Home event videos – more content, more languages


With these simple stories, sharing the Vemma opportunity is the easiest thing under the sun. And now, you can do it in more languages and more stories. Just click the play button!


This is Vemma (short) – available in English with subtitles in Spanish, French,  Finnish or Swedish, or with German voiceover.





How Vemma Pays You – available in English with subtitles in Spanish, French,  Finnish or Swedish, or with German voiceover.





Bod• ē Plan by Vemma – available in English with subtitles in Spanish, French,  Finnish or Swedish, or with German voiceover.



New videos!

Vemma Formula – available now in English or with German voiceover. Soon to come —versions in Spanish, French, Italian, Finnish and Swedish!


Verve Alternative Energy – available in English or German (coming soon). Soon to come —versions in Spanish, French, Italian, Finnish and Swedish!


The Vemma Team is also working on: This Is Vemma – expanded version. Stay tuned for more info and language-version availability.

Achieve - Andreas Grenthe, Vemma Ambassador


Andreas Grenthe - Vemma AmbassadorToday Vemma Europe has many young professionals in the Elite Club. And it all started in 2012 when Andreas Grenthe became Vemma Europe’s youngest Elite leader. Now Andreas is a Vemma Ambassador with no limits on how far he can go.

According to Andreas, he’s not so good at making presentations, but you’d never know it. He circulates among friends and strangers with equal ease and steps without hesitation to the front of a room to speak from his heart.

But his journey hasn’t been easy. Andreas started out in the automobile business. He wasn’t making them or selling cars — he was washing them. Just a summer job, or so he thought. But it turned into six years of working in the same place.

In his heart, Andreas wanted more. The biggest help and inspiration in his life is his mom, who always sported him and worked hard as single mother to give the children the best possible upbringing. Andreas wanted to do something big to help her and to secure a safe future for her.

This is where he found out about Vemma.

Andreas Grenthe on stage - AllIn Convention in Vienna 2014

Andreas was fortunate to meet Mattias Hovbrandt, who introduced him to the business. Immediately, Andreas began to turn his life around. He focused on himself, on doing right, on respecting others and respecting himself. He got serious about his health and began to share ideas about nutrition and healthy living. He spent each day trying to be a better person.

It wasn’t easy. At times he felt like quitting, but he persevered. He encouraged others to take action by taking action himself. Soon, others were inspired to help him create his something big.

His struggles helped make him the man he is today. Just imagine how Andreas feels when he slips behind the steering wheel of his beautiful BMW convertible. He’s no longer washing other people’s cars. He’s driving throughout Europe to meet with ambitious young people, inspiring them to reach for their dreams. Just imagine how proud of him his mom is.

 Andreas Grenthe with his Team, his friend and family.Vemma enables Andreas to live a blended life: working or playing, with friends or family, or with his lovely girlfriend Sara — he spends each day with people he cares about, doing work he loves, and making a difference. Andreas Grenthe is living the life of his dreams.


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