Easter holidays and May Customer Success and warehouse working hours

Hereby we would like to inform you that celebrating Easter holidays and May Day our office is closed on April 21 (Easter Monday), May 1 and May 2. We are all back at your service again on Monday, May 5.
Warehouse working hours and delivery information:
21.04  closed
05.05  closed
21.04- closed
29.05- closed
Canary Islands   
17.04 closed
18.04 closed
01.05 closed 
30.05 closed
21.04- closed
01.05- closed
02.05- closed
Kindly note that due to the above mentioned events there may be some delivery delays. Take this into consideration while placing your orders in this period.
Vemma Europe Team

3 Tips for Success from Susanne and Herbert Dorner


About Susanne and Herbert Dorner:
Susanne and Herbert got to know each other while they were both working for Microsoft and today they are successful independent businesspeople! That change can happen very quickly: from being an employee who exchanges time for money, to being a businessperson who is independent and free!
Susanne and Herbert first heard about Vemma’s products in 2009 and quickly became enthusiastic customers because their quality of life significantly improved thanks to Vemma.
“From that point onwards we couldn’t keep this to ourselves: we started to recommend these fantastic products to others, and in doing so earning money from our passion.* By now, we’ve also understood the business of the 21st century and we share that chance with everyone!”
3 Tips for success:

1. YOU are the reason why your organisation is growing
– be a magnet!
Be attractive and work constantly on yourself: you are the key to success!
YOU are the most important factor for your personal success!
People will go into the business firstly because of you and only secondly because of the fantastic premium products. People will follow YOU if you’re a good leader.

Exercise: Ask yourself “Would I want to start working in a team with me, and why?” 

2. Your most important capital Your contacts are your most important capital. Therefore, one of your first tasks in this business  is to compile a list of all your contacts. This list will contain the names of people with whom you’ll be building your organisation. Be aware of the importance of this list from the very beginning and never stop adding new names to it. 
That guarantees that you always have the possibility of presenting these unique products or this amazing business model to someone.
Exercise: Approach (at least) 2 people every day and present the product and/the business to them. Don’t go to bed before you’ve achieved your daily quota.

3. Stay strong, stay positive! 
A negative attitude will never lead the way to a positive life.
Have stamina and staying power. A strong WHY will really help you here! Ask your coach for help to define your motivation and your goals! 

Exercise: Try not to say anything negative about anyone or anything
a) for 3 days 
b) for 45 days
c) for 3 months
…and look to see what happens in your life!
* Results not typical, you may not do as well. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts.

Congratulations to Jamie S Johns – new Premier Club Member


I have been involved with Vemma a year and it was the best decision I ever made.

Vemma is the easiest hard work you will ever have to do. It's simple. Work hard. Dedicate yourself. Make it a priority then success is inevitable. 

The MAIN reason I do Vemma is because I am a young dad. I have a daughter who is three years old. She is my motivation and the reason as to WHY I do what it is that I do! 

BK Boreyko selected by Ernst & Young as a semi-finalist for Entrepreneur Of The Year


Congratulations to Vemma Founder and CEO BK Boreyko, who was selected by Ernst & Young as a semi-finalist for Entrepreneur Of The Year. This outstanding recognition sets example to all Vemma Affiliates worldwide. 
The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award is the world’s most prestigious business award recognizing the most influential entrepreneurs. BK is among the very top entrepreneurs in the Mountain Desert Region section of the Entrepreneur Of The Year Program. He was previously awarded by Ernst & young in 1998 for his former company, New Vision International.
Stay tuned and see if BK gets the top award. Winners will be announced in June.

Arnaud Tagand is going to Barcelona. Are you?


I am extremely happy that I qualified for this event and I hope all hard-working people in my team and others will take part in this trip as well! We’ll meet there!

Become the product of the product and you may gather an army of consumers! Remember that “One who wants to succeed always finds a way; one who does not want to – finds an excuse.”

Want to spend an amazing weekend in Barcelona? Learn more >


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