Your weekend includes

  • Transportation
  • Home Office Tour
  • Welcome Reception
  • Education & Training
  • Accommodations
  • Recognition Dinner
  • Meals

How to Reach Gold

To reach the Gold level, an Affiliate needs to cycle 10 times. For more information about rank advancement, please download the Vemma Compensation Plan booklet here.


Are you ready to reach for your dreams? To attain that pinnacle of achievement we admire in our best leaders, athletes, and Vemma Europe Affiliates? If the answer is yes, then an unparalleled training program and business-boosting opportunities await you at an exclusive trip to the Vemma Europe Home Office in the beautiful Pomeranian region famous for its amber – the "Gold of the North". What better place to celebrate your success!

It’s the Vemma Europe “Go for the Gold Program” − designed to provide the most exciting incentives, inspired training, and high-level networking sessions you’ve ever experienced – all to take YOU and your Vemma business to the next level.

Here’s how you can qualify for this golden, all-expense-paid event. Starting 7th October, 2011, you must reach the Gold Level for the first time and maintain it for the following month while being Balanced Team Bonus qualified. That’s it! Now take a deep breath, ‘cause there’s lots of attractions if you qualify.

When you’ve qualified, we’ll fly you to the Vemma EU home office in Gdańsk, Poland in for a Vemma Europe “Go for the Gold” leadership and business-building weekend – with all transportation, meals and accommodations on us! You'll be greeted at a Welcome Reception, then listen and learn as Vemma Europe’s top leaders share powerful business-building tips. You’ll also have plenty of time to mingle and relax, as we'll proudly celebrate your achievements at a special Recognition Dinner.

Upon your triumphant return, you'll have new tools and knowledge to share with your team... inspiring others to Go for the Gold as well!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Go for the Gold program?

The Go for the Gold program is a personal development program geared to:

  • Develop Leaders
  • Increase Recruiting
  • Increase Rank Advancement

How do I qualify?

  • Achieve Gold Rank during the qualifying period
  • Maintain it for the following month
  • Be Balanced Team Bonus qualified*

What do I have to do to be Balanced Team Bonus Qualified?

You must be active and qualified with 120 point Auto-delivery and one (1) personally enrolled active Affiliate in each team. In addition you must have 500 points in your enrollment line on each team.
As a Vemma Affiliate that has been qualifying for our very popular Balanced Team Bonus*, please remember that you must advance to the next Balanced Team Bonus rank within 12 months from when you first qualified at your current rank to continue to receive this bonus.
Beginning Week 44 (November 3rd), you must advance to the next Balanced Team Bonus rank to continue to receive the Balanced Team Bonus*.

+The structure requirements are waived for the program purposes only, i.e. you do not need to have one "Paid As" Silver on each team in the enrollment line.

*Affilates must achieve Gold rank during the qualifying period (see below) and maintain it for the following month while being Balanced Team Bonus qualified.

When is the Leadership Summit scheduled?

Qualifying Period 1 Oct. 7th 2011 – Jan. 26th 2012 Leadership Summit: Mar. 23rd – Mar. 25th 2012
Qualifying Period 2 Jan. 27th – May 17th 2012 Leadership Summit: Jun. 29th – Jul. 1st 2012
Qualifying Period 3 May 18th - Sep. 6th 2012 Leadership Summit: Oct. 12th - Oct. 14th 2012
Qualifying Period 4 Sep. 7th – Dec. 27th 2012 Leadership Summit: Feb. 8th – Feb. 10th 2013
Qualifying Period 5 Dec. 28th 2012 - April 18th 2013 Leadership Summit: June 7th - June 9th 2013
Qualifying Period 6 April 19th - August 8th 2013 Leadership Summit: November 15th - November 17th 2013
Qualifying Period 7 August 9th - November 28th 2013 Leadership Summit: February 7th - February 9th 2014

What do I receive?

You will receive an invitation to a Leadership Summit held at Vemma Europe Home Office in Gdańsk, Poland which includes round trip airfare, transfers, hotel and meals to participate in a Weekend Summit.

How long will this program run?

The Go for the Gold program will run from Oct. 7th, 2011 – August 8th, 2013 unless otherwise defined (Mar. 23rd – Mar. 25th, 2012; June 29th – July 1st, 2012; Oct. 12th - Oct. 14th, 2012; Feb. 8th – Feb. 10th, 2013; June 7th - June 9th, 2013; Nov. 15th - Nov. 17th, 2013 or Feb. 7th - Feb. 9th 2014).

Is my spouse allowed to attend with me?

Yes, we believe a Vemma business is a family business and we welcome your spouse to share in the experience.

Will Vemma pay for my spouse to attend?

Yes. If you have questions, please contact Vemma Europe Support by email at

Can I take someone else in place of my spouse?

Unfortunately no, the Leadership Summit is intended for the earner and their spouse only.


I have a previous commitment for the dates chosen; can I attend the next date?

Vemma will allow you to defer your attendance one time in the case of unforeseen hardship.

I want to drive will you give me the airfare cost in cash for my gas?

Yes, Vemma will determine the cost of the airfare from your home city and reimburse you appropriately. Payment will be made after the Leadership Summit.

I live in Gdańsk can I have the cash equivalent of the hotel and/or airfare?

Unfortunately no, taking part in the training program is not considered part of the regular compensation and therefore cash substitutions are not allowed based on the part of the country you live in.

I do not want to or won't ever be able to attend, can I have the cash?

No. This program is designed as a learning experience to propel you and your business to new heights. It is not part of the regular compensation and therefore cash substitutions are not allowed.

What additional items should I bring?

Please feel free to bring your camera, business cards, sun glasses, computer or iPad (if you have one).

Do I need to bring my own Vemma product?

No, Vemma will supply you with an assortment of product for your consumption throughout your 3-day stay.

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