Vemma Rewards & Recognition

As you set your goals for the future and take action to achieve them, get rewarded along the way! With our generous recognition programs, you have the opportunity to earn a multitude of rewards, from an exotic tropical paradise vacation to a brand-new car. And the best part about these programs is that anyone is eligible to qualify! So go ahead — reach for the pinnacle of business success and get ready for big rewards.

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Bode Challenge Winners
- Deborah Sirdoreous & Cameron Sparks

Vemma Premier Club

Get ready to drive your dream! Qualify to join the Vemma Premier Club and drive home a sleek new car that has “success” written all over it… and we’ll take care of the payment! Choose from black, white, orange or silver and make it a Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper or Audi. What better way to show your teammates and prospects that success truly is within reach? It’s more than just a prize — it’s a trophy! Join the Premier Club and let your success speak for itself. Learn More

Vemma Bod•ē Challenge

Join the Vemma Bod•ē Challenge for a chance to win incredible prizes, including the ultimate makeover retreat and photo shoot, cash, and a luxurious weekend getaway to one of the hip European destinations: London, Barcelona or Paris! Whether you're a top challenger or not, your total body transformation will be a reward in itself — so you’re a winner either way! With the Vemma Bod•ē products and plan, now is the perfect time to achieve your weight loss goals. And with fabulous prizes and a whole new you, you have the motivation you need to succeed! Learn More

Vemma Affiliates
Star Ambassador Anders Karlsson &
Royal Ambassadors -
Hannes and Jessica Sommer

Vemma Spotlight

Vemma is putting the spotlight on your success! Our Rewards & Recognition program is meant to give you the recognition you deserve for your accomplishments. From exotic trips, to designer luggage and stylish cars, we’re giving you our appreciation and heartfelt thanks. Thank you for sharing the Vemma products and opportunity, and helping to further our mission to change people’s lives. It’s our pleasure to honor your efforts every step of the way. Learn More

Vemma Elite Retreat play

Join us at the spectacular sites that will take your breath away and let us spoil you with vacation you will never forget! Qualifying Presidentials and above are invited to join Vemma Europe COO Simon Grabowski on our exclusive annual retreat. We’re rolling out the red carpet for the Vemma Elite! Learn More

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